Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LOTD: Jaggi Jasoos - A look inspired by Jagga Jasoos.

Jagga jasoos-A very inspiring Detective character played by Ranbir kapoor has stolen many a hearts including Mine. <3 Since i have short hair cut, i really wanted to try replicating Ranbir kapoor's Funky 'Jagga jasoos' Hairstyle and Look. So, here it is. :)

Since i am a Girl, i named myself "Jaggi"

I did not really plan on replicating this exact expression. But, somehow the universe conspired i guess! Because, i found this pic after i shot all the pictures posing randomly!

'Dark room' development in process. :P :D

Developed Copy! ;) My hair isn't as long as Ranbir kapoor's in the Movie. I tied pulling it as long as i can. I guess mine looks like a hybrid of Tin tin and Jagga jasoos. Right? May be there's a touch of Ace ventura too. Idk. You tell.

Used 'Ustraa' Hair Wax to Style my Hair. Buy it on

'Galti se Mistake' song scene- "Kisi Bagal wali ko Mardaani khusbu sunghana.." inspired. :P My sister was the one who suffered my "Manly scent"! ;D She had to do this almost 20 times till i nailed the shot! :I She couldn't handle it after 10 shots and so i tried saving her by spraying THIS. Only then she could do ten more. Poor soul. He he he.

Here's the Original scene from the song: Galti se mistake. Ok...just realized that i tilted my head the wrong side! x( :P

Jaggi jasoos went Internationally "Under cover"! for a Secret Mission. Shhhh....

Finally, Jaggi jasoos giving you a 'Green' Advice that can Save not just 'You' but the 'Planet' too. *'Galti se mistake' song tweaked*

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Pic credits: Sis, Hubby and Mom. All of them collectively strived to make my Idea Fruitful while having a lot of Fun/Confusion/Frustration/Memories. :) I Thank them all infinitely from the very last cell of my Heart. <3

Enjoyed this post? Feeling good? Don't you think you should Share these Good vibes with all your Co-Humans? ;)

In the next post i will reveal what all i did to achieve that flawless skin without using any chemical based makeup products. :)
So, how did you like my Replication? Did you Enjoy this post? Could've i done this better? Pour in your opinions/suggestions/appreciations ;P in the Comments section below. :)

t.t.t.t...t..t..t.t.t...t...thank you.

Ranbir kapoor pics: Google images and youtube.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products Review Part-2

Review of the Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products - Part 2

Jiva vrksa Face pack, Jiva vrksa Body wash and Jiva vrksa Hairwash. Read the Face wash Review in Part 1

First up is the Face pack.

Jiva vrksa Face pack Review:

Quantity: 75 gms.
Price: Rs. 150.00 INR


Jiva vrksa Face pack Powder:

With Multani mitti-Sandal wood-Rose petals and Orange peel, This is a very simple face pack which you can even make at home. But, in case you do not have time for a home made face pack, you can definitely give this Jiva vrksa Face pack a shot. Even with my Super sensitive skin type(because of my Health condition), it suited me very well when i mixed it with curd. My facial skin felt really healthy after using this regularly.

Conclusion: A good face pack to maintain a healthy facial skin.

Rating: 5/5

Availability: It is not available separately though. You can buy the pack of all 4 products which this is a part of.

Jiva vrksa Body wash Review:
Just like the Face wash, This was a Huge Flop in my case! After bathing with the Jiva vrksa Body wash powder, My whole body itched horribly. It definitely did not suit my sensitive skin. So, i might be the wrong person to judge this product. That is why i am not giving any conclusions. However, i've seen a positive review on and a few blogs.


Jiva vrksa Hair wash Review:
Quantity: 75 grams.
Price: Rs. 80 INR

This Hair wash powder was a good one. It resembles our South Indian home made Shikakai powder. Did not dry out the hair and being slightly coarse, it cleared the residue from the scalp effectively.

Conclusion: If you need a south Indian style Home made Herbal Hair wash powder, then definitely consider the Jiva vrksa Hair wash. Being completely Natural and Organic At Rs.80 INR, this is definitely a much better option than Foam Booster Enhanced herbal hair wash powders usually available on the Indian Super Market shelves.

Rating: 5/5


These SLS/Foam booster/Paraben free organic products from Jiva vrksa are defintely worth trying. Stay away if you have sensitive skin though.

Do you have experience with strong pungent herbal ingredients making your skin itch? Share with me in the comments section below.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products Review Part-1.

Review of the Jiva Vrksa Personal care products.

Recently, '
Jiva vrksa' which is a Natural/Organic Personal care brand sent me 4 of their products for review. I used them in many different ways and am now ready to give my opinion on them.

About 'Jiva Vrksa' Brand:

JivaVrksa, is an health initiative of vrksa (Vri-K-sha : Tree - A symbol of life and endurance) lifespace pvt ltd; Chennai with a vision to spread awareness on healthy and sustainable living through natural and organic personal and home care products.

Vrksa has always been mindful on the products we have used that are categorized Organic or Natural. 

The products we have always in one way or the other promote sustainable living either by taking us a step closer to nature or by supporting the people creating these natural products.

We at Jivavrksa will do what it takes to help with all of your questions on anything thats related to the products or any general questions that you might have on how to lead a healthy natural life.

Their Values: Being natural is at the core to continue being who we are! (I really Loved this one!)

All in all, i loved their Views, Values and Motto. Let's see if the performance of the products matched up.

I was sent 75 gram pouches of these four products:

*Hair wash.
 *Body wash.
*Face wash.
*Face pack.

A Thank you Note and a pair of ear rings made out of Coconut shell from 'Manya vrksa'. :) Too bad i can not wear them because, My ears have strangely developed an allergy for all the metals including Gold which is supposed to be neutral and non-allergic.  :-/

I am breaking down the Review in to Two parts. So, here i am reviewing 1 product i.e., the Face wash. Rest 3 will be in the second part.

Jiva Vrksa Face wash Review:

Quantity: 75 gms.

Price: Rs.100.00 INR

The Face wash powder was packed in a Paper packaging.


The Face wash powder: (Model: Hubby ;))

First of all, let me tell you my skin type: Super sensitive.(because of my Health condition)

After using 'Forest essentials Narangi nagkesar' ubtan for a long time, i was excited to try something new in the form of Jiva Vrksa Facewash. After i finished 3 tubs of that ubtan, i switched to regular cleansing options for a while. After suffering that bad decision, i just grabbed this face wash powder to use because my natural liquid face wash and the natural soap were both drying up my skin like monsters!

I took 1/2 a spoon worth of this face wash powder, mixed it with a little water to make a paste and rubbed it gently in circular motions allover my face. Did this for half a minute and then washed it off with cold water. Then i went to my work place as usual. I was driving my scooter and started feeling weird on my face. And then after i reached and was shooting an important event, suddenly my face started to itch horribly! It was unbearable! I had to abruptly stop the shoot and run in to the kitchen for a glass of cold milk and immediately wash my face with it. I felt relieved after that.

I did not dare touch it for the next one week. :-I And then one day, i decided to give it a second chance. This time i mixed it with Milk and a little Milk cream. This time, it itched a little less but not completely absent.

So, the Conclusion is that, it does not suit Sensitive skin types for sure. However, it has Amazing Organic ingredients that do not usually fall in the 'irritating' category and hence might work well on normal/non-sensitive skin types.

My Rating A/c to my Super sensitive skin type: 0/5

Do i Recommed: It is very cost effective for a 75 gram natural face wash. So, you can give it a try if your skin doesn't fall in the 'Sensitive' category.


Click on the Image Below to Buy a Pack of 3 for Rs.300/- from the Jiva Vrksa Store on

I will Review the remaining 3 products tomorrow.
Have you used this Jiva Vrksa Face wash? Did your facial skin suffer the itching too? Or did it work fine? Let me know your experience in the comments section below. :)
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Friday, July 14, 2017

SALE: Buy 55 inch BPL Eco-friendly LED Tv for Just 42,990/- INR!!!

LED T.v is the best Eco-friendly option amongst all the Other T.v Variants. Because, it consumes lot less Power than other options. That is the Reason i am Promoting This Deal. And it's from the Trustworthy BPL who's making Electronics from the past 50 years. Click the link below to Place the Order.

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate and will get a Super Tiny Comission if you buy this product. Thank you.
 55 Inch BPL T.v

Right now i.e., Today, Flash deals has the humongous 55 inch LED T.v from BPL for Just 42,990/- INR!!! Original price is 47,990/- INR. So, you are getting a 10% Discount i.e., a whopping 5000/- Discount on this T.v from BPL! 

Features of this product:

*3D Digital Comb Filter.
*Full H.D.
*Distortion Free Viewing Angle.

EMI starts at Rs.2,138.91/- per month.

So, Hurry Up! The deal is Only Till Tonight. Click on the Link Provided Above the image to place the Order.


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: BON Organics Aloevera-Chammomile and Tea tree-Rosemary Soaps Review.

Review of the BON Organics 'Aloevera-Chammomile' soap and 'Teatree-Rosemary' Soap.

BON Organics Aloevera-Chammomile soap Review:
Quantity: 100 gms.

Price: 152/- INR

That colourful cotton packaging made from recycled cloth! I love them to the core! But, now it's been changed to another natural packaging material.


This is how the soap looked when i bought it long ago. I was confused when i read 'amalam' on it. I guess they used to source the soaps from that brand and re-market it or may be because of some other reason...idk. Anyways, it does not look like this anymore. It looks like all other BON soaps which are plain.

A basic soap from BON. That is all i can say about this variant. I was actually Escited after seeing 'Chammomile' which is usually recommended to soothe sensitive skin but, sadly did not feel it's presence in any way. Like all other soaps from BON, this 'Aloevera-Chammomile' variant foams really good with just a small swipe and doesn't dry out the skin. As for fragrance, it should've been smelling like any of the 4 essential oils that have been added for fragrance(see the final 4 in the 'ingredients' pic above). But, mine smelt weird! It smelt bitter and soapy. yuck.  I had to finish this soap bar somehow so, i just made it smell good by doing THIS! ;) That Vanilla Goodness....yummm!

Rating: 3.5/5 (-1.5 for all the extra effort i had to put to make it smell good.)

Disappointed? Then read the Below Review.

BON Organics Tea tree-Rosemary Soap Review:

Quantity: 100 gms.

Price: 186 /- INR

Description and Ingredients:

What strikes when you hear Tea tree? 'Acne' Right? That is the exact purpose i bought this soap for. Back then when i was living in Chennai, i had Severe Acne both on my Face and Body. I used to feel Horrible with all the Itching and Irritation i had to suffer every single day and all of this along with Humidity and Heat! Just Imagine. :-I

I started using this soap and i immediately felt relieved! phew. As rightly said by BON: 'mmm...smells, got to be good'(It does smell of medicinal tea tree), The BON Teatree-Rosemary Soap definitely reduced the irritation and helped me in healing the Backne i.e., Back Acne slowly. But, i have to say that this soap itself did not heal the Acne completely. I used other Homemade remedies along with this to treat them completely. This soap definitely helped in the process of healing. But it wasn't really useful on my face. I needed much more effective essential oils and Tincture to help them heal. I will reveal what those Essential oils and Tincture are in another post. ;)

Availability: They provide Free shipping within India on Any Order Amount!

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Conclusion: These Skin friendly and Eco-friendly Natural Soaps from BON are Totally worth investing in rather than the skin harming regular Toxin filled Soaps that you usually find on the Super market shelves.

This Review is a part of the Soapathon Series.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 SALE is ON Now!

Hurry up! The Amazon Prime Day 2017 has started!

Click the Image Below to go to the Amazon Prime Day Page.
New Product Lauches and Mind blowing Deals on All sorts of Categories. And I've seen some Amazing Beauty Deals too!

  • Product Launches: New launches by Honor, Sanyo, Infocus, IFB, LG, Lego, GAP, Puma, Delsey and More!
  • CASHBACK: 15% Cashback on HDFC Credit, Debit Cards, EMI & mPOS
  • AMAZON PAY OFFER : Load & Get Ready – 20% back on Amazon Pay

That's not it! 

*10 Lucky winners get a couple holiday to Thailand from Makemytrip.

*Get Rs. 750 OFF on Domestic Flights on Makemytrip.

*Up to Rs. 200 OFF on Movie tickets from Bookmyshow.

*Get Rs.150 OFF on your favorite food delivery on Swiggy

Still Here??? Enough Thinking Now!!!

Hop on to the 'Prime Day' Page Already! :D

Click this image to go to the Amazon Prime Day India page. :)

For International Amazon Prime Day, i.e., on, Click on the image Below. :)

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review: Soultree Lotus & Kokum Butter Lip balm with Organic Ghee and 7 Cold pressed Oils review.

Today i am Reviewing the "Lotus and Kokum Butter Lip balm with Organic Ghee and 7 Cold pressed Oils" from the Famous Ayurveda based brand: 'Soultree'.

I know..i know..this product has been around for ages now. But i wanted to express my opinion about it. So, let's see if it impressed me or not.

New Packaging. Which, not everyone is happy about. It seems to be breaking off or tilting off to one side because of it's soft texture. They could've packed it in a regular Twist-up lip balm container which would've definitely held the balm securely. I hope you are reading this Soultree.

Quantity: 3.5 gms.

Price: 295/- INR.

IngredientsCera alba, Isoamyl laurate, Ricinus communis (castor) oil*, Helianthus annus (sunflower) oil*, Sorbitan olivate, Olea europaea (olive) oil*, Butyrum (clarified butter)*, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) oil*, Prunus dulcis (almond) oil*, Vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, Garcinia indica (kokum) butter, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, Nelumbo nucifera (pink lotus), Tocopherol, Vanilla plantifolia, Parfum**, CI 77492, CI77007, Limonene**, Linalool, Geraniol**, Citronellol**

*From certified organic farms.

**From essential oils.

Certified by BDIH Germany - Contain No Chemicals - Not tested on Animals - No Synthetic Colours - No Artificial Fragrance - No Preservatives.

Translucent/Clear Lip balm. I am mentioning this because i've seen images where it looks like it is a Tinted lip balm.


My lips are a perfect epitome of 'Desert' that is always in need of an overload of hydration. So, After reading that it contains Organic Ghee and 7 Cold pressed Oils, i bought this lip balm with Enormous expectations. Started using it religiously. But, i always felt that i need to run to the kitchen, grab the Ghee dabba/container and slather my lips with it. It has such a light texture that it always failed to quench the thirst of my super dry lips. As for fragrance, it has a mild pleasant lotus type scent with a hint of ghee/clarified butter which never bothers your nose unless you hate even a faint hint of ghee odor.

However, my sister whose lips are not as dry as mine found it to be working fine for her. But, let me warn you that there was no lightening of lips or anything like that. It is just a good lip balm that provides basic care and nourishment to the lips.

Availability:, and many other websites.

My Rating: 3/5

Do i recommend? Only if your lips are not in need of a heavy duty care. But, please avoid this "Soultree Lotus & Kokum Butter Lip balm with Organic Ghee and 7 Cold pressed Oils" if you are on the look out for a heavy duty lip balm. And please don't get lured by the 'Organic Ghee and 7 Cold pressed Oils' like i did if you are in need of a heavy lip balm.

Did you use this lip balm? Was your experience the same as mine? And, do you think they should change the package? Share with me in the comments section below. :)

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review: Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser Review.

Review of the Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser.

Sleeping Beauty.(Let's forget the Prince for now). For however long she's asleep up in that tower, How peacefully in to the Sleep is she? Dreamy lot right?
Image taken from HERE.

Craving that peace? Then you must definitely read this review.

Note: Rest assured, you are not going in to an 'almost infinite' long sleep session like sleeping beauty did. :P :D

Another Note: They sent me the product and asked for a tiny Instagram Review. But, I Loved it So much that i wanted to write a full Blog post and Here it is.

Quantity: 250 ml.

Price: 549/- INR.

Availability: .Click on the Amazon widget image of this product below to purchase. It is my Amazon Affiliate link. If you purchase this product by clicking on that image below, i will get a tiny commission out of that sale which will help me keep this blog running. Thank you. :)



Jasmine and Orange! I mean...'Orange' with jasmine! That makes it 'Refreshing' Jasmine! How Interesting, Weird and Rare does that combination sound? Intriguing right?

That's exactly why i chose this when they asked which option interests you.

Let me tell you that this product was the Best thing that happened to me in the past 1 month. 

Yes. Because, No matter how weird it sounds, This is the most Beautiful combination i've ever tried! <3

Tangy refreshing Orange smoothly cuts the Headiness of the Jasmine and makes it smell so Happily Light, Sweet and Soothing. Jasmine is the Dominant fragrance and orange is also equally on par. The Jasmine in this body cleanser smells like real jasmine flowers and not like the headache inducing artificial one. That is why i am loving it to the core.

As for the Cleansing part, it foams beautifully and does the job right with just a little quantity. You can even use it with hands if you haven't got a loofah and it works equally fine.

Does not dry out the skin at all. Makes it beautifully Fragrant and Smooth. Sometimes, i even feel that it made my skin Plump and Glowing! May be because of the Yogurt enzyme.

I even used this on my face once. It felt nice and did not irritate my sensitive skin. And also, this way i could sniff in the fragrance much deeper.

I usually always hated body washes because they don't really wash off as easily as i like in this state of health. But, this one saved me on that part. It washes off fairly easily.

Rating: 5/5

Do i Recommend? A Huge 'Yes'! I am not really a fan of body washes but the "Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser" made me a Convert. Given my health condition, i always feel groggy and have a disturbed sleep pattern. But, Since i've started including this in my bath time routine, i am feeling incredibly calm, sedated and am slipping in to a Happy Break-free Sleep. :)

So, if you are on the look out for an effective Sedating and yummy Bath time Indulgence then, Look No Further because, this "Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser" might become your Holy Grail. <3

To support my blog, Follow me on:

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Note: The brand sent me these products for review. Every single word i've said here is 100% Honest and after reading this review if you have bought this product and feel that i lied, you can happily throw bricks, bats or anything you feel like throwing at me. yes. ;D  I shall review the other two soon on my Instagram.
P.S: All the Images except the 'Sleeping beauty' one are Clicked and Edited by Me.

Have you tried any other interesting fragrance Combinations? or did you already see or try this Jasmine-Orange Combo before? Share with me in the Comments section below. :)
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Review: Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body cream and Sugar soap Review.

Review of the Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body cream and Sugar soap.

Today i am reviewing the rest of the contents of the "Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care kit":
Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care Kit.

First up is the Body cream.
Quantity: 15 gm.


Body cream. It has a faint pink tone to it.

* Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body cream was specifically made keeping summers in mind and made rightly so. It really is a super light textured cream which you can happily slather allover your body without any second thoughts even in summers. Hydrates the skin very well. It smells mildly of the signature fragrance of this line i.e., Lime with a hint of decadent pomegranate which is really refreshing and soothing at the same time. Even though this body cream contains Menthol crystals, it does not feel as Icy and Cool as the Body mist does. :(

My Rating: 5/5

Do i Recommend? Absolutely! If you live in a Humid environment and are stepping back to buy natural body creams which usually leave a greasy feel then, you've got your savior in the form of  "Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body cream". :)

Next up is the Sugar soap.

Quantity: 50 gm.

Beautiful Red Translucent soap bar.



This Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Sugar soap from Forest essentials is a good non-drying soap that smells of refreshing Lime and Pomegranate. That's it. Nothing special. It gives a light lather which proves ineffective at cleaning a heavy grime. Like the shower wash and body cream, even though it contains Menthol crystals, this soap does not give that icy cool feel as the Body mist does. :(

My Rating: 1/5 :-/

Do i Recommend? Not really. Don't waste your money on this one. I do not recommend this for Not just in Summers but in any other season too. Because there is nothing to go ga ga over. You can just buy any other much lesser priced  natural glycerin soap which smells good and be happy with it.

 If you need a Cooling soap for Summers or hot weather then, check this one out from Soulflower: Soulflower Pep me Mint Soap Review.

Final Conclusion/Favorites from the Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care kit:

So, my favorites from the  Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care kit are - 

1. Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body mist.

This body mist is my most favorite product from the kit. Read the Review HERE.

2. Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body cream.

Because, it is really hard to find non-greasy natural body creams in the Indian market. Read the Review by scrolling up in this post.

3. Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Shower gel.

This product is pure Bath/Shower time indulgence. To know why, Read the Review HERE.




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