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Review: Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser Review.

Review of the Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser.

Sleeping Beauty.(Let's forget the Prince for now). For however long she's asleep up in that tower, How peacefully in to the Sleep is she? Dreamy lot right?
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Craving that peace? Then you must definitely read this review.

Note: Rest assured, you are not going in to an 'almost infinite' long sleep session like sleeping beauty did. :P :D

Another Note: They sent me the product and asked for a tiny Instagram Review. But, I Loved it So much that i wanted to write a full Blog post and Here it is.

Quantity: 250 ml.

Price: 549/- INR.

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Jasmine and Orange! I mean...'Orange' with jasmine! That makes it 'Refreshing' Jasmine! How Interesting, Weird and Rare does that combination sound? Intriguing right?

That's exactly why i chose this when they asked which option interests you.

Let me tell you that this product was the Best thing that happened to me in the past 1 month. 

Yes. Because, No matter how weird it sounds, This is the most Beautiful combination i've ever tried! <3

Tangy refreshing Orange smoothly cuts the Headiness of the Jasmine and makes it smell so Happily Light, Sweet and Soothing. Jasmine is the Dominant fragrance and orange is also equally on par. The Jasmine in this body cleanser smells like real jasmine flowers and not like the headache inducing artificial one. That is why i am loving it to the core.

As for the Cleansing part, it foams beautifully and does the job right with just a little quantity. You can even use it with hands if you haven't got a loofah and it works equally fine.

Does not dry out the skin at all. Makes it beautifully Fragrant and Smooth. Sometimes, i even feel that it made my skin Plump and Glowing! May be because of the Yogurt enzyme.

I even used this on my face once. It felt nice and did not irritate my sensitive skin. And also, this way i could sniff in the fragrance much deeper.

I usually always hated body washes because they don't really wash off as easily as i like in this state of health. But, this one saved me on that part. It washes off fairly easily.

Rating: 5/5

Do i Recommend? A Huge 'Yes'! I am not really a fan of body washes but the "Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser" made me a Convert. Given my health condition, i always feel groggy and have a disturbed sleep pattern. But, Since i've started including this in my bath time routine, i am feeling incredibly calm, sedated and am slipping in to a Happy Break-free Sleep. :)

So, if you are on the look out for an effective Sedating and yummy Bath time Indulgence then, Look No Further because, this "Seer secrets Jasmine and Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body cleanser" might become your Holy Grail. <3

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Note: The brand sent me these products for review. Every single word i've said here is 100% Honest and after reading this review if you have bought this product and feel that i lied, you can happily throw bricks, bats or anything you feel like throwing at me. yes. ;D  I shall review the other two soon on my Instagram.
P.S: All the Images except the 'Sleeping beauty' one are Clicked and Edited by Me.

Have you tried any other interesting fragrance Combinations? or did you already see or try this Jasmine-Orange Combo before? Share with me in the Comments section below. :)


  1. sounds divine <3
    fully trust you for honest & only honest reviews

    1. Thank you so much Jayanthi. :) Means a lot. <3

  2. Jasmine and orange sounds a nice combination in a body wash. And it has yogurt which is more interesting. Awesome review..

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    1. It really is unique archugs. And the yogurt enzyme really is making my skin feel super soft! Thank you archugs :)

  3. no-one is more frank & honest than forget abt brick-bats , etc....only things that will gt thrown on you by us is organics flowers :)
    loved this post

    1. Awww... Thank you soooooo much Aishwarya! Really means a lot! :) ha ha..sure. Your comment just made my day. <3

  4. Amazing product muat use good quality and fragrance is long lasting and value for money