Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The MS Chronicles: A year with MS.

How time flies...

In mystery it lies...

It has been a year since i got diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis). And, it changed my life beyond what i could ever imagine.

It shattered all my dreams to infinite pieces that could never be put together ever again.

I felt that every moment was my last. Every single day, i prayed for a chance to reverse everything. 

I was like:
 *Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...i could really use a wish right now..wish right now..wish right now...Yeah, I could use a dream or a genie or a wish..
To go back to a place much simpler than this

*BoB ft. Haley williams: Airplanes*

I wished i never had to go through all of this. I felt trapped.

I tried so hard not to give up.

But, lately did i see what lessons it had been teaching me.

This whole episode of MS taught me how to see and feel the Beauty of the World that i was Trapped in. 

I became a 'Spider girl' of sorts.. ;D

Meaning...I started to Live like a Spider who never feels Trapped in it's own web.
*I captured this picture of a spider hanging so peacefully in it's heavenly dew drop studded web last winter.*
Just like this spider, I'm hanging in there enjoying the droplets of strengthening family bonds and people's selflessness and compassion being added to my web. It is giving me a chance to re-discover humanity which i had lost all hopes in.

Yes, i did encounter a lot of negative humans too. But, after a while i just started to consider them as 'Evolutionary Mistakes' and learned to ignore them.

  I am building my own beautiful web-world with every fragment of this new life i am getting to experience.
 *This picture signifies my expanding web-world*

It taught me that there is much more to life than just a Successful career, Materialistic possessions and a Conventionally Beautiful Face/Body.

I've embraced Primitive hacks i.e., Love and Happiness for survival.

This ruthless progressive disease may throw new challenges in my way any second. And i am preparing to hang on...

For now, I am happy in my own world...waiting excitedly to experience new sparkling droplets of life.

Read these posts to know more about my health condition: Muliple sclerosis and me. The 'torture'..sorry..the 'symptom' fest. World MS day.
*All pictures were captured by Me except for the last one which was captured by my husband*  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you jayanthi. :) that picture is very close to my heart.. <3

  2. Siri , à big hug xoxo. You are a very strong girl , just keep going :* God bless you always

  3. this article should have been longer !
    so well written
    as chroniclly ill person myself , I found inspiration in what you wrote abt the spider not getting trapped in it's own web - will try and apply this philosophy in my life
    you look cute in short hair - I had to cut my long hair too for practical reasons
    btw. your photo is so beautiful

    1. Thank you so much Aishwarya.. :) And i am really glad that you found the 'spider' philosophy inspiring. I'm really sorry to hear that you too are chronically ill :( If you don't mind..please share your story. And, I wish i could write it longer. It's just that i wanted to keep it short so that any of my fellow 'MS'ers or general readers will find it easy to read and digest.

  4. Very inspiring spider web message👍
    Siri ur really a brave & strong girl...keep going
    Last but not least all pics are asusual beautifully captured
    Love ur pic👧🏻

    1. Thank you so much chitra :) I am really glad that you found the spider web message inspiring. <3

  5. Good .. keep up the strength, confidence to achieve your goal, ignore the logs and move on... be a strong lady ..