Thursday, December 29, 2016

'Sukrishi Organic Farm/Food Forest', Bangalore Experience: Part 2 - Mud Cottage and Mudhol Canine.

Did the Previous post make you want to visit and stay at the 'Sukrishi Organic Farm/Food Forest', but left you wondering how and where? Here's the Answer:
(Pricing and other details are at the end of this post)

"The Eco-friendly Bamboo-Mud cottage":
My love for Mud houses is Eternal. I would do anything to stay in one. Because, for nearly 26 years, I have witnessed it's worth in the form of my naani ma's/Grandmother's home. It used to be cold in summer and warm in winters. Not just that, but we used to have a sense of overall well being for as along as we used to stay in that home. However, after my grandmother passed away, it had to be demolished due to various reasons. It breaks my heart whenever i see a cement home in the place of my grandmother's beautifully alive mud home. :( So, my wish is to build one someday.

Phewww.... enough ranting. Let's move on to My Mud Cottage Experience... (Pic heavy but worth every bit!)

The cottage is made of Bamboo with a Mud plastering. This picture shows the natural netted ventilation system of the cottage from outside.

(From inside)

A candle stand inside the cottage, made out of fallen tree branches. Brilliant!

Glass 'Skylight' panels in the roof are the natural light source inside the cottage. At night, you can use LED lights provided. 

Bamboo Shelves(upclose).

Cellphone images of the whole cottage sent by Asha. Because, i did not have a zoom lens with me.Click for larger image. It has one double bed and also a kitchen platform with a sink. The door in the third image to the right is of the attached bathroom.

The Clay water pot.

A small vintage looking glass window panel from inside the room. For a while, it transported me back in time! <3

The transparent Blue glass fittings in the wall which adds an interesting element to the interiors. You can even see through it. :) <3

After exploring the cottage, we got to relax in this rope swing which is in front of the cottage.

The gang set up a net and played Badminton!

You can even relax in this hammock like Jayaram sir in the pic, with beautiful backdrop which is near the main building after entrance.

Food! It was a yummy spread of Jowar roti, Chilli Peanut powder, Brinjal curry, Pulav, Plain tempered dal and Coconut chilli chutney which was the yummiest one i had till now! There were super tasty Papads, Chutney powders, Natural unadulterated Cow milk curd and a dessert too. All items were made with organic ingredients! Yum it was!

Another cellphone pic of me taken by a gang member while i was picking up an extra piece of the yummy papad. Ignore the ugly tied hoodie please. :P :D

And now....*Drumrolls* please.... The Majestic Indian Mudhol hound! Her name is 'Rani' (rightly named so). When i saw her from a distance, even though i am a doggy mom, my heart skipped a beat because i was alone and she looked ferocious! But, (see the next pic)

Once i called her name, She started wagging her tail and came towards me so lovingly that i fell in love with her in an instant! <3 <3 <3 Even though she hails from an aggressive hound breed, She was an absolute sweetheart! You can feel the majestic Aura she exudes. A Queen indeed. Total love!

Say hello to 'Rukma', the naughty, jumpy and artistic one of the lot. Artistic because, she is a camera enthusiast! She was so amused whenever she saw a camera that she tried to snatch both mine and the T.v cameraman's huge camera! :D

Meet 'Jaanu', a boy, the saintly one of the lot. (Picture a calm innocent saint in mind)

The Mighty Mudhol and the Mini Mutt! <3

While returning back, we saw these delicate medicinal plants being cultivated in a shaded setting.

They even made for us all an almost medicinal Bajji/Fritters with Ajwain leaf/Karpooravalli/Indian Borage for evening snack. Quite unique they tasted. (cellphone pic again :P)

And since the evening was getting really cold, we also had a mini Bonfire kind of set up made with dry coconut shells and coal.

The tall T.v anchor rode THE ROYAL ENFIELD!!! That was the moment i cursed my short height like anything! I seriously wish they made a 'Bajaj Avenger' type short motorcycles! I hope someday they will. :(

End of the day 'Gang Picture'. :)

This whole "Sukrishi Organic Farm/Food Forest" Experience has been the most Wonderful and unforgettable one i had in a very long time. I feel Rooted and Rejuvenated even after it has been weeks since my visit.

Do i Recommend? Yes Yes Yes. Totally worth it! Everyone needs to visit this place which reminds us of our roots and source. And also, since the chances of finding a Mud cottage surrounded by forest is awfully rare in/near a metropolitan city, you along with the next generation i.e., your kids can experience it at the 'Sukrishi Organic Farm/Food Forest'.

*It is nearly 35-40 Kms from their 'Organic state Store/Restaurant' in Malleshwaram.

So, if you wish to take a break and celebrate life with nature, they They'll have it arranged for you!
Here are the details:

*The tour starts with Breakfast at the Green Path Organic State- Malleshwaram.
*A Session on 'Celebration of life with Nature!'
*A Traditional welcoming at 'Sukrishi farm'.
*Welcome drink and relaxation 
*A tour in the farm. 
*Learn composting,Rain water harvesting & Organic farming techniques.
*Play Nostalgic games from childhood.
*Enjoy Organic Lunch. 
*Sunset watching followed by fire camp. 
*Bamboo-Mud House to relax and rejoice.

Pricing for Farm tour

Rs.1​2​00 Per person (Inclusive of Lunch, Snacks and Farm Tour)
Rs.​20​​00 Per person (Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, Farm Tour and Night accommodation at Farm house)
Arrangements will be made if you plan to stay for a night at Sukrishi Farm.

Sukrushi Farm, 
Marasara Halli, Nelamangala,
Bangalore - 562123, 


For location on Map, Go HERE

Contact no. +91-9986784447


P.S: How about making the 'Sukrishi Organic Farm/Food Forest' your unique New Year celebration Destination? ;)



  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful
    the food looks so yummy
    and the homes are so unique ! have never seen such truly organic homes
    will visit

  2. wow.....your granny actually had such a nice home
    had tears in my eyes seeing the affectionate dog....Rani....apt name
    I played shuttlecork when I was 10 time flies !
    so happy you had this experience
    will do the same as soon as I can

    p.s. could not understand what bhajji you had?

    1. Thank you so much Aishwarya :) My granny's home was truly had life in it. <3 And as of rani, she was so charming that i am having a hard time forgetting her! <3 I played shuttle cork till i was 15 or so.. after that, life just ran by. :/ The bajji was made with Ajwain leaf or karpooravalli as we call it in Andhra. The leaf tastes pungent like ajwain and is really helpful when you are suffering from common cold or throat infection.