Friday, May 15, 2015

Out of the pit! And this time,there is no falling back.


        Hope you all are doing good and feeling awesome!

           It's hard to believe that i've been offline for sooooooooo long!!like,more than a year!!!
       Some of you would've thought that i'm pregnant! and some would've thought my
   Lateral epicondylitis/Tennis elbow is keeping me off my blog.
              or some would've even thought that i'm gone for good!..etc.,etc.,           

Actually,there's been a lot going on in my personal life and my Brain and my heart.The second reason is a close cut to why i was off my blog but "Depression" is the main reason i was offline.My Tennis elbow/Lateral epicondylitis has been playing a very monstrous role in ruining the state of my mental health.It has been affecting my life not directly but indirectly in so many ways that it kept pushing me in to the deep dark pit of "Depression".

It kept pushing and i kept falling deeper and deeper and deeper...

Pain creates stress and stress creates more pain(Psychosomatic pain).It's like a never ending cycle of pain and stress.

Finally, last week i reached the peaks of mental exhaustion and passed out and hit my head  hard while falling.The general practitioner suggested that i go to a psychiatrist.And now i'm on antidepressants.

Today,I felt that enough is enough and decided to
take help of my biggest anti depressant: 'My Blog' (Of course, hubby comes first <3).

Now, I shall start afresh.
Now, I shall begin journey anew.
Now, I shall live...again.
-Me :).

Love you all.


P.S.: Photos clicked and edited by Me.If you want to use them,please email me.

P.P.S.:If you are getting "Criminal case" game notfications,then i am really sorry.My sister has been using my account to play games and, it's her who is doing it. :P


  1. :):):):):):) :*:*:*:******: All the best my sweet heart....!!!!!

  2. Welcome back Sirisha :) We all missed you :-P Get well soon & We all send our best prayers to you... :)
    Everything happens for a reason...sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together... All the Best.. :) ;)

  3. Welcome back to blogging.....hope to see u in action :)

  4. I missed you so much :D keep rocking babes! I was in depression too and it took a lot coming out and is taking a lot not going back in!

    1. Missed you all too bee.. :* I know that feeling bee..even i was struggling so hard to not fall back in to it.But with sweet hubs by my side i don't think i'll fall back again. :)