Friday, April 13, 2018

Aroma Essentials Neem Face wash Review.

Aroma Essentials is a brand that sounds Tiny but, is Mighty. They are based in Bangalore. Almost all their products are really popular allover India and this Neem face wash was bought by one of my sister's friend and today's Review is based on her feedback.


You can whatsapp on that number and place the order. That invisible number above that slash is 8. To have a look on all their products, visit their Instagram Page.

That's how it looks. A thick black fluffy aloe gel kind of paste.


Usually, majority of Natural SLS Free Face washes for Acne in India are based on Tea tree. But, this one from Aroma Essentials has Neem, Activated charcoal and Eucalyptus which are all powerful anti-bacterial agents. So, She has been using this face wash from past 1 month and says that it's been really good. The gel is easily spreadable while massaging on the face and washes off easily. I does not lather even a tiny bit but cleanses really well. Does not dry out the skin like other face washes which target acne. A water based moisturizer after washing this off is must though. It controlled her Acne to a great extent and until now they did not re-occur. One major disappointing factor of this face wash is it's fragrance. It smells kind of bitter herbal which does not really appeal many nostrils. :P

Here's a picture of her where she freshly washed her face with this cleanser. (That's my 'Lucky' girl with her :))

Final words: Odor kept aside, this product is a must try for people suffering with Acne. Both Oily and Dry skin people can use it. Plus it's Eco-friendly too! Do give it a try.

Rating: 4/5.

Infinite Love,


  1. I have tried Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash, Green Tea Face Wash and Rose Face Wash and liked all of them. This is next on my list. Thanks for the review...

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    1. Thank you Archugs :) I really want to try the tomato face wash.