Monday, July 17, 2017

Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products Review Part-2

Review of the Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products - Part 2

Jiva vrksa Face pack, Jiva vrksa Body wash and Jiva vrksa Hairwash. Read the Face wash Review in Part 1

First up is the Face pack.

Jiva vrksa Face pack Review:

Quantity: 75 gms.
Price: Rs. 150.00 INR


Jiva vrksa Face pack Powder:

With Multani mitti-Sandal wood-Rose petals and Orange peel, This is a very simple face pack which you can even make at home. But, in case you do not have time for a home made face pack, you can definitely give this Jiva vrksa Face pack a shot. Even with my Super sensitive skin type(because of my Health condition), it suited me very well when i mixed it with curd. My facial skin felt really healthy after using this regularly.

Conclusion: A good face pack to maintain a healthy facial skin.

Rating: 5/5

Availability: It is not available separately though. You can buy the pack of all 4 products which this is a part of.

Jiva vrksa Body wash Review:
Just like the Face wash, This was a Huge Flop in my case! After bathing with the Jiva vrksa Body wash powder, My whole body itched horribly. It definitely did not suit my sensitive skin. So, i might be the wrong person to judge this product. That is why i am not giving any conclusions. However, i've seen a positive review on and a few blogs.


Jiva vrksa Hair wash Review:
Quantity: 75 grams.
Price: Rs. 80 INR

This Hair wash powder was a good one. It resembles our South Indian home made Shikakai powder. Did not dry out the hair and being slightly coarse, it cleared the residue from the scalp effectively.

Conclusion: If you need a south Indian style Home made Herbal Hair wash powder, then definitely consider the Jiva vrksa Hair wash. Being completely Natural and Organic At Rs.80 INR, this is definitely a much better option than Foam Booster Enhanced herbal hair wash powders usually available on the Indian Super Market shelves.

Rating: 5/5


These SLS/Foam booster/Paraben free organic products from Jiva vrksa are defintely worth trying. Stay away if you have sensitive skin though.

Do you have experience with strong pungent herbal ingredients making your skin itch? Share with me in the comments section below.


  1. all wonderful reviews
    your photos are amazing <3

  2. Nice and honest review. Products seem very affordable. But if its causing irritation/itching, then I would better stay away.

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    1. Thank you archugs :) But, consider your skin type before coming to a conclusion.

  3. I'm so tired of foaming shampoos as they are so bad for the environment
    This should be a nice product to try

    1. Not all foaming shampoos are bad for the environment aishwarya. Only the ones with SLS and other Toxic Foam boosters are. This is indeed a good product. Give it a try. :)