Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Young Discover Youthopia Clarified Butter Lipstick - Rose damask.

Hi guys.. :) Couldn't post anything for the past 10+ days because my dear MS decided to aggravate and thereby slow me down. Now i'm feeling a lot better :) Let's move on to the review..

Mmmm... Lipstick made with ghee?? Sure sounds delicious.. right? *slurrp* Let's see if it stands up to it.

Price: 270/- INR for 4.25 grams.

Packaging: Mini, classy and sturdy black plastic casing.

Key ingredients: Certified organic clarified butter (cow ghee), Bees wax, Kokum butter (garcinia indica), Honey and Colours(mineral).

Ingredient safety: All the mentioned key ingredients are Safe. Don't know about the rest of the unmentioned ingredients.

Fragrance: Mild Floral Ghee.

Certification: No.

Availability: Available at

Rose Damask...
This name itself makes a picture of beautifully bloomed fresh pink Rosa damascena/Damask rose flowers, Intoxicating Rose oil and delish gulkand flash in my mind...

And this lipstick here, reminds me of this..

Yes, this is a medium peach brown with an undertone of purplish dried rose.

 Outer heart frame is of single swipe. Inner heart is double swipe. The dot is of multiple swipes. 
No big difference in colour/pigmentation.

My experience: The formula is to die for. It's so deeply moisturising and so comfortable and non-cakey(even with multiple swipes) that your lips are going to thank you every single time you wear it. It's that lovely. It gives a satin finish and contains no shimmer or pearl in it. The lipstick is moderately saturated with pigment. But, what you see on the bullet is what you get on the lips. You need not swipe it multiple times to get the colour to show up on lips. Two swipes will usually do the job. The bullet sure sweats in hot weather and feels a hell lot uncomfortable to wear in hot and humid weather. But that's just ghee and other butters oozing out (Now you got proof! ;D). So, that makes it a perfect winter/dry weather lipstick. I like how it smells of mild ghee and flowers but this may be an issue for those who find the ghee odour unpleasant. It does not taste of anything though. The only tiny minus point is that the colour does not last long. You have to keep on touching up every few hours.

This is a wonderful nude lipstick which suits a wide range of skin tones based on the undertone of their lips. But, not for me.. since my lips have that purplish gray dried rose undertone already, this lipstick makes my face look dull and almost on the verge of dead. But, nothing a little tinted lipbalm or gloss can't fix.

  • Deeply moisturising, comfortable and non-cakey formula.
  • Contains Clarified butter, Kokum butter and Honey.
  • Very budget friendly in the natural makeup category.
  • Universally flattering n*de shade unless your lips have that purplish gray undertone like me.
  • Not long lasting.But, i guess, they did not use any chemicals to make it sit there for hours together. So, that's one thing we will have to deal with (most of the times) if we want cosmetics with all natural formulation.
  • Full ingredient list not mentioned.
  • Some people may not like the mild ghee odour present in it.

My Rating: 4/5.




image source: Collage(1,2,3), and Dried roses