Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To: Eco-Friendly Greeting Tin

Hello friends :)

This is how i made the eco-friendly greeting tin for my hubby by recycling useless stuff around my home and a 100% natural glue.

Stuff i used:
1) I took a box of facial tissues which was lying useless in my cupboard.(you can use any kind of tissue)
2) An empty Cadbury hot chocolate tin.
3) A news paper to spread and avoid the mess on floor while working.

4) Translucent rainbow glitter(one fine and one chunky-Two jars in the first column of the pic)
5) A sparkly silver mica powder.
6) A 'peach with blue sheen' mica powder.
7) Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in "Royal sugar"
NOTE: These were all lying unused.

8) A cosmetic measuring spoon set to take the mica/glitter out of the jar without making a mess.You can use just a small piece of paper/cardboard/back of the spoon or just about anything which is tiny/slim and can hold powder. 
9) some old useless makeup brushes to mix and paint.(you can wash them,sanitise them and can use them again on your face without any worries because we're not using any toxic/harmful stuff here)

10) Gaund (Edible gum crystals.)

NOTE: This glue is not waterproof.

Now i'll show you how i made it.. 

Step 1: I took a tablespoon of these in a small cup of water and left them soak for almost 6 hrs.after that,i mashed the softened crystals with myfingers to dissolve them completely.(some harder ones may take longer to dissolve completely.Just take them out and put them in a seperate cup with a little water or if they still don't then don't worry.just throw them :P they are 100% natural,100% biodegradable and 100% eco-friedly and so won't harm anyone in anyway :D)

At this point,i made sure that the consistency of the liquid was slightly thick(like that of the camel gum we used back in school days..which comes in a blue bottle..remember?)

Step 2: Now i took half of this liquid gum out in a seperate cup and thinned it out by adding some water and used this to stick the papers.(The consistency of this should be like thickened water.Neither too thin nor too thick.If it is too thick it'll crack after it dries on the paper and if it is too thin(like water) then it is just not gonna stick the papers together properly.) I used the thicker part for painting.

Don't worry about the messy wood particles in the liquid...just strain them out using a sieve.Since it water soluble your sieve will be perfectly fine once you wash it.

Step 3: Now i took the tissue and started sticking it to the tin by applying the thin glue with the long brush(A larger one will work better.I used a real thin one and it took me ages to complete the process.) I used about 25 tissues to cover the bold bright text up completely.So,the number of tissues you need will depend on the kind of text/pictures present on your tin.If you can peel that paper off the tin then go ahead and do it to save the number of tissues required.I tried so hard to peel that paper off but i guess it was glued down so i couldn't.

I glued down this extra hanging tissue to the bottom.I also did the same to the one hanging on top making sure to leave space for the lid to be opened and closed.

This is what it looked like once i was done gluing the tissues down.

I used some extra tissue bits to cover up the bottom completely.Don't let this tin dry completely.

Now let's move on to the fun part..

Step 4: Now i took about a tablespoon of the the thicker glue in to another cup and using the 'Drop' spoon of my measuring spoon set i took about 4 spoonfuls(about 1/4th of the regular teaspoon) of the peach mica powder and 4 spoonfuls(about 1/4th of the regular teaspoon) of the fine translucent rainbow glitter.( you can adjust the qunatities according to your taste).

Mixed them thoroughly.And now it is ready to paint.

Step 5: I painted the partially wet tin(because it holds the pigment and glitter better after drying) in a gradient form..darker at the bottom and lightening up as i moved upwards.Now let it dry atleast for 1/2 an hour to avoid messing up with the wet tissue surface which,at this point can move out of it's place easily.I didn't and as a result i messed it up a little.

Step 6: Now i took about 3/4th teaspoon of the thicker gum and mixed the sugarpill loose eyeshadow in 'royal sugar'(it's an electric blue with aqua blue sparkle).

I made dots like this with it.My cam just refused to pickup the beautiful sparkle of both the blue and peach colours. :( 

Step 7: Now for the lid i made/messed up the flower/ghost like looking thing with the tissue papers by referring to THIS tutorial.I used a thread instead of the thin wire that they used to tie the folded tissues.I made the head by filling a tissue paper with small pieces of leftover tissue bits and gethered the open ends,rolled it and glued it.Then i glued down the head to the body(? :P) and finally glued the whole thing down to the lid. can laugh now *hmph*

I mixed the chunky translucent rainbow glitter in the glue and painted it allover the petals/spooky tentacles and on the bald head.

And for those popped out eyeballs i took a small piece of tissue and rolled it in to two balls and pressed them to make them flat and stuck them on the head using the glue.For the mouth i took a small piece of tissue and rolled it between by palms and glued it down.I used the same peach-glitter paint to colour the eyeballs and the smile.Glued some extra glitter for a sparkly smile and then finally used the blue paint to colour the pupils.Ya..i messed up with the blue paint a little and smudged it on his head. 

On to the actual greeting part...

Step 8: I took all the leftover tissue pieces, filled them in a large tissue,folded it in to a rectangle shape to look like a pillow and then glued it to close it.As i was i a hurry i couldn't find a piece of cardboard or a thick card anywhere so had to make it with tissues.If you can find one then that's the best base to make this more sturdier and easy..I mixed the same blue powder shadow again and painted the whole pillow with it.

Finally i mixed the chunky silver mica powder and the fine rainbow glitter to make a thick paste.Wrote "Happy B'day" and drew a heart.if you feel that it's not opaque enough then just go over it again.I couldn't find a thin tipped paint brush so had to use a toothpick..hence the mess. :P 

I pressed some extra chunky translucent rainbow glitter on to the heart while it was still wet to make more sparkly and pretty. :)

Finally i put this blue pillow in the tin, filled it up with some colourful foam pieces(made with recycled material) which i recieved in a package from lush and put the lid back.(You need some practise to put the lid safely back without disturbing mr.flower ghost.:D) You can use home made chocolates or handmade toys or whatever catches your fancy to fill up the tin and make it more fun :)'s the finished look:

You can make these kind of greeting tins or boxes or even piggy banks(just cover up the lid with tissues and make a slit for the money to go through..that's it) for your loved ones by using/recycling unused stuff around your home.Nope..there's no chance that they won't like them because the thought itself that you spent your precious time making it for them makes them feel so special and all they can see is the ton of love you filled in every inch of it <3

Happy recycling :)

Status: 1 week..looking just as fresh.

Status: 1 year and still going strong!