Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today is 'World Multiple Sclerosis Day'.

 Orange tint credit: Mehendi/Henna :D

Looks like Orange is the new Pink!!!

Today is World 'MS' Day.

And, 'May' is MS awareness month.

And, Orange Ribbon is the support symbol for Multiple Sclerosis which is a Neurodegenerative disease that has No Cure!

So, this month 'May', Go ORANGE in any way you can and show support to the Millions of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers allover the world including Me.

Who ya messin wid Ms. MS???
Song: I got a pocketful of sunshine by Natasha bedingfield. Modified a line to express my feelings. 

Read about my chronicles with MS Here and Here.


All pics clicked and edited by Me.


  1. We always support you sis...Go Orange...

  2. It may be non curable disease but you are not walking it alone...

  3. I am of the opinion that there is no such disorder in the world that cannot be cured if the affected person has got strong will power. I know there is no dearth of self confidence and strong will power in you.I strongly believe that you will be perfectly alright shortly. I always support you my child. Good luck to you ma. God bless you all.

    1. Love you loovvee you looooooooooove you dad <3 :))

  4. Dear Sis, I have no doubt that you will fight MS with the same ferocious determination that you have with other challenges in your life. I know that the great strength you have will prevail. I wish you quick recovery & bounce back soon. Our prayers & Supports are with you.

    1. Annayya sannidhi.. adey naaku pennidhi :)) Love you ra annayya <3