Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Debate: One Safe Product or Six Toxic ones? 'Jaggi Jasoos' LOTD Breakdown.

One Safe product that can Magically do the job of Six Toxic make-up products!

Read on to know what that Harmless product is.

Left pic is the Original one(Spots/patches on my face look exaggerated because of the angle of natural light falling on my face) and Right one is the 'After' pic.

Remember that i told 'i will Reveal what all i did to achieve that Flawless skin without using any Chemical based Make up products' in THIS Post? Yes, That's what i am going to talk about today.

That clear flawless looking skin like in the picture on the right usually requires: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Under eye Corrector, Finishing powder and a Finishing spray. Right?

What if you can achieve this look without using these Six Make-up products which are Toxic to both Us and the Environment?

I used Just One Single Digital product: "Adobe Photoshop".

Yes. This Super Popular Digital Photo Editing Software is what i used to Correct all the Imperfections on my facial skin. Many people find it Offensive, and Unethical to use Adobe Photoshop for Skin Enhancement and even i think so too. In fact, many a times it has been a matter of
Controversy regarding those utterly flawless 
Models in Magazine photos and Cosmetic brand promotions.

But, sometimes, where Artistic enhancements Beyond Human capability are required to portray a character, like in Film industry, they do it Digitally. Take 'Baahubali' or Shahrukh khan's 'Fan'. In both the films, Lead characters were digitally modified to fit the story. Right?

Digitally Modified Younger Looking Shahrukh khan in 'Fan' Movie:

Now, you might be thinking "Okay...but, you could've done it with Natural Make up products too since you have not done any graphic modifications." Right?

I would like to Remind you that I Live in India. Where it is as hard to Find Natural Make up products as it is to find Water in a Desert. So, instead of Resorting to Chemical Make up to create just one look, i chose one Harmless Digital product to get the job done.

We Millennials are using Digital/Internet Technology to Create Awareness on many Issues in this world and Share a lot of meaningful Videos/Articles through the World Wide Web. As far as i know, Nobody Finds this Offensive. Same way even i felt that opting to go Digitally flawless Sometimes is No Crime when the Intention behind it is not Flawed.

Don't you think it is a Wise decision to take Digital help once in a while than Dumping multiple Toxic Chemicals in to our Earth which Robs it Off it's Life?
Do i get a 'Clean Chit' for this? or Not? 

What do You Say? Is Photoshopping for Right Reasons Wrong? Please Proceed with your Debate in the 'Comments' Section below.

Phewww.. Enough of this Serious and Heavy Coversation. :P Here's a Fun Behind the Scene Picture from Jaggi Jasoos LOTD to Lighten your Jammed Senses up. :D 

Lyrics from 'Galti se mistake' song in Jagga jasoos movie tweaked to add a humorous touch.
P.S: That is the Ever so Delightful Mr.Bubble, my Friend's darling li'l Daschund pup who was my temporary Home mate featuring in 'Behind the Scenes' Pic. And that's my Sis holding him.

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PPS: I Also smeared a little Vapour Organics Siren Lipstick in 'Saucy' to give that natural pinkish hue to my dead looking grey lips. It is much more pink-peach pigmented when applied full on. You can buy it from the Amazon Widget on the Top Right side of the Sidebar of this blog.