Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Tried Five Hazelnut Coffees in India and I Have a Clear Winner!

Heavennut...sorry sorry...Hazelnut. But then, who can not call it that when it tastes like that. Especially with chocolate. Mmmmm....And, It's humanly impossible to count the number of Nutella freaks in this www...i mean...whole wide world ;P right?

But these days, Hazelnut is making it's way in to many kinds of food and beverage products. Like Granola, Granola bars, Muesli, Ice cream, Gelato, Milkshake, Biscuit, Toast, Rusk, etc., etc., But, i myself never imagined that it would go in to coffee. So, here's how my journey with Hazelnut Coffee began...

First trial:

Amidst my Hazelnut chaos, i encountered a Hazelnut latte in Starbucks and i jumped and ordered it immediately. But, that was a nightmare! Because, it tasted nothing like Hazelnut but a pure sugar syrup!! :(

This is when i was ordering my regular groceries from

I chanced up on Nescafe Hazelnut coffee and ordered one. Tried it excitedly but, ended up being utterly disappointed. I found No trace of Hazelnut. :(


This time it was Little's Rich Hazelnut Flavour Infused Instant Coffee which i again found on when i was sulking in disappointment with all the hazelnut coffees that i had tried till now. After reading all the positive reviews, my expectations were kinda high. After receiving the product, i very excitedly unscrewed the cap and shove my nose in it only to gag to my death!


I was in Krispy kreme ordering my Donut. I felt like i need some coffee to charge me up so, i was scanning the menu and i found Hazelnut latte. Ordered it. Disappointed again! :(

Fifth and Final:
(Not Sponsored. I Swe*r! Jhoot boley kavva kaatey! ;P)
I saw an ad on instagram by "beanwander" which was about flavoured coffees. At first, i was like...chalo yaar...phir se nahi! (Oh No! Not again!!!) I've seen many people promote this on instagram. And, you know how instagrammers are these days...they promote anything because they call themselves an influencer. (Yes, i'm on instagram too but, i'm definitely not an Influencer!) But then, being a caramel fan, i was intrigued by their Creamy caramel flavour. So, i ordered it anyways and received a sample of Mint and Hazelnut variants with it. I tried the hazelnut with zero expectations but guess what! one sip and i was floating in Hazelnut heaven!!! So, this is the WINNER! A CLEAR WINNER!!! From that day, i have become a "Winner Winner Coffee Sinner"! (No, i don't play PUBG! I just keep hearing 'winner winner chicken dinner' from the people who play it).

Full Review of The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee and three other variants shall be up soon. :) Until then, i am gonna Sin away with my Hazelnut cuppa and You, keep drooling! ;D or,  you can Order your bottle from (You can click on this link to land on the product page directly. And No, This is not a Sponsored link. I don't earn a Rupee if you buy through this link.)

Have you tried any Heavennut...oops... Hazelnut coffee? :D Got any favorites? Share away in the comments section below. Let's spread some Heavennut-Hazelnut Love across the country. :)

Infinite Love,

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