Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Day 1 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru - Part 2

Here's the Part - 2 of Day 1 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru.

Disclaimer: No Insects were Harmed in the Making of This Post. :P :D

There was a Box full of Real Buzzing Bees! Beautiful they were. <3  (I applied a filter to this image because it was too dark and blurry. The bluish reflections are of the glass box.) 

Then there was this Very Interesting 'Swiss pac' Counter where every single thing was Crave worthy!

Sericulture Stall.They displayed all stages of a Silk worm. And that is my hand holding a fully grown worm! :)

Sooooooo Soft and Velvety it was!

Do you remember Ms.Gomathy of Marrie's Malt from THIS post? As i told you, she had a stall at the event too! *yay!*

That is my picture in the Centre of their flexi! *happydance*

Real Palm fruits at her Stall.

There were Stalls from Other States too! This particular one was from Telangana. They support Rural women by making them cultivate Millets and providing them a Trade platform.

Farmer's Assosiation from Uttarakhand Promoting their Local Organic farminng.

Basket full of Sheep wool shavings. They make Blankets out of it.(see next pic)

 'Dhanya' Hand processed Millet Products by Dr.Khader from Mysore. He is an Allopathy Doctor who treats his patients successfully in un-conventional ways! I personally heard his speech at an event at The Green path(where i work) and i was so Amazed after hearing his simple theories! I recorded a video of him too which i will upload on this blog someday.

 Millet-based Breakfast mixes.

They had a Farmer's Workshop where they were providing Every single kind of Information a Small-scale Organic Farmer needs to know.

Humongous number of Farmers Attended this Workshop.

 Finally, This Humble Elder man sung such a Beautiful Heart touching Song about Farmers. <3

I will update you with More pictures from Today..i.e., Day 2. :)
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In case you've Missed the Part 1 of My Day 1 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Read it HERE. I am sure you'd be Glad that you went through it! :)
NoteIf you are coming to the Organics and Millets National Trade Fair 201728th April - 30th April, Bengaluru, You might Bump in to ME! Identification clues: Short & Thin girl with Shabby overgrown pixie hair, a Canon camera hanging in the neck, Tortoise acetate glasses and a Wide Grin with 'Rabbit'ish Teeth. :D
I am One of the Official Bloggers Covering The 'Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair', A Government Initiative held by the Department of Agriculture, Bengaluru. (No matter what, it will be my own Honest views. i Promise!)

Did you find these Interesting? Have you Attended the Day 1 of this Event? What was your Experience? Share with Me in the comments section below. :)




  1. so wonderful
    the bug seems so cute
    are those types of tea/coffee lined up on the wall in packets ?

    1. :) The worm was really cute! yes..tea, coffee, chocolate, marination mixes, macaron mixes, spice mixes and many more interesting things were there.

  2. Thanks worries of missing the event has been just vanished because of your blog :-)
    hearty appreciation for the efforts...!

  3. Looking forward and eagerly waiting for Day 2...thanks in advance :-)