Friday, May 19, 2017

Guess the Post! Anarkali, Seashore and A Drink.

The 'Nano Break-up' Story:

One day, After an Icy Cold Fight, Chod chad ke apne Salim ki gali, Anarkali Kerala seashore wali Disco chali! And there, she had Lime cocktail. Danced her heart out. She felt chilled out and went back to Salim ki gali. 

That's it. What the "*....*" Nano Break-up Story ka THE END. 

;P :D

Ha ha ha... Now you guys scratch your jammed heads a little and Guess the Post/Product.

Hint: Read the story and then Look at the 2 main Contents of the Image. If you have a lot of Vriksh gyaan (Tree knowledge. i.e., ability to identify a tree specie by looking at their fruits or leaves or flowers or bark etc.), You can easily figure it out if you connect them both.

Let me know your guesses in the comments section below. ;)

P.S: The pic was taken in my Backyard by your's truly. :)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Day 3 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru - Part 2

Here's the 2nd part of Day 3 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru. This wraps up my Coverage of this event.

This post showcases a sample of all the Information Oriented Stalls and Displays. If you or someone you know is in to Organic farming, this is really useful.

And, Do scroll till the end for a dose of cuteness and some rare gems.

Beautiful designing done using Millets and Seeds at the Entrance of the venue.

Hon'ble Agricilture minister, Shri. Krishna byre Gowda interacting with farmers at the venue.


Roots-Goods is a platform that connects Farmers to Traders and Buyers.

There were stalls like these that provided all the required information and answered all the queries.

Books regarding organic farming, Marketing organic food and much more were being sold.

Found this interesting decorating item made with real Wheat strands.

It comes like reel which you can tie on doorways and anywhere you please.

Then there were all the Dairy and Farming animals at display.

Humongous Sirohi Goat which is native to Rajasthan.

Do you recognize this breed of Sheep or Goat? Because, i failed to find out and google was useless too.

Ba ba black Sheep :D

Native Indian Cows.

Gir cow. This breed is native to Gujarat and are priced for it's Milk and Milk products which are believed to have healing qualities.

'Grass'did shot! :D

All the Native Classic, Ancient and Old(but gold) Farming Equipments were at display. How often do you get to see these?Aren't they rare gems?

I used to see these at my Granny's home.

The Chutney rock and the Chakki. I wish they make a come-back in to our lives.

Organic farming is definitely not easy with the current status of population in our Country. So, don't fail to support them in any way that you can. Remember, They are our Future Saviors. If they don't Exist, We shall be Extinct.

May all the Organic Farmers in India get to Taste the Fruit of their Efforts. Jai hind.

You can go through the Event coverage from the Beginning by clicking these respective Links:  Day 1 - part 1Day 1 - Part 2, Day 2, Day 3 - Part 1

I am One of the Official Bloggers Covering The 'Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair', A Government Initiative held by the Department of Agriculture, Bengaluru.

So, what are you views regarding this whole event? Share with me in the comments section below. 

P.S: I heard that there is going to be an International trade fair in 2018! Are you excited?



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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Day 3 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru - Part 1

Here's a Treat for your eyes from Day 3 at the  Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru.

There are many Really Unique, Interesting and HAPPY things that i covered in this post! So, you better not Miss it! :)

Happy Journey! (Through the Pics of course) ;)

'Zishta' Brand stall was the first one that Attracted Me for Obvious Reasons - They make and sell 'Almost Extinct' Cookware!

My ever favorite Kal chatti (cooking vessel made out of rock). Isn't it reminding of your granny like it did to me? (I posted about them in the Green path's 10 th Anniversary post too. Read it HERE.)

The Old-World Tin vessels. 

Clay Kitchenware.

Varishta and her Partner, the Founders of 'Zishta' at the stall.

A Happy Small-scale Rural Organic Farmer at his Stall. The Reason for his Happiness: Huge number of customers at this stall obviously! <3 :)

Founders of Habicaf, A true south indian Filter Coffee concentrate - Vijai bopanna and his Partner Jayashree at their stall. His smile makes Habicaf look like 'Happy'caf! Right?

This is the First time i ever saw These: Lakshman phal! (top left),   Bread fruit! (bottom left), Wild Jack fruit! (after bread fruit), and Pummelon! (middle). Then there were: Mushroom spawn/dry Pink mushrooms, Organic Green Coffee beans and Tincture plant. Impressive stall this was!

Tiny Rose Onions from Chikballapur dist., which doesn't retail in India because it seems that they Export all of it to Foreign Countries!!! I seriously don't understand Why!!?? All the others in the pic are Native Non-Hybrid Indian Fruits.

Bio-Control Agents used in Seri-culture for Natural Pest control. 

Traditional Free range Eggs.

Various kinds of Millet flakes and unique Moong dal flakes from 'Aurovika'. I bought the Millet Museli and Red rice Chiwda which were both really Tasty!

'Swee10' Stevia Product stall. I got to taste the Fresh Stevia leaf and my was so sweet and tasty that i felt like eating the whole plant! :P They had many flavours of chocolate made using Stevia as the sweetener. 

'Yb' Product stall. Their pencils were made from re-cycled plastic waste and wrapped with discarded News papers. They had Natural Car Deodorant block that seems to Absorb all the Foul Odor from the Interiors of a car without giving you any headache and nausea which the conventional ones usually do.

'Gramya Turnkey' stall displaying all the Eco-friendly Handmade Bags.

'Swachha' is an organisation that Segregates Dry/Wet waste and makes usable Pipes and other products out of it.  

This Lady with a warm smile was selling Copper water bottles and all other home-made herb based products. She was the one from whom i bought the 'Tamarind thokku' at the Green path's 10 th Anniversary celebrations. Read it HERE.

Ever-Chirpy-Happy Ms.Gomathy from Marries malt. Remember i told you about her Oganic 25-Grain/Millet malt?

Clothes dyed with Skin/Eco-Friendly Natural Colours.

Being a Chilli fan, i sooo wanted to see what that King-Chilli was. But, i couldn't find the stall on third day no matter how much i searched! :(

Almost-Natural Aloe vera Soaps for just 5/- INR! It does have a few toxic ingredients though. :/  So, i guess Mysore sandal soaps are a much better budget natural soap option.

Non-Hybrid Native vegetable seeds on sale!

Recyclable packaging on display from the 'Swiss pac' counter. They make them for companies on bulk order. If anybody wants their contact, just mail me. :)

Organic and Millet based Food stalls in the Food court at the event. There were many more but the crowd was too much and i just couldn't swim through it.

Will see ya tomorrow with the 2nd part of  day 3 which wraps the Event coverage.

You can go through the Event coverage from the Beginning by clicking these respective Links:  Day 1 - part 1, Day 1 - Part 2 and Day 2
I am One of the Official Bloggers Covering The 'Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair', A Government Initiative held by the Department of Agriculture, Bengaluru. (No matter what, it will be my own Honest views. I Promise!)
What all did you find Interesting in this post? Didn't you feel happy by looking at all those Genuine Smiling Faces? Let me know in the Comments section below. :)


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