Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Silkening Shower wash Review

Today i am Reviewing The Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Shower wash which was one of the products in their  "Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care kit":
Forest essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body care Kit.
Quantity: 50 ml.



How about something Lemony with a soft decadent Pomegranate Twist when you feel like showering this time? Then you got to go and get this 'yum'ly refreshing Shower wash from Forest essentials ASAP!

 I really loved this Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Shower wash from Forest essentials right on the first day when i tried it. It bursts in to a foam of unique refreshing Scent which Energizes and at the same time Calms you down too. The Lather is light and airy and is pretty easy to wash off too.

The skin feels nowhere near dry and stretchy. Instead it feels smooth, Comfortably clean and moisturized.

The shower wash liquid is not red in colour anymore. They changed it to translucent white now.

But, one Drawback of this shower wash is that even though it contains Menthol crystals, it does not feel as Icy and Cool as the Body mist does. :(

Rating: 4.5/5

Do i Recommend? Yes. Absolutely. There might be many other body washes at much lesser price in the market but none have this unique Lemon with a twist of Pomegranate fragrance. So, i suggest you give this bath time indulgence a try. :)

Have you tried this shower wash? How did you like it? Share with me in the comments section below. :)

Will review the Rest of the box contents i.e., Sugar soap and Body cream soon.

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  1. sounds so nice
    I love the typical Ayurveda smell of FE too

    1. It is..Aishwarya :) I don't usually like the strong and pungent smell of the usual Ayurvedic and herbal products but, forest essentials's products thankfully smell pleasant and do not irritate my sensitive nose.

  2. loving the FE mist I got after reading your article
    will go get this now

    1. I am glad you are loving it jayanthi! :) Please do..But, just remember that this does not feel icy and cool like the body mist does.

  3. I love FE products. Am yet to try this range. But it seems like a very good option for summers...

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    1. It is the best option for summers archugs. Do give it a try, you'll definitely love it. :)