Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Tried Five Hazelnut Coffees in India and I Have a Clear Winner!

Heavennut...sorry sorry...Hazelnut. But then, who can not call it that when it tastes like that. Especially with chocolate. Mmmmm....And, It's humanly impossible to count the number of Nutella freaks in this www...i mean...whole wide world ;P right?

But these days, Hazelnut is making it's way in to many kinds of food and beverage products. Like Granola, Granola bars, Muesli, Ice cream, Gelato, Milkshake, Biscuit, Toast, Rusk, etc., etc., But, i myself never imagined that it would go in to coffee. So, here's how my journey with Hazelnut Coffee began...

First trial:

Amidst my Hazelnut chaos, i encountered a Hazelnut latte in Starbucks and i jumped and ordered it immediately. But, that was a nightmare! Because, it tasted nothing like Hazelnut but a pure sugar syrup!! :(

This is when i was ordering my regular groceries from

I chanced up on Nescafe Hazelnut coffee and ordered one. Tried it excitedly but, ended up being utterly disappointed. I found No trace of Hazelnut. :(


This time it was Little's Rich Hazelnut Flavour Infused Instant Coffee which i again found on when i was sulking in disappointment with all the hazelnut coffees that i had tried till now. After reading all the positive reviews, my expectations were kinda high. After receiving the product, i very excitedly unscrewed the cap and shove my nose in it only to gag to my death!


I was in Krispy kreme ordering my Donut. I felt like i need some coffee to charge me up so, i was scanning the menu and i found Hazelnut latte. Ordered it. Disappointed again! :(

Fifth and Final:
(Not Sponsored. I Swe*r! Jhoot boley kavva kaatey! ;P)
I saw an ad on instagram by "beanwander" which was about flavoured coffees. At first, i was like...chalo yaar...phir se nahi! (Oh No! Not again!!!) I've seen many people promote this on instagram. And, you know how instagrammers are these days...they promote anything because they call themselves an influencer. (Yes, i'm on instagram too but, i'm definitely not an Influencer!) But then, being a caramel fan, i was intrigued by their Creamy caramel flavour. So, i ordered it anyways and received a sample of Mint and Hazelnut variants with it. I tried the hazelnut with zero expectations but guess what! one sip and i was floating in Hazelnut heaven!!! So, this is the WINNER! A CLEAR WINNER!!! From that day, i have become a "Winner Winner Coffee Sinner"! (No, i don't play PUBG! I just keep hearing 'winner winner chicken dinner' from the people who play it).

Full Review of The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee and three other variants shall be up soon. :) Until then, i am gonna Sin away with my Hazelnut cuppa and You, keep drooling! ;D or,  you can Order your bottle from (You can click on this link to land on the product page directly. And No, This is not a Sponsored link. I don't earn a Rupee if you buy through this link.)

Have you tried any Heavennut...oops... Hazelnut coffee? :D Got any favorites? Share away in the comments section below. Let's spread some Heavennut-Hazelnut Love across the country. :)

Infinite Love,

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Junglee Movie. Not just a Summer Entertainer! But, a Key Film for our #Keystone Species.

            Written by: Siri. Vanity Rehab's Owner, Editor and Photographer.

1."Priyanka chopra and Nick jonas are suing the magazine for spreading false rumours telling that Priyanka chopra and Nick jonas are heading towards a Divorce!"
2. "South Indian Elephants are being unsympathetically Poached for their insanely valuable Tusks and are heading towards Extinction!"

Which News bit would you react to in a fraction of seconds?

Mostly, the First one. Right?

Because, everyone is fed up of hearing the Poaching/Endangered/Extinction News about Elephants every now and then. There's nothing new about it until the News says "The Last South Indian Elephant Breathed it's Last Today." That shall sure stir up many hearts but, until then, a Popular Product Discontinued by M.A.C or iPhone does that. Until then, we fail to notice what a Great Gift we are going to LOSE FOREVER!

Down in the picture is the last Male Northern White Rhino "Sudan" who passed away in March 19th 2018. That sub-species is Entirely Extinct now because there are only two Female Northern White Rhinos left in this world and without a Male, they anyways can't take the species forward.
Image result for the last african white rhino

Let's jump in to the subject now. Junglee Movie starring Vidyut jammwal as the main lead was released on 29 march 2019. and i went to watch this movie with my family and my 14 yr old bestie Riya.

If you are expecting the usual plot reveal and discuss what went bad and who performed well/yuck then, you are in for a disappointment. 

The purpose of this post is to tell you all to not watch this movie like a summer entertainer. this not for Fun and Entertainment but, for Life.

Yes, Watch it For Life. Now, why am i saying that?

When we look at an Ad saying "Save the Majestic Elephant", we feel Sympathy and sign up some petition in few seconds and then think that we've done a great deed. Because, Who has "Time" to do/think about anything greater than that. Most of us are always focused towards personal growth, accumulations and security that we tend to forget that there exists an Eco-system that is as fragile as a House of Cards. If one key card is gone, the whole house gets disrupted.

And just that way, if one key species disappears not because nature intended to erase it from the face of earth but because of Human Greed, the whole planet will have to bear the brunt. And, Elephants, the Pachyderms are called the "Keystone Species". You can read the reasons behind calling them that HERE. Be Amazed after finishing! Please read that first before proceeding further. Finished? So, imagine what could happen when a Key species goes Extinct or even if their number reduces drastically! 

To put it in simpe words: If They are gone, Gradually, Everyone are gone.

In South India, Elephants are a part of every major devotional/spiritual celebration. Not as a tourist attraction but, for a reason beyond Human Entertainment. Ages ago, they recognized what an important role they play in Spirituality and also the role they play in keeping all Life around them Alive.

Down in the picture: A Temple Elephant blessing a little girl in South India. This reminds me of how i used to not leave the temple when i was a kid unless my dad takes me to the elephant and gets me his blessings. :)

We all definitely find this 'Baby Elephant chasing Birds' video super cute. I agree. But,

Let us just not stop at awwwww..... Guess what 7.7 Billion people can do to Save 1 Million Elephants on our planet. If at least half of this Human population can take a little time out from their Personal Schedules, Miracles are just an act away. I alone can not act or suggest you in which way you should act but, We All Together CAN! Let's not Let our South Indian Elephants who are on the "Endangered Red List", meet Sudan's fate.

And, show your kids this movie. Make the Empathy raise in their hearts for our elephants. For, they are the Future.


Have you watched this movie? How did you feel? Share with us in the comments section below. :)

P.S: If you want to write these type of articles on my blog, Here's your chance! please go through this post of mine: (click on it)

Want to Write for the Planet? Here's Your Platform. I'm Hiring! And, Everyone is Welcome. The Only Qualification Required is: Love for the Planet!

P.P.S: I am not associated with the Filmmakers or the crew in any way. These are my personal feelings that i decided to put up in words.

Infinite Love,

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Discounted Obesity – How food apps might encourage mindless eating and increasing obesity!

Author: Anirudh Tulsiram, Bangalore

"How about adding that extra fries and coke for just Rs.80?"

We often see combo offers like these that make it irresistible for us while ordering food on online food delivery applications. These applications have done well in the department of saving time and giving us the convenience of getting food at the click of a button.

These applications have also given the consumer the liberty of choosing dishes based on mood and not restrict the platter to what one restaurant can cater. 

While all the above mentioned benefits seem like a no brainer to the average consumer, they often discount the shift in behaviour when it comes to eating food.

Photo Credits:

I clearly remember the excitement, as a kid, when I was ordered pizzas from on the website. The whole experience of anticipating the pizzas to appear like the ones I saw online, to the delivery person ringing the bell and me paying the exact change (courtesy my mother) was unbelievable. 

The ordering of pizza was a luxury and the prices of the pizza were high! I particularly liked pizza while my dad, mom and baby sister were still getting used to eating something other than regular rice and curry. 

Photo Credits:

Fast track to the year 2016 ish, most of the in-store experiences started to become app based. Be it groceries, medicines, spectacles even transport (doesn't come under in-store experiences) could be availed from your mobile phone with a few clicks.

Change in consumer behaviour and the comfort these applications gave the consumers were evident. Many companies offered their products to be ordered from their own website, slowly moving to a few aggregators taking over the application space to further applications becoming the new normal.

Most of these aggregators were/are funded and have deep pockets. They have products that can be offered at a far lesser price than the retail business can manage. 

Thus understanding the food aggregators and what they might be doing to the general population gets interesting. 

Photo Credits:

The common knowledge of building products is to induce the 'hook' mechanism. This helps the consumers keep using the product often. All social media platforms use this 'hook' mechanism to keep consumers continue using the product. 

This is very similar to what the food aggregators have done incredibly well with notifications and discounting the bill with promotional codes. 

Nowadays, consumers regularly order food online. It could be when they are bored, at irregular hours (late nights) or even over weekends. Families have reduced visits to their favourite restaurants on weekends. Ordering online is not online the new trend, it's the one to stay.

Having ordered a few dozen times myself from these food delivery applications, I have often realized that I tend to over order or order what I don't need. This happens because of the slight nudge that due to promo codes or discount coupons. 

Photo Credits:

What happens next is amazing - I eat everything that I have ordered! That's the underlying problem. It's got to do with two things:
  • Constantly being told to not waste food while growing up.
  • Mindless eating.

The change of focus lies in between the time of ordering and the delivery time. Either our rationality goes flying out the window when we see the food or we just consume to ensure we don't waste.

I have also observed, this does not happen when we order in excess at a restaurant. We politely ask the staff to pack the extra food and bring it home, only to consume it for our next meal.

I am no behaviour expert, but I think this restaurant behaviour is often the result of trying not to be judged by the people sitting beside us for either disrespecting food or being ignorant and not finishing our food.

Overall, I see myself and a few others doing displaying this behaviour constantly. Ordering extra food because the value of the offer exceeds the quantity that could be consumed i.e., getting more quantity/extra food for proportionately lesser money.

Example: 1 Idly and 1 Vada at 19 rupees. I ordered 2 of those. For someone who does not have anything in the morning generally, I overate. So did my friend - 'Discounted Obesity'

Considering there are much more concerning issues that could be written about the whole food delivery aggregators, we cannot discount the 'Discounted Obesity' that will happen to the urban population soon. 

Photo Credits:

So the question really is:
While food delivery applications provide us with the ease and convenience of ordering food wherever and whenever we want, are they a reason behind mindless eating among us hence leading to the larger crisis of 'Discounted Obesity'? And what in your opinion can be a solution?

Comment below if you have thought about the above and share your opinions with us!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Mysuru Brew Kombucha by Depth 'n Green | Good to Know Facts

As you all know I was in Mysore about two weeks ago and while I roamed around exploring the city, in the hot summer heat, I landed up in this small joint Depth 'n' Green, in one of the most sort after areas of Mysore, Gokulam. 

I like a place for its character, a place where the owners love what they do and that's when I met Pushpir, a trained chef from America roaming around like a busy bee talking on the phone, but what caught my attention the most was the genuine smile on his face. 

Pushpir: Owner - Depth 'n' Green

This small eatery had so much life around it and the ambience so positive that you would like to sit down and get lost in your thoughts surrounded by smiling faces and some delicious vegetarian food.

I started talking to  Pushpir, also excited as we share our mother tongue, and he reminded me of all the good folks back home (Punjab) and how seriously we Punjabis take our food. The next thing I know, we had been chatting for about 30 minutes and it was time for me to leave. 

But in between conversations and learning about his eventful past, I had a chance to get myself a Kombucha, this fermented tea, pungent smelling when you take that first sip, but it had something about it that I had to share it with all of you. 

Before I tell you more about the Kombucha, I highly recommend Depth 'n' Green, if you are from Mysore or visiting. I can't wait to visit again and try out the oh so appetising food. 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented black or green tea which is naturally effervescent and a tad bit alcoholic due to the bacteria and yeast used in the preparation to make this funny smelling, yet a must have drink!

What are the ingredients of Kombucha?

Main ingredients used to make Kombucha are: Green or Black Tea, Sugar, Bacteria and Yeast. 

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha?

  • This drink is high in Probiotics (good bacteria) and thus great for a healthy gut. 
  • Kombucha is a good source of Vitamin B which further helps with metabolism and increased energy levels
  • The drink is definitely hydrating and makes for a great natural drink for summer.
  • When made with green tea it is also a source of anti oxidants.
  • It relieves inflammation and helps reduce hypertension and stress. 
  • To top it all, Mysuru Brew Kombucha is also Vegan.

So yes, it is an acquired taste as I mentioned to Pushpir, but it sure is something you should try. The lingering taste kinda of gets you hooked and so do the immediate after effects. For me it was the best thing I had all day in the soaring Mysore heat. 

Author: Dilpreet Kaur Sandhu

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Top 4 Unique Picks at Mysore-In-A-Market, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Mysore for a short trip, during which I visited this crazy flea, Mysore-in-a-Market. Bangalore is so overdone with fleas that sometimes all of them look and feel the same and almost all brands that we come across are similar. Therefore, this market was something fresh and in the short while I went around, below are some of my favourite picks:

Pickle Shikkle

Most people I know either live away from their parents or don't have the time to make some delicious mouth watering pickles at home. It's sort of a lost art in a way! 

But like all Punjabis around the world, you can keep a Punjabi away from home but you cannot keep the Punjab in them away. These crazy Punjabi pickles were to die for! Each and everyone of the flavours, was just like how my mother makes it at home. Completely natural and without any chemicals, making it something you have to try out today! 

URU India

Aren't we always trying to make our home decor look classic and find decor which not only suits our taste but is also a conversation starter. Uru India, actually a Bangalore based company, brings out the best of the Indian subcontinent in the most artistic, creative and tasteful way. And that is possible because they try to preserve the Indian Traditional Crafts by working directly with artisans across the country to give each of us the true essence of the rich history of India. 


Embar: Soaps and Salves

We talk about skincare all the time and instead of finding home remedies we go to and buy brands which may or may not be natural and in the long run harm your skin more than repair it. But this brilliant all natural brand works with farmers and uses natural and organic ingredients to make some delightful skin pampering products. I sampled the facial hydrating mousse, and my burning skin felt immediate relief and it stayed that way all day, leaving my skin feeling fresh despite the killer Mysore heat. 



Now, I have not tried this yet but the entire concept of natural healthy food ready-to-eat just entices me. I am generally running around trying not to eat unhealthy meals or snacks, because we conveniently fall short of time when it comes to food in our day to day lives. So what excited me most about this brand was the ready-to-make Divinity Hot Chocolate in different flavours and to top that, the ready-to-eat SuperFood Smoothieee mixes!!!! Who knew! Love the concept can't wait to try it out. You should try it too!


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Home made Hibiscus Face mask Recipe. WITH PROOF! You will glow like a 1000 Watt Rose Bulb!

In this whole wide world, who wouldn't have dreamt of Glowing like a 1000 Watt Bulb? Here's the BEST EVER FACE MASK RECIPE for that 1000 Watt "Rose" Bulb Glow.


  • 1 Native Indian Hibiscus flower. Hybrid ones don't work because they do not contain the slime that our Native Country Hibiscus flowers do. That Slime is the Hero here!
  • 1 or 2 Ripe Strawberries depending on the size.
  • 2 tbpn Brown/Demerara Sugar. You can use the regular white sugar too.
  • 1 tbspn Besan/Chikpea or Rice flour.

First, pound the Hibiscus flower, Strawberry and Sugar in to a paste. Try to make it as smooth as you can. It will naturally be a little chunky. Don't worry.

Since i can't do such a straining job with my right hand, (No no...i'm not lazy but i've got MS so...) Sweet hubs did it for me. :)

Our paste is ready now.

Now, put the Besan or Rice flour in to the paste and mix. This step is mandatory. Because, the thin juicy paste won't hold up on it's own. So, this flour is like our binding agent.

This is what our Final emulsion should look like.

That's it! Apply! and, leave it on for atleast 20 minutes.

Hubs couldn't resist either! :D

Here's my 1000 watt Glowing face with all the imperfections intact. :) Zero edits done and Zero Make-up worn!

So, get ready to scout for the Native Indian Hibiscus flowers and make 'glow'ry while the strawberry season lasts. If you can't find strawberries then, just add another Hibiscus flower instead. You can add a few drops of lemon juice in the place of strawberries.

Happy Masking!

Infinite Love,