Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Junglee Movie. Not just a Summer Entertainer! But, a Key Film for our #Keystone Species.

            Written by: Siri. Vanity Rehab's Owner, Editor and Photographer.

1."Priyanka chopra and Nick jonas are suing the magazine for spreading false rumours telling that Priyanka chopra and Nick jonas are heading towards a Divorce!"
2. "South Indian Elephants are being unsympathetically Poached for their insanely valuable Tusks and are heading towards Extinction!"

Which News bit would you react to in a fraction of seconds?

Mostly, the First one. Right?

Because, everyone is fed up of hearing the Poaching/Endangered/Extinction News about Elephants every now and then. There's nothing new about it until the News says "The Last South Indian Elephant Breathed it's Last Today." That shall sure stir up many hearts but, until then, a Popular Product Discontinued by M.A.C or iPhone does that. Until then, we fail to notice what a Great Gift we are going to LOSE FOREVER!

Down in the picture is the last Male Northern White Rhino "Sudan" who passed away in March 19th 2018. That sub-species is Entirely Extinct now because there are only two Female Northern White Rhinos left in this world and without a Male, they anyways can't take the species forward.
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Let's jump in to the subject now. Junglee Movie starring Vidyut jammwal as the main lead was released on 29 march 2019. and i went to watch this movie with my family and my 14 yr old bestie Riya.

If you are expecting the usual plot reveal and discuss what went bad and who performed well/yuck then, you are in for a disappointment. 

The purpose of this post is to tell you all to not watch this movie like a summer entertainer. this not for Fun and Entertainment but, for Life.

Yes, Watch it For Life. Now, why am i saying that?

When we look at an Ad saying "Save the Majestic Elephant", we feel Sympathy and sign up some petition in few seconds and then think that we've done a great deed. Because, Who has "Time" to do/think about anything greater than that. Most of us are always focused towards personal growth, accumulations and security that we tend to forget that there exists an Eco-system that is as fragile as a House of Cards. If one key card is gone, the whole house gets disrupted.

And just that way, if one key species disappears not because nature intended to erase it from the face of earth but because of Human Greed, the whole planet will have to bear the brunt. And, Elephants, the Pachyderms are called the "Keystone Species". You can read the reasons behind calling them that HERE. Be Amazed after finishing! Please read that first before proceeding further. Finished? So, imagine what could happen when a Key species goes Extinct or even if their number reduces drastically! 

To put it in simpe words: If They are gone, Gradually, Everyone are gone.

In South India, Elephants are a part of every major devotional/spiritual celebration. Not as a tourist attraction but, for a reason beyond Human Entertainment. Ages ago, they recognized what an important role they play in Spirituality and also the role they play in keeping all Life around them Alive.

Down in the picture: A Temple Elephant blessing a little girl in South India. This reminds me of how i used to not leave the temple when i was a kid unless my dad takes me to the elephant and gets me his blessings. :)

We all definitely find this 'Baby Elephant chasing Birds' video super cute. I agree. But,

Let us just not stop at awwwww..... Guess what 7.7 Billion people can do to Save 1 Million Elephants on our planet. If at least half of this Human population can take a little time out from their Personal Schedules, Miracles are just an act away. I alone can not act or suggest you in which way you should act but, We All Together CAN! Let's not Let our South Indian Elephants who are on the "Endangered Red List", meet Sudan's fate.

And, show your kids this movie. Make the Empathy raise in their hearts for our elephants. For, they are the Future.


Have you watched this movie? How did you feel? Share with us in the comments section below. :)

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P.P.S: I am not associated with the Filmmakers or the crew in any way. These are my personal feelings that i decided to put up in words.

Infinite Love,

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  1. Oh I really didn't know that this movie has such a beautiful plot. I thought it is yet another action movie. Being a Malayali myself, I must watch this

    1. Sure do Rakhi 🙂 It will definitely touch your heart in a million ways!