Saturday, September 17, 2016

100% Pure Cosmetics launches Four new certified Skincare lines.

One of my Favorite Natural cosmetic Brands, 100% Pure, Launched four new Certified Skincare lines recently. All these products are USDA NSF Certified. And They did a "Pay as you wish" program during the launch event to support Forget-Me-Not Farm! Curious? Then, Read more about the intention of this event on 

Here's a video regarding 'For me not farm' and 'Pay as you wish' program.

These are the Awesome Collections that they launched:

*Scroll to the end for some Amazing offers which i am sure you wouldn't wanna miss!*

Organic Cucumber juice collection. Drenches your skin with intense Hydration.

Organic Rose water collection. Calms Sensitive skin.

Organic High potency Reversal Collection. Their most advanced Age corrective line.

Organic Matcha Collection. A highly Nourishing Anti-oxidant skin protective line.
 I  am seriously interested in their Cucumber juice and Matcha products. Which one are you dying to try? Tell me in the comments section below. :)

Watch the Official video by 100% pure where Founder Susi wang talks about the collection. :)

Shop these Amazing Collections at

*Attention please: There are some interesting offers going on at their website! Like: Get any Fruit pigmented Pomegranate lipstick FREE whey you buy any of their fruit pigmented mascaras!!! and 10% off on Vegan skincare favorites. Miss them not i say! *vroom..* *vroom..*

P.S: NO. This post contains NO affiliate links.

*All images/screenshots taken from 100 percent pure's Twitter and their Official you tube video about the collection.


  1. Looks good. But these are not available in India?

    1. No archugs..unfortunately they are not available in india. :(