Monday, May 21, 2012

New Series: Cosmetic Labels 101

NOTE: Cosmetics = Skin care,Hair care,Personal care,grooming and Makeup products.

Do you read the labels of your cosmetics? If yes then do you think cleverly before falling for those claims?(including 'this'-free,'that'-free, no-'this',no-'that', contains-'this',contains-'that', enriched with-'this',enriched with-'that', 'made with all-'this',made with all-'that' etc.,) And do you consider the safety of every single ingredient listed before deciding to buy that product? (Ya..i know we are no scientists :P) As far as i know,majority of us lookout for these three ingredients and try to avoid them:

'SLS/SLES' (Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), 'Parabens' and sometimes 'Silicones'... Right?

But..Do you know that there over 3000 ingredients(and growing) which are used in our cosmetics that are considered to be unsafe/toxic!!!??? And don't even talk about the claims..

Now for a second you may think that cosmetic ingredients and claims are regulated by some government body or the other and they control and approve what goes in to them and conduct rigorous clinical tests and trials before approving certain ingredient to be safe and certain product to be effective.Right? Wrong!

There is really a lot going on behind the scenes in the cosmetic industry which most of us don't even have a clue of!

So,here comes the new series 'Cosmetic labels 101' to educate you about the stuff you need to be careful of and provide you with all the info you need to know.I'll break it up in to several parts..each post will deal with a different topic.

Hope this series will help to make you go green and clean :)



  1. Nice post! Does that mean we wont see your beautiful eye makeups and tutes any more??

    1. Thanks taps :) Of course you will..i will keep posting looks in my other blog until i finish up whatever makeup is left with me and also i'm slowly building my natural makeup collection.. :)