Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Greeting Tin!

Yes..A greeting tin! Greetings in the form of a tin! Hehehe :D 

I made this eco-friendly greeting tin for my hubby.I recycled all the stuff which were waste/were lying unused in the dark corner of my cupboard.If anyone wants to know how i made this,let me know.

P.S: Please try to ignore the ghost like looking thing sitting on top of the tin.I wanted to make either a cute owl or a flower but i messed up,had no time and it turned out like this glittery white friendly(bcoz it is smiling) halloween ghost. :P


  1. Siri!! this looks very cute... pls do a post on how to do that... n guess what i kinda liked the ghost thing.. its cute. :P

    1. Thanks jyotsna :)Done! hehe..i liked the ghost too :D