Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LOTD: Jaggi Jasoos - A look inspired by Jagga Jasoos.

Jagga jasoos-A very inspiring Detective character played by Ranbir kapoor has stolen many a hearts including Mine. <3 Since i have short hair cut, i really wanted to try replicating Ranbir kapoor's Funky 'Jagga jasoos' Hairstyle and Look. So, here it is. :)

Since i am a Girl, i named myself "Jaggi"

I did not really plan on replicating this exact expression. But, somehow the universe conspired i guess! Because, i found this pic after i shot all the pictures posing randomly!

'Dark room' development in process. :P :D

Developed Copy! ;) My hair isn't as long as Ranbir kapoor's in the Movie. I tied pulling it as long as i can. I guess mine looks like a hybrid of Tin tin and Jagga jasoos. Right? May be there's a touch of Ace ventura too. Idk. You tell.

Used 'Ustraa' Hair Wax to Style my Hair. Buy it on

'Galti se Mistake' song scene- "Kisi Bagal wali ko Mardaani khusbu sunghana.." inspired. :P My sister was the one who suffered my "Manly scent"! ;D She had to do this almost 20 times till i nailed the shot! :I She couldn't handle it after 10 shots and so i tried saving her by spraying THIS. Only then she could do ten more. Poor soul. He he he.

Here's the Original scene from the song: Galti se mistake. Ok...just realized that i tilted my head the wrong side! x( :P

Jaggi jasoos went Internationally "Under cover"! for a Secret Mission. Shhhh....

Finally, Jaggi jasoos giving you a 'Green' Advice that can Save not just 'You' but the 'Planet' too. *'Galti se mistake' song tweaked*

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Pic credits: Sis, Hubby and Mom. All of them collectively strived to make my Idea Fruitful while having a lot of Fun/Confusion/Frustration/Memories. :) I Thank them all infinitely from the very last cell of my Heart. <3

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In the next post i will reveal what all i did to achieve that flawless skin without using any chemical based makeup products. :)
So, how did you like my Replication? Did you Enjoy this post? Could've i done this better? Pour in your opinions/suggestions/appreciations ;P in the Comments section below. :)

t.t.t.t...t..t..t.t.t...t...thank you.

Ranbir kapoor pics: Google images and youtube.


  1. Loved it loved it loved it...... Wayyyyy to awesome

  2. The look that you have adopted, seems perfect on you and it looks like that you could play better role than Ranbir.

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much! This comment really made not just my day but my whole year too! :)

  3. It's really a wonderful effort from you and your family members Siri. I enjoyed it reading your beautiful replication and hair styles and moustache. The message to ride bicycle at least from now onwards to save the greenary of the planet is really thought provoking idea. Keep it up. Good luck to you SIRI.

  4. Riding bicycle than a motorcycle is a very good idea. No polution problem and no health problems too! And you are looking super cute Ms.Jaggi jasoos. :)

  5. Good effort made by ur sis😂