Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter Review.

Let's see if the Do Bandars succeeded with this Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter for Humans. :D

Price: 200/- INR.


Notice the texture. And also 'Teddy'. I just now realized that he exists in there. :P <3 


At First Touch, you will scream your hearts out saying “Why on earth did I buy this piece of ‘Rock’ in the name of ‘Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter’!?”  But once you know how to handle it, this will become your Sweet pot…Your most loved Lip-care Possession. Yes, I screamed too. Because, the lip butter was so hard that I had to swipe nearly 10-15 times to get a tiny bit of it on my finger and then after that, the second set of struggles begin – ‘Applying it on my lips’. It is so solid textured that I had to drag it so hard on my lips for it to get applied. And I had to repeat that step for nearly 6-8 times to cover every nook and corner of my lips. Obviously, I was exhausted.

But, I wanted to make it work somehow because, I felt that It will definitely be Amazing if only the texture was a little softer. So, I tried putting it in the sun to soften it but failed because, you know… Bangalore weather/Sun. :/ For the second trial, since I do not have a hair drier, I used the gas stove burner. I just held it at a comfortable height where I can handle the heat for 1-2 minutes. And…….Guess what! It Worked!

From then, This little tub of lip butter has become one of my most favourite Lip care possessions! Oh my…it amazingly seals the Moisture in your lips. Fills all the crevices and lines because of it’s texture and makes your lips look Smooth, Satin Matte and Magically Plump! Ah, I love it! It does give a faint ‘orange’ish overcast but that looks pretty too! And, it smells faintly of Sharp Orange.

Final words: In One Word- “SuperAmazinglyFantastic”! Ahem…that is definitely a Single Word. ;P :D

If you are an Indian, You can definitely have 1 minute patience because, this softens up Faster than Maggi noodles. Hence, You Qualify to Run and Get Your Hand on This little Tubby of Do Bandar Citrus Lip butter which is definitely worth more than 200/- INR.

Rating: If you are so Lazy that you can’t even cook Maggi, then: 4.5/5. And if you regularly cook maggi without any effort, then: 10/5.

Update: Do bandar told that after hearing so many complaints about the 'Hard' texture, they've made a Softer version of the lip butter! So, you need not qualify with Maggi noodles anymore! :D

Availability: for 180/- INR and

P.S: Psssttt…Did Maggi Ever Cook Under 2 Mins for you? If yes, I Bow Down to You! ;D

Have you used Do Bandar Lip Butters? Let me know in the Comments section below. And also don’t forget to Answer the Maggi Question. ;D

Infinite Love,

Monday, April 16, 2018

Juicy Chemistry Choco-Mint Lip Butter Review.

Here is the Review of one of my Most Favourite Lip Balms after the Dr.Hauschka's Lip Care Stick. The Juicy Chemistry Choco-Mint Lipbalm. Read on to know why i love it so much.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Natural vitamin E, Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Peppermint essential oil, Coco powder.
In the Background: That's my jack fruit leaf that has started decaying but with it's Leaf Skeleton Network still intact. Beautiful it was!

Looks Brown but, doesn't give any colour whatsoever.
In the Background: Fresh Colocasia leaf/Arbi ka patta in my Backyard.


I was in desperate need of a lip balm last winter and i started searching for a heavily moisturizing one because my lips were almost tearing up! So i looked up online for reviews and found out that the juicy chemistry lip balms were some of the best. But, out of that desperation, i bought this Choco-Mint lipbalm in the wrong season! Because this lip balm, as much as it moisturizes, that much it freezes too! Yes, it almost froze my lips! Meaning, it is that 'Strongly Minty'. This could've happened because my skin has become really sensitive. But, it is Amazing Amazzzing Amazzzzzzingly moisturizing! I only had to Re-apply once during the whole day. And it smells Delish!

Rating: 10/5. Yes, Seriously!

Final words: Seriously the best moisturizing Lip balm i've used after the Dr.Hauschka's Lip care Stick.

I might have bought it in the wrong season, but since now is the Right season, So, Go get yourselves one! :)

P.S: This week, and the week after, you are going to read many more Natural Lip Balm Reviews. ;)

Have you used this variant of juicy chemistry lip balm? how was your experience? Do share with me in the comments section below.

Infinite Love,

Friday, April 13, 2018

Aroma Essentials Neem Face wash Review.

Aroma Essentials is a brand that sounds Tiny but, is Mighty. They are based in Bangalore. Almost all their products are really popular allover India and this Neem face wash was bought by one of my sister's friend and today's Review is based on her feedback.


You can whatsapp on that number and place the order. That invisible number above that slash is 8. To have a look on all their products, visit their Instagram Page.

That's how it looks. A thick black fluffy aloe gel kind of paste.


Usually, majority of Natural SLS Free Face washes for Acne in India are based on Tea tree. But, this one from Aroma Essentials has Neem, Activated charcoal and Eucalyptus which are all powerful anti-bacterial agents. So, She has been using this face wash from past 1 month and says that it's been really good. The gel is easily spreadable while massaging on the face and washes off easily. I does not lather even a tiny bit but cleanses really well. Does not dry out the skin like other face washes which target acne. A water based moisturizer after washing this off is must though. It controlled her Acne to a great extent and until now they did not re-occur. One major disappointing factor of this face wash is it's fragrance. It smells kind of bitter herbal which does not really appeal many nostrils. :P

Here's a picture of her where she freshly washed her face with this cleanser. (That's my 'Lucky' girl with her :))

Final words: Odor kept aside, this product is a must try for people suffering with Acne. Both Oily and Dry skin people can use it. Plus it's Eco-friendly too! Do give it a try.

Rating: 4/5.

Infinite Love,

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Krya Gentle Face Wash Powder Moisture+ Review.

Today i am reviewing this Gentle face  Wash Powder Moisture+ from the Brand: Krya.

Price: 300/- INR

Complete List of Ingredients:
Certified Organic - East Indian Arrowroot, Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Fennel
Organic but not certified - Moringa , Heritage Barley, Barnyard millet, 
Wild crafted (Forest collected) - Zeodary, Sweet Flag , Chebulic myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, Indian Liquorice, Winter Cherry, Rubia Cordifolia

This is how it is packed and how it looks.


From the time my skin had become almost Hypersensitive because of my MS, i was on the lookout for gentle skincare products. One day when I was randomly browsing Natural mantra, i stumbled up on this this product and bought it immediately. 

Unlike traditional face wash powders, this felt so soft and gentle on the skin. It's almost spongy after you mix it with water. Cleans the skin well. Moisturizing as claimed. Doesn't dry out the skin like other cleansers. You do need to apply a moisturizer if you have dry skin. Normal skin people may happily skip that step. Oily skin people better avoid it.

My skin gained a healthy glow and Acne did not bother too!

And the ingredients were the best part. Because, first of all, it does not contain Turmeric. I am allergic to Turmeric and i never ever got any rashes or allergies while using it. And second, the ingredients used in this product are something i've never seen before in any natural face cleansers. At 300/- INR, it is perfect bang for the buck. (Forest essentials and Kama ayurveda should learn something may be.)

Rating: 5/5

Final Word: If you have sensitive Dry skin, do give this face wash a try. You might love it just like i did.

Available on: and

Did you use this Moisture+ Gentle Face wash powder from Krya? or any other variants from Krya? How was your experience?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Infinite Love,

Friday, April 6, 2018

Review: Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum Review.

Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum Review.


Texture: Slightly thick and cloudy fluid.


My skin being acne prone, i was never really keen on using Natural serums because, they are usually oil based. But, this Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum from seer secrets is water based. It is very simple to use and gets absorbed in seconds. Just smooth on 3-4 drops of this serum, let it absorb a little, finish with a moisturizer and you are good to go. The first time i used it, i woke up with a baby-but* smooth skin the next day. I just couldn't believe how insanely smooth it was! Not just that, but my skin had a glow which can not go unnoticed.

After using it for nearly 2 months, i can just say one word: Ahhhhhh-Maaaaaaa-ZZZZZZing!

Seriously! For me, This product is like Total skin care in one single bottle. My skin looks so fresh with a healthy glow. And the Texture of my skin has become so baby but*y. ;D All of this with almost no effort! (A zillion brownie points for that from us ever fatigued 'MS'ers!)*yay* *happydance*

*Since i currently do not have acne or any pigmentation, i do not know how it helps with those issues. But, one thing i can say for sure is at least it won't aggravate the acne problem since it does not contain silicone or any other acne aggravants. It has skin healing ingredients which might help with pollution affected skin.

*Also, be careful near the eyes and the nose. Under any circumstances, do not let it touch the sensitive under eye area and the inner edge of the nostril. I will seriously sting/irritate rhose areas. So, be careful.

And, Caution: It stings/irritates a little/almost bad on Sensitive/Abraded/Dry skin types. Only for a few seconds though. So, if you can stand that, this product might prove miraculous for you too. And also, since it has so much vitamin C, if you are wearing it in the day time, don't forget to apply an SPF based moisturizer or a sunscreen.

Final words: At 432/- INR, This product is a 'Genie that popped out of Seer Secrets ka chirag'

*You can get it for 399/- INR from their store.

Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum Rating: 5/5


So, go get your hands on this miraculous Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum and Glow away to Glory! :)

P.S: It lasted me two months because i used it mostly before bed and rarely during day time. So, if you use it twice day, it might last less.

P.P.S: This is my First Review after my comeback from the 6 month break. From now i am going to review in this format where i shall jump straight to the review without any other details of the product. I shall also mostly keep it as short as possible. So, let me know your views on this decision of mine.
Infinite Love,

*Product was provided by the brand for review purpose. Jhoot boley kavva kaatey. I shall always give honest opinions whether it is a purchsed one or not.*

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I am Back! With DaBangg! And Now, I am Super Duper Rich too!

Yesss... This Dabangg is Back with Da Bang!

You will just not Believe how Super Insane Rich i am Now!
Still not Believing Me? Ok...take some more time...





Okay i'll stop bugging you now. :P

6 Months! Say what!! 6 Months!!! Siiiiiiiiiix Monthssssss!!!! Like, Seriously!!!!! :O

How on 'some non-existent planet' was i Away from "My" "Blog" for sooooooo long!?

But, Naaaaah....i'm not at all Sad. In fact, I shall forever be Thankful to myself for taking this longest Break from Blogging.

Because, during This Break, I Stumbled up on a Zillion Opportunities that have Now made ME Super "Rich".

Yes. Seriously.

You don't believe Me?

don't believe Me?

don't believe Me?

don't believe Me?
Ha ha...Sorry... ;P

Yes, i have Definitely become Rich. But, 'Rich' in terms of "Life" not in Terms of "Money". :)

How you Ask?

During this 6 month break, i Experienced "Life" Like "Life". Many prominent things happened during this period and i would say they were almost Magical. Nah...i did not get on a Rocket and go to that New Planet of our solar system. :P But, i earned something much more valuable than that. So valuable that it can not be Measured in any possible Unit or be Explained with any possible Logic.

I will let you all know in a future post about how i experienced "Life" Like "Life". Just remember this Dabangg did it with Da Bang!

So, Now, I am Back! and I Shall Start Blogging from This Week. And i promise i shall be just as Irregular and Extra-"Ordinary". ;)


P.S: How do you Like the New changes in the Blog theme? Refreshing? or just Bleh? Let me know. :)

Infinite Love,


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Blog is Robbing Me! It's High time i Break "it"!

Robbing me not off My Money but My Life.

Let's Begin with 'That "Cliche" Story'...

I belonged to the clan of kids whom people called 'Good for Nothing' category. Yes, i was good for their definition of 'Nothing'. In my definition, Nothing meant Everything. I was Differently Abled in my Mind. My world was Different in Dimension......Those Zillion Cloud forms, Those Mesmerizing Leaves when the Sunlight passes through them, That Soft Soil in my Fist, The Dust that Puffed up in to Glowing Curls against the sunlight when mum was Sweeping, The Amusing World through that Translucent Yellow paper which came wrapped around the Natraj Eraser and etc., etc., etc.,

To put in a filmy way: 'Saavli patharon se meri dosti thi...chaal meri kya hai Mitti jaanti thi...' (Tweaked lyrics of 'Safar' song from 'Harry met Sejal'.)

And also, Picture this: Sounds Cliche but, I am kinda 'Him' in terms of Mind.
Yes, the Un-forgettable 'Ishaan avasthi' from 'Taare zameen par'. <3

So, obviously, Everyone around me used to get super Annoyed with my Meagre Score cards. However, This Routine Ended with the End of my 'League O' Literacy'.

And then my "League O' Blog" started. I thought i will Blog away to Glory while trying to Save the World and it's Beings through my Conscious Beauty blog.

And then........Pop's up....... "Multiple Sclerosis"! A Chronic Nerve Degenerating Disorder.

Because my Nerves are Degenerating, The Wiring in my Brain got Messed Up and my Energy levels have hit Rock Bottom. Fatigue has become my Super Star Symptom. Whenever i am working up my brains to churn out a Write-up in that Standard 'Blogging Format', my Brain is screaming - "Gimme a Break"! "I'm Exhausted Already"!

That Format is constantly making me think about all those Writing Rules i Must Follow, 200 words, Keywords, SEO, Page views, Social media/Internet-Presence/Visibility, PR and what not! With all of these Occupying my Mind and Exhausting my Brain Big Time, I am Totally Missing Living My 'Magical Dimension of Life'. That is My 'Life'. How can i Live without my Life!?

 So, It's High time i Break "it": "The Rules"!

Here's the Big Decision:

I am not going to write in that Format Anymore. In fact, i am not going to write much anymore. Meaning, my 'Image:Write-up' Ratio in a Blog post will be '90:10' or even '99:1' if needed. From now...My Images will Speak for me. or, in this case: Almost 'write for me'.

By Doing this,
(Sing with this tune in head: The lines and the tune in which the li'l kiddo sings at the beginning in 'Calvin Harris - Slide'. I tweaked those lyrics.)

I Might.....

Miss the Opportunities...

Miss Network-ability...

Miss Possibilities...

I Might...I Might...

I Will.....

Empty my Blogging Rife...

And Live the Gamut of Life...

Live the Gamut of Life...

I Will... I Will...

After all, What can be Bigger than 'A Gamut' of Life. Right?

So, is MS the Culprit? Hmmm...Yes and No. 'Yes' because it Reduced my Ability to Write a Blog Physically but, 'No' because it couldn't Disable my Mind's Ability to See the World in that Unique Dimension.

So, From Now, I am going to be a "Differently Abled Blogger". :)

I may not Blog as Regularly but will definitely Blog 'Differently'. :) I will Keep Sharing with you 'The Gamut of Life' that i Lived.
I want to Thank all of my 4 or 5 Regular readers from every single cell of my body for still Sticking around even with my Snail paced Blogging. Thank you so much guys... :) <3

So, what do you feel about this decision of mine? Let me know in the comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

That Screaming Model: Me. :)
Pic Taken by: Dear Hub.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Nominated for #IBA2017 The Indian Blogger Awards 2017 - Indiblogger. Please Support!

Bhaiyon aur Behenon.... Suniye Suniye.... Arey zara Suniye toh...

Haan... toh Sunliye? He he... :D

My Blog "" has been Nominated for the upcoming Indiblogger's "Indian Blogger Awards 2017". #IBA2017
The Indian Blogger Awards 2017 

I Nominated my Blog under these 5 categories:

1. Environment.
2. Beauty and Personal care.
3. Best upcoming Blog.
4. Improving Quality of Life in India.
5. Fitness and Health.

The Jury for the #IBA2017 has been Announced Today and i must say, it is quite impressive! Many Prominent persons like Gul panag, A Major from Indian Army, Amit Agarwal, Preeti shenoy, Rashmi bansal and 23 more are a part of this jury. You can have a look at the full list HERE.

So, Deviyon aur Sajjanon...

If you Like/Love my Blog, then Please Write a Testimonial on my Nomination page on This will be a Humongous Support from You - My Dear Readers to My dear Blog for this Indian Blogger Awards 2017 by Indiblogger. :)

Infinite Thanks

Infinite Love,

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rally for Rivers - A Campaign for Our Dangerously Depleting Lifelines.

Here's a Task: (Warning: You must do this with Utmost Devotion. Got it? ) Okay so Let us Try Practicing Not to Drink Water and Eat Food for 3 days Every Week. How does that Sound? This is a Fruitful Futuristic Preparation Strategy to gradually Reduce our Body's Water Percentage from 72% to as Low as Possible. Because that is going to curb our Need to Consume More and More Water. Nice? Then, You Must start Practicing this ASAP. ASAP because you have got only 10-12 years time to prepare your Body for the Impact.

Now you must be thinking " gone crazy or what!?"

No no no...My Senses are fully Awake and Conscious. I am just trying to Wake Your's Up. Woke up? Okay, Let me come to the Point now:

Indians have been Worshiping Rivers from times unknown. We Identify them as our "Lifelines" because they provide us with 'Life-making Fundamentals'. Right?

But, Unfortunately, in the Noise of Growth and Development, we are so deafened that we failed to Listen to the Silent Screams of our Dying Lifelines. They are Dangerously Depleting! Perennial Rivers are becoming Seasonal. This tells how Dire the Crisis is!

Some Stark Facts:
  • By 2030 we will have only 50% of the water we need for our survival!
  • Today we have 75% less water per person than in 1947.
  • 25% of India is turning into desert.
  • In 15 years, we may have only half the water we need for our survival.
  • The Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.
  • The Godavari was dry along much of its length last year.
  • The Kaveri has lost 40% of its flow. Krishna and Narmada have lost around 60%

Proof of Ganga River's Depletion. To Drag and see for yourself, go HERE.
*There are Many more such Facts to Scare you with. But i am going to stop here as i don't want you to stick your eyes to this screen forever by making you read a 5000 word blog post. There's a reason for that. See the end of this post.

This is my Personal Experience: There was a small River called 'Neeva' in the Town of Chittoor, my Hometown in A.P. The whole Town was Flourishing Happily because of that one tiny River. Then one day, it Happened. Some Alcohol Factory popped up and blocked the Natural Flow of the River. Since it belonged to a political big shot, Common man Failed to Bring it back. Now, Toxic Sewage water is flowing in that place. The Whole Town is Struggling to Find Water Every Single Season. Don't even Ask about Summers. Farming Lands are being Sold off to Real Estate. With more and more Concrete Buildings popping up in Farm lands(which some people Foolishly label as 'Development'), Temperatures are increasing to Unbearable Levels with each passing day. The Extinction of that One Tiny Neeva River is Literally Killing that Town. Don't know if that Town will ever be Restored to it's Original Glory. :(

Fortunately, Sadhguru Jaggi vasudev - A Truly Conscious Human being, heard the Screams of our Rivers and decided to start a Campaign called:

"Rally for Rivers"

Here's the Rally for Rivers Chant - 'Nadi stuti':

Through this campaign, he is Aiming to Breath Life back in to our dying lifelines. Because, If Rivers Stop Flowing, We will Stop Breathing. The Transaction of Breath that Happens Between Us and the Trees will Continue only when the Rivers keep Supplying us both with the Fundamentals.

And Don't Scientists Dare Think that they can Create a "Fundamentals Formula" to Feed Us! Nature is Ready to Do This Job Free of Cost. Only, if We Let Her.

So, Let us Let Her do the Job. The plan is to Create a Plant Buffer where there will be 1 KM wide Tree cover on both the River sides. Forests in Govt. land and Fruit Trees in 
Private land/Farming land will be planted to increase the porosity of the soil. The Roots create a network of well-connected, minuscule channels in the soil. Rainwater seeps into soil with such channels several hundred times faster than it seeps through soil without channels.This increases underground flow which will in turn rejuvenate India’s Rivers Naturally

Has Greed Overtaken Us? “In our Economic Lust, let us not Forget that it is our Land and Rivers that Sustain Us.” - Sadhguru.

This Issue Should be Made to Reach Our Prime Minister Modi ji through People's Voice so that he can make the Corporation Take Necessary Action. 

September 1st,2017 is the "Rally for Rivers Day". It is a Mass Awareness event that will take place in 60 cities across India. You can also participate in this. For more detailed information about this, go to this PAGE

I am not in Bengaluru right now and Rjahmundry is not listed. Who cares. It's in India and that Qualifies. So, will Try My Best to Get out there and Do Something Regarding this Campaign in this Town. May not be possible on September 1st but on some other day. Will Update you.

You can Cast your Supporting Vote by Giving a Missed call on This Toll Free Number: 8000980009

You can also Pledge Your Support through Email over HERE.

If you have Ideas/Suggestions and can help them with this Mission in any way, they need you. Contact them at - 

And also they have Creative Art, Creative Writing and Video Contests going on. You better hurry up if You want to participate because, deadlines are nearing soon.

Tweet about this Rally with the hashtag #RallyforRivers

#Deforestration to #Reforestration Should Become one of Our Top Goals for a Sane Future.

You can Involve Kids too! For, They are the Future. To Pump up their Interest, Show them this Fun Akbar-Birbal Video where they Humorously Converse about Rally for Rivers:

Sadhguru himself will drive from Kanyakumari to Himalayas to create Awareness.

Flag off: Sep 3, Coimbatore
Culmination: Oct 2, New Delhi

For the Map showing all his stops from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, go to THIS page.

Many Prominent people and Organizations like BSF(Border Security Force) Click for their Amazing Video, Salman khan, Ministers and many more are Backing this Crucial Campaign.

When Dhinchak Pooja's 'Selfie' Song can become a National Interest and Go Viral, Why not This? Let us Make it Go Viral and make "Rally for Rivers" Reach Every Single Indian.

I am Supporting this Campaign with Every Single Cell of my Body. Will You Too?

Bharat Mata ki Jai.


Here is why i Truly Like/Respect this man to the core: In his Rapid fire round with Karan johar, a question was fired on him by kjo - "What is the one thing you would like people to remember about you at the end of your life?" Read his answer in the picture below. That answer made me fall Head over Heels in Love with him. 

  And About that Title Image: The River Featured in that image is "Godavari". I clicked this at 3 in the noon while we were on our two day vacation in Papi Kondalu Hills. She was looking so mesmerizing with all the Shimmering Golden highlights. This is the Original Unedited Version(click to enlarge). I took the vividity of colours up a notch in the title image because, Humans(including me) seem to like Abnormally Blue looking Waters and Mountains and i thought that might help me attract more people to Read this important post. :P 

Sadly, even Godavari, a Jeeva Nadi, which Contributes a whopping 35% of the Base Flow and is supposed to Never Dry up is depleting very fast. :( You can go HERE and drag to see the depletion for yourself. They listed the depletion of many other major Rivers too.

Let us All Strive and Do Our Best to Handle this Dangerously Dire Crisis.
*Going Out there and Doing Something is Far more Useful that Sticking your Eyes to This Screen. So, Get up and Get Out.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fun Review: BON Organics Pet Soap Review.

Bow bow.... Is this soap Wow wow??

Read on to know Now now... :D


Na...This is not our mum Reviewing this thingy. It's Us.. who she calls her Loves.. "Ju" and "Li'l" taking over the job today. ha. Ok don't freak out now.. we are not typing it.. She is. We are just telling her our experience and opinions. After all we are the ones who had to go through this. :P

Yooohooo!!! We've been Featured on Blogadda's "Tangy Tuesday" picks! We're already famous ya know... :D

And also, This Bloggie got Nominated for Indian Blogger Awards which is being held by Indiblogger. So, if ya Love our Blog, then please leave your Testimonials HERE. Woof woof... Thank you Woof much. :)
The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Back to our Review now....

To begin with, We Hate Bath Time like we hate anything that passes our Home's premises.

 So, let's see if this BON Organics Pet Soap thingy solved our bathing woes. :P :D

Brand: BON Organics

PriceRs. 98.00 INR


Saponified Organic Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) Oil)], Pongum oil [Pongamia Glabra],  Organic castor oil (Ricinus Communis), Organic Neem oil (Melia Azadirachta), organic aloegel [Aloe Barbadensis], Canola oil (Brassica Campestris) Essential oil of teatree  (Melaleuca Alternifolia), Eucalyptus [Eucalyptus Globulus], Peppermint [mentha piperita], Citronella [Cymbopogon Nardus] lemongrass [Cymbopogon flexuosus].

It seems this thingy is Not Edible! Oh Trap!

USDA Organic Certified Ingredients. Hmm..Whatever that means.. Mum tells this is good for our planet.. We Don't care.. Coz this bar is Inedible. Hmph.

Wrapped in...(consulting mum..).. she thinks it could be 'Sal' leaf. Whatever it is, we had crazy fun ripping it up! Oh and that Jute Rope too. He he..

Such a big leaf! No wonder we had lot's of fun!

This is how the Soap thingy looks.

And now, let's pounce on to the Review:

First of all, let us reveal to you all that we both usually have our own set of  Escape plans... that never really worked. :/ Because, these hoomans always succeed in cheating us by using the 'There's a Cat in the backyard!' bait. We start running mad and right when the bathroom is around, they just move us in to it. Oh Trap! If you've ever been to Tirumala temple, you know how it works. You'll just be standing there in the queue and you don't understand how you went 1 Km forward. So, we got no other choice but to bear that 10-15 minute Shampoo workout. :/

Then one day, This bar o soap from BON Organics arrived home. We were in no way excited. Then the Bath day arrived. And after the usual 'cat'spiracy, we were in the 'Bathroom Trap'. But, OCB(Oh our Chew Bones)! Everything was going on super fast! was unusual. One swipe and the foam was bubbling up like crazy. In no in 3 minutes, we were released! Out of the Bathroom trap we mean.

That very moment, we decided to Love this soap forever! It leaves us supa clean in no time. And we never got any allergies either. And also, it kinda blew the fleas out of our furs! They didn't dare come near us for a pretty good while.

Mum says it smelt Kinda Herbal.. Like 'Tea tree'ish... 'Neem'ish...and a li'l 'Lemongrass'ish too. She wished it smelt more 'Lemon grass' or 'Citronella' or even 'Eucalyptus'. It seems these fragrances smell more Fresh and Lively. We don't know but it seems hoomans do.

But, we really wish it made our furries smoother. It was kinda feelin rough after bathing. That's our only complaint for now. Mum says, Chemical purified hardened water could be the culprit though.

Do we Recommend: Bow yeah! This is one 'Smooth Operator' we say. Come on Hoomans, Order this thingy called 'BON Organics Pet Soap' right now and solve you pal's Bathing woes we say.

Our Conclusion: We Declare This thingy called 'BON Organics Pet Soap' - Our 'Savior'. If only it left our fur fluffy soft, this would've been our Ultimate Savior. But, it definitely is our Savior where bathing 'Time' matters. Anyways, in one way or the other, This is our Savior. (Sorry for using the word 'Savior' so many times. Couldn't help but say it coz our happiness is knowing no bounds coz our bath time has insanely reduced. He he..)

Availability: We Recommend that you buy it on

They ship thingies for free anywhere in India regardless of your cart value! Bowsome right!

And Right when Our Mum wanted a 'Good Girls' Pose from us...
Has anyone's pal been successful with the Kitty Mission? If yes, we would love some tips yo.

Here's an Animated depiction of the Attention Span of our kind.. At 1:26 Exactly:
From 'Secret Life of Pets' Movie.

By the way, it takes so long(10-15 mins) for us to bath because, we swear we don't stand in one place during the Shampoo workout. So, It is actually a workout for 'Them' than it is for us. He he he..

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So, Had Fun? How did ya'll like our First stint in Blogging? Do ya think we should Blog more? Let us know in the Comments section below. :)

Stay Pawesome.. Bowye Bowye... 

Infinite Love,
Ju and Li'l