About us

Hello there :)

I am Siri (Sireesha) and I am the one who is running this rehab :)

I am regular girl who turned eco-conscious after learning how much pain and damage we are inflicting on our mother earth on the name of Beauty. I ditched my previous makeup blog 'destinationmakeup' which was a step towards my dream of becoming a makeup
artist someday. After my own transformation, i wanted to try and transform people's totes and vanity tables
and paint them GREEN even by a millimeter.

That's when Vanity Rehab was conceived.

I try to find genuine natural products and bring their real worth or dearth to light.

I won't say that i am 100% perfectly green. I won't say i am some kind of green beauty saviour. I am just another girl, trying to go green wherever and however much is possible by trying not to get overwhelmed while doing so. Sometimes, i fail terribly just like any other mere mortal! :D

Hope you'll support this rehab.

Thank you.

For a more elaborate explanation, you can refer to: "So..What Is This Rehab All About?" and  "HAPPY EARTH DAY! Really???" articles I wrote.
#MS(Multiple sclerosis)warrior  #Animal lover #Coffee craver #Book lover

My Beautiful family :) <3 :*

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  2. Great Profile and nice start. No wants you to be perfect, you just need to take a step ahead.