Monday, April 9, 2012

So..What Is This Rehab All About?

Hello sweethearts..

If you are a reader/ever read/stumbled up on my previous blog then you probably know who i am.And if you are a newbie then let me introduce myself: My name is siri and i was an aspiring makeup artist.

skin was my canvas and i lived every single second dreaming about turning it in to a piece of art.I learnt lots of techniques and bought tons of makeup to kickstart my journey.I started my journey by doing looks on IMBB and later i started writing my own blog to showcase my looks and review products which i bought to create them.

So,i was really happy with the way everything was going until one freakin fine day when i realised how deadly risk i was taking by deciding to venture in to the makeup industry after reading rosemary swift's story! Go to to read her story in the 'about' page.I came to know how potentially dangerous cosmetics can prove to someone like makeup artists who are constantly exposed to them.

And eventually i also realised how stuff like makeup,skincare,haircare and almost all the stuff which comprises our beauty and grooming routine is causing damage not only to our precious skin and health but also to our environment and fellow living beings!

Soooooo,here i am with 'Vanity rehab' which is a sort of  'rehab' to help you rid your vanity case,bathroom shelves and etc., etc., off the toxic concoctions there by protecting our precious Skin,Health,and Environment.So,who's joining? :)


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  1. Thats great to know Siri! Its been 3-4 months I have bdae good bye to hair care products with sls n dimethicone and all, am using only organic based shmapoos! As far as cosmetics is concerned, I planning not to bye anymore,use previous stuff!

    1. Thanks taps :) and that's a really awesome decision! *high five* :)