Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Home made Hibiscus Face mask Recipe. With Results! You will glow like a 1000 Watt Rose Bulb!

In this whole wide world, who wouldn't have dreamt of Glowing like a 1000 Watt Bulb? Here's the BEST EVER FACE MASK RECIPE for that 1000 Watt "Rose" Bulb Glow.


  • 1 Native Indian Hibiscus flower. Hybrid ones don't work because they do not contain the slime that our Native Country Hibiscus flowers do. That Slime is the Hero here!
  • 1 or 2 Ripe Strawberries depending on the size.
  • 2 tbpn Brown/Demerara Sugar. You can use the regular white sugar too.
  • 1 tbspn Besan/Chikpea or Rice flour.

First, pound the Hibiscus flower, Strawberry and Sugar in to a paste. Try to make it as smooth as you can. It will naturally be a little chunky. Don't worry.

Since i can't do such a straining job with my right hand, (No no...i'm not lazy but i've got MS so...) Sweet hubs did it for me. :)

Our paste is ready now.

Now, put the Besan or Rice flour in to the paste and mix. This step is mandatory. Because, the thin juicy paste won't hold up on it's own. So, this flour is like our binding agent.

This is what our Final emulsion should look like.

That's it! Apply! and, leave it on for atleast 20 minutes.

Hubs couldn't resist either! :D

Here's my 1000 watt Glowing face with all the imperfections intact. :) Zero edits done and Zero Make-up worn!

So, get ready to scout for the Native Indian Hibiscus flowers and make glory while the strawberry season lasts. If you can't find strawberries then, just add another Hibiscus flower instead. You can add a few drops of lemon juice in the place of strawberries.

Happy Masking!

Infinite Love,

Monday, February 11, 2019

Nuts about Nut and Seed Butters!

I come from where I only knew about the existence of peanut butter and I completely disliked it because of the way it tasted and all that sugar! Then I came across the JusAmazin range of nut and seed butters last year, immediately realising that there was a whole new world of nut and seed butters which most of us have no idea about.

From then on, it was not just Peanut Butter, it was also Almond Butter, Mixed Seeds Butter and to top it all Cashew Butter. If you told me to eat a cashew 11 months ago, I would have given you the stink eye, but now I eat the JusAmazin Cashew Butter Salted Caramel as dessert! It’s guilt free and absolutely delicious!

From there on I went trying the entire range and my latest favourite has been the most delicious and of so crunchy: Peanut Butter Crunchy with Sunflower and Flax Seeds! I can eat an entire jar and still crave for more.

Let me tell you more about it, this entire range is made with natural ingredients, no chemicals, no hydrogenated fats and bring to us the
goodness of nuts and seeds with the natural micronutrients needed by our body.

My top favourite reasons to eat the JusAmazin nut and seeds butters:

It’s Natural

100% natural ingredients make it taste just like one will make at home. No chemicals, no hydrogenated fats, no ingredients that I have to google, to preservatives and no refined sugar.


One would think healthy food is not tasty, but these butters prove just otherwise. I can eat all of them
straight out of a jar, in fact I purposely add them to some or the other meal because these nut butters
enhance my food experience 10x.


I use the Cashew Butters most often either to make the alfredo pasta sauce, add it to my paneer dishes or to saute vegetable to add flavour and some much needed fat requirement of the day. As a dark chocolate fan, the Almond butter dark chocolate makes for some delicious ice cream and mouse. I will share recipes in a later blog.


Dosage of required nuts and seeds to gain important micronutrients: We all need certain amount of micronutrients like minerals, vitamins,
iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. to have a balanced diet, nuts and seeds are some of the most natural and recommended way
of obtaining the same. If you remember how we grew up hearing, “you should have almonds and walnuts and cashews and raisin every
morning”. This by far is the best way to do that.


Veganism has a lot of benefits for our body and these butters apart from being all of the above,
are also dairy free, soy free and gluten free! Being high in dietary fibre and high in protein it
ensures that you are longer for full and good cell development  respectively. For our vegan friends,
these butters in all its versatility, helps with daily nutritional requirement with the attached
health benefits.

Try it to believe it.

Brand Name: Jus Amazin
Current offer: Buy 2 and get 20% off | Use code: heart

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Want to Write for the Planet? Here's Your Platform. I'm Hiring! And, Everyone is Welcome. The Only Qualification Required is: Love for the Planet!

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

I Joyfully welcome you all(every single Human Being) to write for Our Planet on This Platform: Vanity Rehab.

Open for Indian Residents only. Anyone can write and, the Only Qualification Required is: Love for the Planet. No 'Gender' restrictions. And you will definitely write beyond all conventions.

First,  a small peek in to my life and mind:
Hello :) i'm Siri and i am the karta karma and kriya of this blog ;). A lot has been going on with me lately. Many of you know that i am a MS patient. With MS, you can never predict what can go wrong in the body. My recent unpredictable symptoms are these: My Right Hand went almost dead...painfully. and my left hand started getting Tremors continuously. (The two 'MS' links up there are different articles about my condition and you can go through them to know more about it. Read THIS article to understand how we brave it!)

This is my how my Right Hand is becoming these days if i try to write: Swollen vessels and Extremely painful.

Yes, it did Shatter me that i can't write as much anymore but, just because my hands are not co-operating, i don't want to Give Up on my Blog and what i Envisioned with it. While this is one of the reasons i wanted to look out for contributors. Another is, i realized that "Together" we can do something Much Better than what i can do 'Alone'.

I guess many of you must have at some point, wanted to write, contribute and play a 'Key' Role in the betterment of the conditions on our planet and bring about a change in People's and our Co-Living Beings's lives. Right?

So, let us all "TOGETHER" become a Huge 'Key' instead of playing a 'Key Role' "Individually" and Unlock a Better World.

So Today, I, Siri, Joyfully Welcome you and Provide you This Platform to Write for Our Planet. Of course, You Shall be Paid.

With our Brains Together, We Can Make The World Better.

With our Hands Together, We Can Empower and Manifest Our Visions.

So, if you are Interested, please Leave your E-Mail ID with Your Full Name in the Comments section below or if you are not comfortable with that, You can send in an Email saying that you are Interested and i will send you the "Guidelines Document". If you agree with all the Terms and Conditions, you can Start Right away!

Looking forward for all the "Hands" that will join Me. :)

Infinite Love,

Image source: 1: My own picture. 2,3,4,5: Google images. Video source:

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Thirst for Best and Worst of 2018.

2018 is coming to an End and I am very Excited about the New Beginnings with 2019!(will announce it soon) Yayyy! Now, who doesn't get excited with the 'Best' and 'Worst' lists and conclusions!? Best and Worst Movie of 2018, Best and Worst Gadgets of 2018, Best and Worst Cars of 2018, Best and Worst Diets of 2018, Best and Worst Smartphone Trends of 2018, Everything Best and Worst of 2018...... But wait, You were Expecting a "Best and Worst Natural Beauty and Lifestyle products of India 2018 Round-up" from Me Right? Infact, that is what anyone would expect that from any Beauty Blogger. But, i decided to Swim Against the Current! Because, just like that fish in the picture below, A Truth Flashed in my mind.

 First, i thought i will do a Best and Worst of 2018 breakdown but, later when i was about to list them all, a Question Flashed in my head: Is there ever an 'Absolute' for Best? Can that Thirst for 'The Best' ever be Quenched? Nah...Not really. The WAR will Forever be ON! For example: Some people Love Eggnog whereas some people Loathe it(i am one of them). Some people Love Ranveer Singh(i am one of them) and some people Loathe him! So, It's always "To Each His Own". Agree?

I am not telling this Randomly but by my Experience. Because, all these products were 'Best' for me in one climatic/water condition but when i used them in other climatic/water conditions, they weren't really 'The Best' ones. And sometimes, a product dearly loved by my friend or family member was an Absolute nightmare for me! Every one of you might have gone through similar experiences. Right? So, i decided to provide a link to all the products that i Loved at one point or the other and Let YOU DECIDE what could be THE BEST for YOU according to your preference and the conditions you live in. And, since this post has a political vibe to it, let me make it clear that i am not against any blogger who chooses to do the Best and Worst listings. This was just My Personal Choice. Do Not Miss the End. ;)

Here is the picture of all products without that huge red sticker:

So, here's the List of Review links:
(click to read)

  Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum Review.

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream Review. A Boon for Chronic/Bed-ridden Patients and Trekkers.

Fun Review: BON Organics Pet Soap Review.

BON Organics Jasmine Water Review. Much more than just plain ol' Jasmine and water!

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea Review. An Excellent Floral Source of Vitamin C!

LOTD: Jaggi Jasoos - A look inspired by Jagga Jasoos.

Seer Secrets Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice Lip Scrub Review. A Gourmet Lip Treat!

Seer secrets Raw Mango, Paprika and Mint Lip Plumper Review. One Hot Lippy Deal!

Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body mist Review.

Review: Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser Review.

Review: Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Silkening Shower wash Review

Bon Lip Stain/Tint - Strawberries(Red) Review. A product that any Natural beauty Lover Couldn't Live Without!

BON Rose Gulkand Toner Review. A GEM from BON Organics.

Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath bar Review. A Gem or A Grim?

Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter Review.

Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli Review. A 'Health'ified and 'Taste'ified Staple.

Soulfull Millet Smoothix Review. A New Launch from Soulfull.

Pro nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review. The Magic of Organic Himalayan Apples.

Juicy Chemistry Choco-Mint Lip Butter Review.

Aroma Essentials Neem Face wash Review

What did you feel about this post? Felt like Sharing it with everyone? or, Felt like throwing a bucket full of Eggnog at me? :P Leave your Honest opinions in the Comments Section below.When i am saying "Honest", I Mean It! I Really Mean It! Ranveer singh promise! Kasam re kasam Simmba kasam! :D

See you all in 2019 with Exciting New Plans! ;D

Infinite Love,

'Swimming against the current' image source: Google images.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Raisin Cheese with Honey-Sesame Vermicelli Recipe. A Warm and Sweet Edible Christmas Wreath.

Ho Ho Ho! Jingle Bells! Christmas is here and so is 'This' Santa with the "Raisin cheese" and Honey-Sesame Vermicelli to bless you with Health. No no...not the Dish but, the Recipe. :D

A Warm and Sweet Edible Christmas Wreath. :)

Did you ever eat Raisin Cheese? No...not the Raisin Cheesecake. I am talking about the Raisin Flavoured Cheese! Did you? Did i? Yes, And, that too by Accident! ;P Read on to know how. ;)

My Original Idea was to make a "Raisin Rabdi". But, after making the plain Milk Rabdi, i mixed in the Raisin puree and cooked it more to thicken it. That's when some compound in the Raisin decided to act on the milk and turn it in to Cottage Cheese consistency. And, that's how i tasted Raisin Cheese! ;P tasted good with the "Honey-Sesame Vermicelli" so, i decided to share the recipe with you all. :) I will give another try with the Raisin Rabdi and if i succeed, will definitely share the recipe with you. :)

Enough of this Long and Boring(was it?) chat. Let's just jump to the recipe of this Healthy and Super Tasty Sweet Treat. :)

Note: I am not writing it in a regular step wise fashion. I am quite new to this food blogging thing and i get confused with writing steps and listing out ingredients. No no...Don't blame my MS because, i have been bad with numbers and orderly things right from my childhood.  So, let me just write everything down in a 'casual chat' fashion. :)

1.Raisin Cheese with Honey-Sesame Vermicelli: First, dry roast the Vermicelli until it gives off a toasted flavour. And then, keep it aside to cool off. Click HERE for the Review of Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli.

Put the black sesame seeds in a large sieve and sieve off the stones. In India, Black sesame seeds are notorious for it's stone content so, if you are not comfortable with this tedious job then substitute it with white sesame seeds. The Flavour will be compromised a little though!

In a hot wok, put 2-3 tbspns of Ghee/Clarified butter and when it completely melts, put a small glass of water(100-150 ml) and bring it to a boil. Now add the toasted vermicelli Turn off the stove and keep it aside. When you are ready to serve then, heat it up, turn off the stove, Pour the Honey and Fold it carefully in to the cooked vermicelli. Sprinkle rest of the Toasted Sesame seeds and you're Done! :)

2.Raisin Cheese:
Take 1 litre of Full-Fat Cow Milk in a thick bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. Now, keep it on a low flame and reduce it while stirring every few minutes. When it reduces to a thick cream like consistency, add the Raisin puree(Boil a fistful of raisins and puree them without water) and cook it further to a granular cottage cheese consistency. Do not make it too dry. And the Raisin Cheese is ready!

While serving, assemble both Honey-Sesame vermicelli and Raisin Cheese while making sure not to mix them up.. Tastes Best when served warm. Serve a Sweet Christmas Wreath like i did:

Wish you all a Merry Christmas. :)
Here's my Forever favorite Christmas Song 'Jingle bell rock' by Bobby helms. Yes, that popular song that they dance to in the 'Mean Girls' movie.
Infinite Merries, Infinite Love.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pro nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review. The Magic of Organic Himalayan Apples.

This is the Review of the "Pro nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar".

I hope every one has gotten over the Hangover of 'DeepVeer' (Deepika padukone and Ranveer singh) and 'PriNick' (Priyanka chopra and Nick jonas) Weddings. :P Well...They've found their Best Partners for Life! And, Isha Ambani is also about to. Sorry...Filmy/Richie Rich wedding season na...toh... :PP So Now, Let's jump back to ours, which is the Evergreen "Apple Cider Vinegar". By Partner, of course i mean in Cooking, Skincare, Hair care, Health benefits and so on... and so on... ;D

Tid Bit: Ever heard that Apple Cider Vinegar can stop Ageing? Which almost implies that you can be Immortal! Hmmm...Sounds FLABBERGASTING! Naaah...As we all very well know, it's a RIDONKULOUS CLAIM! Wondering who on earth did this? None other than the 'Once up on' and 'Almost even now' "World Famous" in America: "Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar". Let's just forget that this ever happened. Wakay? :I

Price: 560/- INR for 500 ml.

Keeping aside all the claims and everything else, i love using Unfiltered and Unpasteurized Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for my Skin and in Cooking Barbecue dishes. I usually use Borges Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. So, what makes the Pro Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Special you ask? Read on...

Borges Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother is made with the "Organically Harvested Apples from Spain" whereas the Pro Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is made with "Organic Apples from the Himalayas", India.

And, that gives me a good enough reason to choose the #MadeInIndia Pro Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Because, by choosing this, you choose to contribute to the Country's Economy and also Women's empowerment because Women are the Karta, Karma and Kriya at Pro Nature.

I have also observed that there is a clear difference in the flavour of the Pro Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar when compared to the Borges Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. 

  • The Pro Nature one has a sharper and stronger flavour and the Borges one is mild.
  • It is Unfiltered, Unpasteurised and Bottled Raw.
  • The Pro Nature Organic ACV has much much much more "Mother" content than the Borges Organic ACV. Below is a Video which proves it.
Watch it in Full Screen with Full Screen Brightness for Best view of The Mother.

*Too many videos might increase the page load(idk), So, please watch the Borges one on my Instagram Feed. My Insta ID: vanityrehab

Here is the comparison image:

My Final Conclusion:

I choose the Pro Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar any given day! Reasons: Organic Himalayan Apples, Insane amount of The Mother, Women empowerment and Country's Economy. What more reasons do you need? Right?

#makeinindia #madeinindia

Buy the Pro nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Online from: and it's soon going to be available on too.

You can also find them in many local Organic stores too.

Until Next Post(The Raisin Cheese one. Remember?), Merry Christmas.
And, did you see how Deepika - Ranveer(especially his Khali bali. I'd rather watch the movie wala song dance for hours at a strech. Goose bumps already...) and Aishwarya - Abhishek were dancing in Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's
 Sangeet?? He he Brain has Gone Bonkers coz the whole web is flooded with these. X-( Bye. 😄
8Infinite8 Love,