Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#Life with MS - A Twilight Saga...

Pic: *The Twilight Saga*. Clicked and Edited by - Yours Truly. :)

The Light, The Dark and the Twinkles in between.

'Multiple Sclerosis'- A Chronic Autoimmune Degenerative Nervous condition that i am suffering from.

Now, why am i calling it a Twilight Saga?

Because #LifewithMS is exactly it! Our #LifewithMS goes on like a Twilight that is born out of both the Dawn and the Dusk.

Our Twilight Saga:

What do you get to see after an Evening twilight?  

The Sun goes Down, the Stars come Out.

The Moon will Shine and Feels so Fine
*Inspired from The wanted 'Glad you came's Lyrics.

Us 'MS'ers life is sometimes like this Evening Twilight after which, even when it's Dark and Gloomy, we get to experience 'Twinkling Star' like moments and feel the 'peaceful Moonlight' like Embraces that Soothe us like Heaven.
But Sometimes, it is like one of those evening twilight episodes, which after set, makes our life Dark like a No-Moon Night. We feel totally Blank and Helpless during this phase because, we feel like doing a Lot but can do None! Absolutely None!
 And sometimes, it is like the morning twilight which after rising, drenches our life with the happy Golden shine. We Walk well, we Talk well, we Breathe well and we Eat well.
This may look like an Endless Twilight Saga for us 'MS'ers but right now, i myself am lucky enough to choose to see it as: No-moon days come only once in a while. Rest of them are like the other Two twilights filled with Stars, Moon and the Golden Sun.

I called myself Lucky because, My illness hasn't progressed to a Disabling state yet. This may be because of the Homeopathic treatment that i am undergoing or my Will power. I don't know yet. It's very confusing. Like...Really. :P

This post is dedicated to each and every #MSwarrior 
out there who are very bravely going through this Twilight Saga of myriad experiences. <3:*

Lots of Love,

Are you an 'MS'er? or do you know anyone who is one? How bravely are you or the one you know are living this Twilight Saga? Let me know in the comments section below.

P.S: I wanted to write this on World MS day 2017 that was on May 31st 2017. But i just didn't because i did not want people to just read this on that one day and then forget about it forever. I wanted to let you all know that we go through this Twilight Saga every single day of our lives while not really knowing if we will ever be cured. So, please Share this Article to As many people as you can(especially in India) whether it is MS day or not. Thank you. :)
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Colour version of the Twilight saga picture. The Dark rising to Light or the Light falling to Dark. How do you choose to see it? Let me know in the Comments section below.

  *I clicked this at my parents place in AP.

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  1. My brave warrior <3
    I never want your illness to progress to disabling stage
    you have written everything so poetry
    It is so difficult to live with this illness - you are right some days it's stars somedays no moon
    inspiring article <3

    1. I'm really touched by your kind words. Thank you so much dear.. :) <3

  2. your photo is beautiful.......jst like you <3
    your words are very too suffering frm chronic illness & can identify with the " some days with monn / some no-moon' part
    I too wish to do so many things some days but can't
    I'm so thankful you haven't progressed to a bad state *touch wood *
    Homeo is def. working ~ sometimes I feel alternative therapies are lakh times better than the toxic chemicals we put down our throat in the name of Allopathy

    1. Awww...Thank you so much dear. :) I believe you are going to get really healthy real soon <3 I agree...They really are infinite times better than Allopathic medicine.

  3. its a nice article, keep up the good work

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    1. Oh my god Rachel! I am so sorry you had to go through that horror. :( After seeing what horrors my Cousin with MS went through while she was on Allopathy medication, i never opted for it. I started with Homeopathy right from the beginning and i can really see the difference it has made. I will surely look in to Dr.Allen's Herbal medicine. Thank you so much Rachel. :)