Monday, February 11, 2019

Nuts about Nut and Seed Butters!

I come from where I only knew about the existence of peanut butter and I completely disliked it because of the way it tasted and all that sugar! Then I came across the JusAmazin range of nut and seed butters last year, immediately realising that there was a whole new world of nut and seed butters which most of us have no idea about.

From then on, it was not just Peanut Butter, it was also Almond Butter, Mixed Seeds Butter and to top it all Cashew Butter. If you told me to eat a cashew 11 months ago, I would have given you the stink eye, but now I eat the JusAmazin Cashew Butter Salted Caramel as dessert! It’s guilt free and absolutely delicious!

From there on I went trying the entire range and my latest favourite has been the most delicious and of so crunchy: Peanut Butter Crunchy with Sunflower and Flax Seeds! I can eat an entire jar and still crave for more.

Let me tell you more about it, this entire range is made with natural ingredients, no chemicals, no hydrogenated fats and bring to us the
goodness of nuts and seeds with the natural micronutrients needed by our body.

My top favourite reasons to eat the JusAmazin nut and seeds butters:

It’s Natural

100% natural ingredients make it taste just like one will make at home. No chemicals, no hydrogenated fats, no ingredients that I have to google, to preservatives and no refined sugar.


One would think healthy food is not tasty, but these butters prove just otherwise. I can eat all of them
straight out of a jar, in fact I purposely add them to some or the other meal because these nut butters
enhance my food experience 10x.


I use the Cashew Butters most often either to make the alfredo pasta sauce, add it to my paneer dishes or to saute vegetable to add flavour and some much needed fat requirement of the day. As a dark chocolate fan, the Almond butter dark chocolate makes for some delicious ice cream and mouse. I will share recipes in a later blog.


Dosage of required nuts and seeds to gain important micronutrients: We all need certain amount of micronutrients like minerals, vitamins,
iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. to have a balanced diet, nuts and seeds are some of the most natural and recommended way
of obtaining the same. If you remember how we grew up hearing, “you should have almonds and walnuts and cashews and raisin every
morning”. This by far is the best way to do that.


Veganism has a lot of benefits for our body and these butters apart from being all of the above,
are also dairy free, soy free and gluten free! Being high in dietary fibre and high in protein it
ensures that you are longer for full and good cell development  respectively. For our vegan friends,
these butters in all its versatility, helps with daily nutritional requirement with the attached
health benefits.

Try it to believe it.

Brand Name: Jus Amazin
Current offer: Buy 2 and get 20% off | Use code: heart


  1. Wow! Cashew butter sounds so delicious and healthy. Will check out the brand...

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    1. Thank you @archugs. You should definitely check it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Especially the Salted Caramel one right!? :)

  3. Wow, dark chocolate and cashew butter even sound yummy, for sure they will be healthy and tasty mix.