Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tri Review: Soulflower Rose-Geranium Bath salt Review, Cnaan Soap-Roses and Soulflower Rose-Geranium Soap Review.

This is going to be a combined mini review post of 3 Roses... i mean... 3 different Rose products. :D
*3 Roses is an Indian Tea Brand.
Warning: If you had a Tough Thursday, Do Not Read This Post! A little (may be not so little) negativity here and there.Yep.Trust me.

1: Soulflower Rose-Geranium Bath salt.
Ingredients: Rosehip essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Thai Herbs, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom salt, Sea salts, Permitted Colorings. 

My experience: I really like this bath salt for the super relaxing and de-stressing scent of Rose and Geranium essential oils. But, it stains everything it touches! From Bath tub, bucket, bathroom floor to Skin!!! I mean...seriously...Skin!!!! :-/ So, A big No No from me!

UPDATE: After reading this 'staining' problem that i mentioned, The Brand contacted me and assured that they will work on this issue. Yayyy!!! :)

2: Cnaan Soap - Roses.
I bought this 'Roses' soap from the UK based brand Cnaan with such high hopes but, it let me down so low that i decided not to look at anything from this brand ever again! The reason for my hatred is it's blah fragrance. It smells of stale dry rose petals! Now, who wants to bath with that!? So, Again.. a Big No No!

Ingredients: Ah..don't even bother.

By now, you must be thinking: 'When she hates it so much, why did she even write this review!?
Ans: Just didn't want the pretty pictures to go waste! :P

3: Soulflower Rose-Geranium Soap.
 Like all the other natural soaps from Soulflower, this one is also Amazing! It is non-drying, gives a rich lather and features the wonderful Rose-Geranium scent.

So sad that they discontinued this wonderful smelling soap! Why? :(

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The next Review post will be of a product that will lift your spirits.I Promise!