Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Krya Gentle Face Wash Powder Moisture+ Review.

Today i am reviewing this Gentle face  Wash Powder Moisture+ from the Brand: Krya.

Price: 300/- INR

Complete List of Ingredients:
Certified Organic - East Indian Arrowroot, Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Fennel
Organic but not certified - Moringa , Heritage Barley, Barnyard millet, 
Wild crafted (Forest collected) - Zeodary, Sweet Flag , Chebulic myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, Indian Liquorice, Winter Cherry, Rubia Cordifolia

This is how it is packed and how it looks.


From the time my skin had become almost Hypersensitive because of my MS, i was on the lookout for gentle skincare products. One day when I was randomly browsing Natural mantra, i stumbled up on this this product and bought it immediately. 

Unlike traditional face wash powders, this felt so soft and gentle on the skin. It's almost spongy after you mix it with water. Cleans the skin well. Moisturizing as claimed. Doesn't dry out the skin like other cleansers. You do need to apply a moisturizer if you have dry skin. Normal skin people may happily skip that step. Oily skin people better avoid it.

My skin gained a healthy glow and Acne did not bother too!

And the ingredients were the best part. Because, first of all, it does not contain Turmeric. I am allergic to Turmeric and i never ever got any rashes or allergies while using it. And second, the ingredients used in this product are something i've never seen before in any natural face cleansers. At 300/- INR, it is perfect bang for the buck. (Forest essentials and Kama ayurveda should learn something may be.)

Rating: 5/5

Final Word: If you have sensitive Dry skin, do give this face wash a try. You might love it just like i did.

Available on: and

Did you use this Moisture+ Gentle Face wash powder from Krya? or any other variants from Krya? How was your experience?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. I love using powder based face washes. This looks promising for my dry skin. Will try it once. Thanks for sharing...

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    1. Please do try might love it. :)

  2. Sounds so good - lesson for FE here !
    so glad to see you back <3

    1. Definitely a lesson! Thank you jayanthi :)

  3. Kama can also get some price pointers here !
    Wonderful review Siri ! Keep the posts coming

    1. Oh yes, i forgot Kama Ayurveda! They definitely can! Thank you Aishwarys..i will. :)