Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Gem or A Grim? Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath bar Review.

Review of the recently launched Seer secrets Quantum Quattro Gem stone Bath bar. It is a completely Natural product. Let's see if it is A Gem or A Grim.


It looks like a Real Gemstone has been cut up in to a soap! Right?
*The background is a natural mountainous rock in my backyard.*

How are you going to use such a huge triangle soap? Don't even try because, it is humanly impossible to do that unless you can boast of a huge hand. The Tiny 'Me' tried and failed. That white foam residue you see in the pic down there is the proof! ;P 

So, Just do This. Cut it up from the pointed tip towards the flat base and you're done. Hence, World Saved. ;P :D


Ever heard about a Gemstone called Quantum quattro? I toh never ever did! I thought they were using some robotic terminology that describes the product. *facepalm*

I even felt suspicious about the ingredients list since it lists no gemstone. Then, i contacted seer secrets and asked them to clarify. And, Here's what they had to say:

"We list the Composition of the Gemstone that went in to making the soap instead of writing the Gemstone itself in the list. We go through extensive R&D to come out with such a product. The soap is geometrically cut with the help of Fibonacci sequence understanding the Gemstone's Composition, Make and How they form."

Here's the Gemstone compared with the candidate in Review.

So, what say?

I have only one thing to say: A Huge Round of Applause Please! I mean, just look at it! Feels as if an Artist precisely sculpted it with extreme Love and Care! I call it "A Breath taking Piece of Art".<3 <3 <3

But, How does it perform?

The Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath bar is not just a show piece but something whose performance will also steal your heart. Gives a light airy lather but cleans the skin really well and leaves it satin smooth. Smells slightly orangey bergamot but more sweetly lemony and throw in a hint of fresh lemongrass. Skin feels healthy, nourished and well taken care of. Not something i usually expect from a soap. This beauty Performed beyond expectations.

*If you are Acne prone, use it cautiously on the face. Because 2 little breakouts popped up when i used it on the face. Not a thing bothered on the body though.

Rating: 10/5. No no...don't get confused. it is 10 and it's above five. Because, it is Definitely A Gem and in no way A Grim. :) 

Final Word: Without doubt, just Jump and Grab it! For, the Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath bar can compete for the King's Throne in the Natural Soap Empire.

Price: 342/- INR

Buy it Online on: and

Right now, it is cheapest: 281/- INR on

Checkout the Review of Another Absolute Favorite of Mine from Seer secrets: Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser Review.

Have you used any Gemstone based skin care products? Share with us in the comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

*Product was provided to me by the brand for review. But as always, you can totally trust me. Because, Jhoot boley Kavva kaate. ;D*

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea Review. An Excellent Floral Source of Vitamin C!

Are you a Green Tea Hater like me?

Then you will definitely like this Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea from Seer Secrets Like i Did!

Let's see why i said that.

*Sabdariffa is also referred to as 'Roselle'.

It is encased in a sturdy glass bottle.
That 'Indian Native Hibiscus' and 'Mint' are from my Backyard.

Outer Cardboard box.

The opening is covered with a thick absorbent paper which acts as a barrier to moisture and thereby prevents spoilage.

This is how the dry Roselle/Hibiscus sabdariffa buds look like.

Sabdariffa/Roselle tea, also called as Sour tea is an excellent floral source of vitamin C. It also has multitude of other nourishing ingredients(see 'about the product' pic). It brews a vivid gem stone red tea which is a treat for the eyes. You can use 1 bud if you like it light and two if you like it strong like me.

They say it tastes like cranberries. But, i say: Doesn't matter if you are a fan of cranberries or not, you will definitely fall in love with this one. I hate cranberries but i fell in love with it right from the 3rd sip. 3rd Because the first and second tasted really sharp and sour. But from the third, a Burst of Flavour hit me and it was way too yummily sour and was a treat for the tongue. And, i did not add any kind of sweetener to it.

You can also get a little lighter but just as yummy second brew out of the first used buds. I brewed this 2nd batch in the pic below that day in the evening after my strong first batch in the morning.

Do i Recommend?
Recently Cipla released "Activkids Immuno boosters" which is a chocolate flavoured daily supplement of immune boosters for kids. I am pretty sure they will cook up something like this for Adults too. But, all of us should be conscious that supplementing body with natural nourishing foods is always the best choice unless otherwise required. So, i recommend including foods like this Seer secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal tea to naturally enhance/maintain your health.

Rating: 5/5.

Psssttt....How about Mixing it with a Face mask!? Let's see how it goes. ;)

Retails for 495/- INR on but right now, you can get it on for 475/- INR.

In the Sun, it's a proper Jewel in a Jar. <3 Don't you think?

You can also add in a little Mint for that flavour kick. ;)
My Mini Mint Garden.

So, have you tried the Seer secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal tea? Do you want to? Have you tried any other tasty Green tea Alternatives? Share with us in the comments section below.

Infinite Love,
*Product was provided by the brand for review purpose. Jhoot boley kavva kaatey. I shall always give honest opinions whether it is a purchsed one or not.*
*Activ kids Immuno boosters image source:
Rest of them are clicked by Me with my Canon 60D.*

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

BON Organics Jasmine Water Review. Much more than just plain ol' Jasmine and water!

After Rose Gulkand, Here is another GEM from BON Organics: Jasmine Water.

Just Imagine the amalgamation of Fresh Jasmine Flowers and Water with a hint of warm Vanilla infusion. Wouldn't you want to float in that Nectar taking in whiffs of that Intoxicating 'Jasminilla' Scent?

Err...Fantasy much!? :P

So, Here's a Really Real deal: BON Organics Jasmine Water.

First spray and it was a "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" Moment for me. Because, i was instantly transported to Heaven! I usually can't stand synthetic Jasmine sprays but this Natural Jasmine water from BON smells totally Legit! And, I would call it a tiny Bottle of Pure Jasminilla Nectar. <3

The fragrance embeds in to your skin and lasts really long. You can spray it not just on face but on curtains, sheets and pillows too for a calming-Mood lifting ambiance. And don't forget hair! Let me warn you: People will gather like a Swarm of Bees around you. ;D

The BON Jasmine water beats 'Kama Ayurveda Pure Mogra water' with it's Ingredients. It contains not just plain ol' Jasmine oil/extract but also - Sweet almond oil, Pure Aloevera gel, Vitamin E and vanilla essential oil along with it. All of these make it a proper toner that moisturizes and nourishes. Suitable for All Skin types.

No more Talks. Just Run and Grab this bottle of Pure nectar called BON Organics Jasmine Water from :)

Price: Rs.136.00 INR

Here's Another Jasmine GEM: Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser
Have you used the BON Organics Jasmine Water? How was your experience? And, Have you encountered any other product which is as intoxicating? Share with us in the comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BON Rose Gulkand Review. A GEM from BON Organics.

Did you ever get a crazy thought to dilute and spray the Fragrant 'Gulkand' on yourself? Nah...that would've been an 'Ant'ful disaster! :D

Gulkand: An edible Fragrant Sweet Preserve of Damask Rose.

But BON has come up with a much neater solution by creating this Rightly named 'Rose Gulkand' which is nothing but a simple Natural Rose water with zero chemicals. But....

What makes it special you ask?

The Fragrance! It is unlike any other Rose water you would've ever used. Oh is so beautifully Fragrant!

Fresh Damask Rose with a hint of sugar. That is how i would describe the scent of this BON Rose Gulkand. It also has the Best Spray dispenser which doens't hit your face with the liquid like most of the other sprays available in the market. It sprays a super fine Mist. This little bottle here is a Rose flavoured GEM from BON Organics.

So, if you are a 'Rose' fan who is fed up with "Rose bouquet" descriptions of the Rose products available in the market then, hop on to right now and order this GEM immediately. If you are an Indian, you have no shipping charges no matter how tiny your order is.

And there is another GEM from BON Organics coming your way tomorrow. ;)

Have you used BON Rose Gulkand? what was your experience? or Did you encounter any other Natural Rose product that impressed you like heaven? If Yes, Share with us in the comments section below.
Infinite Love,

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter Review.

Let's see if the Do Bandars succeeded with this Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter for Humans. :D

Price: 200/- INR.


Notice the texture. And also 'Teddy'. I just now realized that he exists in there. :P <3 


At First Touch, you will scream your hearts out saying “Why on earth did I buy this piece of ‘Rock’ in the name of ‘Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter’!?”  But once you know how to handle it, this will become your Sweet pot…Your most loved Lip-care Possession. Yes, I screamed too. Because, the lip butter was so hard that I had to swipe nearly 10-15 times to get a tiny bit of it on my finger and then after that, the second set of struggles begin – ‘Applying it on my lips’. It is so solid textured that I had to drag it so hard on my lips for it to get applied. And I had to repeat that step for nearly 6-8 times to cover every nook and corner of my lips. Obviously, I was exhausted.

But, I wanted to make it work somehow because, I felt that It will definitely be Amazing if only the texture was a little softer. So, I tried putting it in the sun to soften it but failed because, you know… Bangalore weather/Sun. :/ For the second trial, since I do not have a hair drier, I used the gas stove burner. I just held it at a comfortable height where I can handle the heat for 1-2 minutes. And…….Guess what! It Worked!

From then, This little tub of lip butter has become one of my most favourite Lip care possessions! Oh my…it amazingly seals the Moisture in your lips. Fills all the crevices and lines because of it’s texture and makes your lips look Smooth, Satin Matte and Magically Plump! Ah, I love it! It does give a faint ‘orange’ish overcast but that looks pretty too! And, it smells faintly of Sharp Orange.

Final words: In One Word- “SuperAmazinglyFantastic”! Ahem…that is definitely a Single Word. ;P :D

If you are an Indian, You can definitely have 1 minute patience because, this softens up Faster than Maggi noodles. Hence, You Qualify to Run and Get Your Hand on This little Tubby of Do Bandar Citrus Lip butter which is definitely worth more than 200/- INR.

Rating: If you are so Lazy that you can’t even cook Maggi, then: 4.5/5. And if you regularly cook maggi without any effort, then: 10/5.

Update: Do bandar told that after hearing so many complaints about the 'Hard' texture, they've made a Softer version of the lip butter! So, you need not qualify with Maggi noodles anymore! :D

Availability: for 180/- INR and

P.S: Psssttt…Did Maggi Ever Cook Under 2 Mins for you? If yes, I Bow Down to You! ;D

Have you used Do Bandar Lip Butters? Let me know in the Comments section below. And also don’t forget to Answer the Maggi Question. ;D

Infinite Love,

Monday, April 16, 2018

Juicy Chemistry Choco-Mint Lip Butter Review.

Here is the Review of one of my Most Favourite Lip Balms after the Dr.Hauschka's Lip Care Stick. The Juicy Chemistry Choco-Mint Lipbalm. Read on to know why i love it so much.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Natural vitamin E, Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Peppermint essential oil, Coco powder.
In the Background: That's my jack fruit leaf that has started decaying but with it's Leaf Skeleton Network still intact. Beautiful it was!

Looks Brown but, doesn't give any colour whatsoever.
In the Background: Fresh Colocasia leaf/Arbi ka patta in my Backyard.


I was in desperate need of a lip balm last winter and i started searching for a heavily moisturizing one because my lips were almost tearing up! So i looked up online for reviews and found out that the juicy chemistry lip balms were some of the best. But, out of that desperation, i bought this Choco-Mint lipbalm in the wrong season! Because this lip balm, as much as it moisturizes, that much it freezes too! Yes, it almost froze my lips! Meaning, it is that 'Strongly Minty'. This could've happened because my skin has become really sensitive. But, it is Amazing Amazzzing Amazzzzzzingly moisturizing! I only had to Re-apply once during the whole day. And it smells Delish!

Rating: 10/5. Yes, Seriously!

Final words: Seriously the best moisturizing Lip balm i've used after the Dr.Hauschka's Lip care Stick.

I might have bought it in the wrong season, but since now is the Right season, So, Go get yourselves one! :)

P.S: This week, and the week after, you are going to read many more Natural Lip Balm Reviews. ;)

Have you used this variant of juicy chemistry lip balm? how was your experience? Do share with me in the comments section below.

Infinite Love,