Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Soulflower 'Rose Geranium' Aroma Massgae oil.

*The Monsoon 'Rose'mance series*

Price: 450/- INR.

Quantity: 90 ml.

Ingredients: Rose essential oil,Rosehip oil, Geranium essential oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Olive, Rice bran & Sesame oils.

Ingredient Safety: Safe. Does not contain any toxic ingredients like Artificial fragrance and Mineral oil.

Organic ingredients: Not sure. Because, it is clearly mentioned on their website that the fruits and vegetables they use in their soaps are for sure organic but it is not clearly mentioned whether their oils are sourced from organic ingredients.

Eco friendly/Biodegradable? No clarity about the eco-friendliness. Because, they did not mention if the oils are from an organic source and also did not mention if the packaging material is in any form, eco friendly. And Yes, as it is just a mixture of oils, they are Biodegradable for sure.

A Happy Round of Applause Please

*Make in India*

Sourced local-Made local!
Read about it HERE.

I am really glad that their Ingredients are Sourced local and their Products are Made local. They surely have Reduced their quota of 'Carbon Foot Print'! Yaaayyy...! :)

Packaging: Comes in a beautiful looking plastic bottle with a white hard plastic cap housed in a sturdy cardboard box. But the bottle is so fragile that i put a fair dent in mine even when handling it carefully. :-/

Notice the dry rose petals at the bottom? <3 and also, the dent? :-/

This tiny rose made with a thick 'felt' kind of hand made paper looks super cute!

Availability: Easily available online at and many more popular e-retail websites. Also available offline at Shoppers stop and Home stop.

My experience: 
                         One beautiful day, i recieved the package, i opened the bottle, sniffed it and massaged away to glory! In one word: Amazing! Yes, i fell in love with it the first time i used it. It relaxed both my mind and body completely. It smells heavenly and feels luxurious. It relieves stress and anxiety. The consistency of this massage oil is also perfect.


  • Luxurious and relaxing Rose-geranium fragrance.
  • Relaxes you inside-out.
  • Helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Is made of Genuinely Beneficial ingredients.
  • Rosehip oil is a wonderful addition.
  • Contains real Rose oil. This is a pro because, most rose scented natural products in India actually contain no Rose oil but are filled with Palmarosa which gives out a 'Rose'ish scent.
  • Handmade.
  • Locally sourced 'Indian origin' ingredients.
  • Does not contain Artificial Fragrance and Mineral oil.
  • Preservative free.


  • The bottle. Looks beautiful but is super fragile. It is very difficult to handle as it is made of thin plastic and gets disfigured easily even when handled carefully.

My Rating: 5/5.

My conclusion: If you need a relaxing massage oil which doesn't contain any toxic artificial fragrances or mineral oil, then Definitely go for this Rose-Geranium Aroma massage oil from Soulflower. Also, This is perfect for a Monsoon 'Rose'mance! ;)



  1. Good to know this product is made out of genuine ingredients. Great review.

    1. It indeed is :) Thank you sudhaa gopinath :)