Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Blog is Robbing Me! It's High time i Break "it"!

Robbing me not off My Money but My Life.

Let's Begin with 'That "Cliche" Story'...

I belonged to the clan of kids whom people called 'Good for Nothing' category. Yes, i was good for their definition of 'Nothing'. In my definition, Nothing meant Everything. I was Differently Abled in my Mind. My world was Different in Dimension......Those Zillion Cloud forms, Those Mesmerizing Leaves when the Sunlight passes through them, That Soft Soil in my Fist, The Dust that Puffed up in to Glowing Curls against the sunlight when mum was Sweeping, The Amusing World through that Translucent Yellow paper which came wrapped around the Natraj Eraser and etc., etc., etc.,

To put in a filmy way: 'Saavli patharon se meri dosti thi...chaal meri kya hai Mitti jaanti thi...' (Tweaked lyrics of 'Safar' song from 'Harry met Sejal'.)

And also, Picture this: Sounds Cliche but, I am kinda 'Him' in terms of Mind.
Yes, the Un-forgettable 'Ishaan avasthi' from 'Taare zameen par'. <3

So, obviously, Everyone around me used to get super Annoyed with my Meagre Score cards. However, This Routine Ended with the End of my 'League O' Literacy'.

And then my "League O' Blog" started. I thought i will Blog away to Glory while trying to Save the World and it's Beings through my Conscious Beauty blog.

And then........Pop's up....... "Multiple Sclerosis"! A Chronic Nerve Degenerating Disorder.

Because my Nerves are Degenerating, The Wiring in my Brain got Messed Up and my Energy levels have hit Rock Bottom. Fatigue has become my Super Star Symptom. Whenever i am working up my brains to churn out a Write-up in that Standard 'Blogging Format', my Brain is screaming - "Gimme a Break"! "I'm Exhausted Already"!

That Format is constantly making me think about all those Writing Rules i Must Follow, 200 words, Keywords(I mean, how am i supposed to stuff keywords like: Insurance, Gas/Electricity, Mortgage, Attorney, Loans, Lawyer, Donate, Conference Call, Degree, Credit and so on and on and on... just to earn a dime?)
 CPC, SEO, Page views, Social media/Internet-Presence/Visibility, PR and what not! With all of these Occupying my Mind and Exhausting my Brain Big Time, I am Totally Missing Living My 'Magical Dimension of Life'. That is My 'Life'. How can i Live without my Life!?

 So, It's High time i Break "it": "The Rules"!

Here's the Big Decision:

I am not going to write in that Format Anymore. In fact, i am not going to write much anymore. Meaning, my 'Image:Write-up' Ratio in a Blog post will be '90:10' or even '99:1' if needed. From now...My Images will Speak for me. or, in this case: Almost 'write for me'.

By Doing this,
(Sing with this tune in head: The lines and the tune in which the li'l kiddo sings at the beginning in 'Calvin Harris - Slide'. I tweaked those lyrics.)

I Might.....

Miss the Opportunities...

Miss Network-ability...

Miss Possibilities...

I Might...I Might...

I Will.....

Empty my Blogging Rife...

And Live the Gamut of Life...

Live the Gamut of Life...

I Will... I Will...

After all, What can be Bigger than 'A Gamut' of Life. Right?

So, is MS the Culprit? Hmmm...Yes and No. 'Yes' because it Reduced my Ability to Write a Blog Physically but, 'No' because it couldn't Disable my Mind's Ability to See the World in that Unique Dimension.

So, From Now, I am going to be a "Differently Abled Blogger". :)

I may not Blog as Regularly but will definitely Blog 'Differently'. :) I will Keep Sharing with you 'The Gamut of Life' that i Lived.
I want to Thank all of my 4 or 5 Regular readers from every single cell of my body for still Sticking around even with my Snail paced Blogging. Thank you so much guys... :) <3

So, what do you feel about this decision of mine? Let me know in the comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

That Screaming Model: Me. :)
Pic Taken by: Dear Hub.


  1. feel so bad because I loved reading your 'traditional' blog

    I equally look forward to your non-traditional blogging style -so what if it means less SEO/Internet-Presence/Visibility, PR, blah blah blah

    nothing is more important than you
    please write as & when you feel like it
    more importantly plz keep posting pics on IG as it is very easy to do so & does not need much effort - this way you still keep in touch with us

    1. I'm Sorry Aishwarya :( Thanks a million for understanding me Sweetheart :) <3 And i will definitely keep posting pics on instagram.

  2. totally with you
    when you say "Differently Abled" as a kid , what did you mean ?
    also instead of dropping brands/commercial aspect of blogging - you can shift to Instagram based blogging {have seen many girls do only this style}wherein you can post multiple pics of the review of a single product in 1 post and write a short review in the comment section of the post - this way you can still continue with the brand tie-ups, etc and not stress yourself as well
    In case you are unable to type your review in the comment section using a tiny smart phone - you can shift to the desktop version of Instagram and type away using a regular keyborad
    plz do reply & let me know your views

    1. also my heart is breaking reading the troubles MS has already started giving you
      how are you still continuing with the photography job ? do you take pain meds ? praying so much for you

    2. Thanks a million Jayanthi <3 :) I meant 'Differently abled' in my Mind and that i was able to see the world and life in an unusual dimension. :) Thank you so much for all your suggestions dear. I will definitely look in to the IG blogging thing. I am not on any pain meds coz i'm on homeopathy. I left my photography job coz i couldn't handle the physical stress anymore. Infinite Thanks for your prayers sweetheart. <3 :)