Thursday, January 2, 2014

A LUCKY Li'l Bundle Of Joy Arrived Home!

Wish you all a Verrrrryyyyyy Happpppyyyyy NEW YEAR! :)

 I'm soooooo lucky to have another li'l bundle of joy added to my family!

Meet my sweet n cute n naughty li'l "Lucky"...

I first saw her on facebook when Nirmiti of "Benzi Pet Stay" who was fostering her,posted her pics.I felt! But resisted because i was not sure if i can do justice to 'two' of them with my chronic health condition(Read about it HERE) and hubby was worried about the same too.But,i just couldn't get her out of my heart and mind.After about a week,with no more second thoughts, i finally decided to bring her home.When we brought her,she was nothing but skin and bones! She literally had zero muscle in her hind legs.But i'm happy to say that she has put on some muscle now and is growing super fast.My Juni girl bonded with her real quick and looks after her like a mommy does.It's been almost two months since my Lucky girl arrived and i am grateful beyond words. <3

A li'l about "Benzi pet stay":
(Taken from their facebook page)
"Benzi Pet Stay is a one of a kind boarding place for dogs, birds, guinea pigs and almost all other house pets.
 We believe that a friendly, homely and loving atmosphere will make the pets less anxious and home sick 
while they are away from their families."

My experience:
Benzi pet stay is a pet boarding place run by a sweet couple Nirmiti and Prasanna gopinath.They are super friendly and can make any pet guest feel at home! They are strictly against chaining and caging the dogs unless otherwise required.They can run around and play as much as they please.I once left Juni there for four days and now i just don't want to leave her at any other pet boarding place on earth!

First: That is the pic i first saw on facebook.The condition they found her in was devastating!
Second: Their love and care healed her wounds...both visible and invisible.
(Both pics taken from their facebook page)

And now.....Enjoy some pics.

5th day at home.

After almost a month.


My angels <3

And now she is a big girl already!

In a lovey dovey mood <3

Treat time!

Juni got spayed 3 weeks ago.

Siri, Juni, Lucky, Raju.


  1. Love u my sweet heartssss!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :*****:

  2. so lovely Siri!!! I love both Juni and Lucky....

  3. this is so cute!!!! u guys are true pet lovers!!!! :)

  4. You guys are true pet lovers <3 the pics are amazing!

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  6. Juni's & Lucky's Parents are so good.... :)

  7. Lucky couldn't have found a better home... She is truly LUCKY!!!! :) Thank you so much Sirisha and Rajesh and most importantly Juni :)

    1. :) But i should thank you both a looooottttt!!! Coz had she not found you first she would've never reached me :)