Friday, April 28, 2017

My Day 1 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru - Part 1

My Day 1 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru:

This was a Huge Event! There were 200+ Amazing stalls! :o

*Note: 'Cooking with Millets' Event is Tomorrow. i.e., April 29, 2017.

This is a Must Attend Event! If you haven't already, then Please please pleassssseee Don't Miss This! By attending this Event, You are going to help a Rural Small-scale Organic farmer(who are our Future Saviours!) in Multiple Ways. <3

I coudn't cover all the stalls today because that was a Huge place and my MS symptoms were kinda aggravating after walking for such a long time. I Did cover almost half of it. There are too many pics. So, i will divide this in to 2 parts. Will post the 2nd part tomorrow morning. :)

Here's a Pic Journey of the Amazing stalls.

Pic Heavy!

Fresh Raw Organic Turmeric.

Organic Country Spices.

How Long has it been since you saw Native Country Garlic!!!??? I am definitely getting a bunch of them tomorrow!

Mixture and Snacks made with Multigrains and Millets.

'Do bandar' stall. This time i am getting that Vanilla-Cinnamon Soap that i told you about in This post. :) 

'Naturobell' Cosmetics Food and Garden products stall.


Fresh Organic Vegetable For Sale by rural Organic Farmers!

Organic Farmers from many Villages/Rural areas set up their stalls. After all, they are the Stars of this Event!

'Dhatu' Food products Stall. They had some Interesting Products like the Dried Bird's eye chili and Natural Lacto-Fermented Pickles! I Instantly Bought the Dry Mango Pickle! <3

Organic Tea variants.

'Organa' Organic Juice brand stall.

Hon'ble Agriculture Minister Shri Krishna Byre Gowda on the dias along with Agriculture Ministers from Different States.

Humongous Crowd at the Event!

Wait for 'Part 2' Tomorrow Morning. :)
I am One of the Official Bloggers Covering The 'Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair', A Government Initiative held by the Department of Agriculture, Bengaluru. (No matter what, it will be my own Honest views. i Promise!)

Did you find these Interesting? Are you Craving to Attend the Event?Share with Me in the comments section below. :)



  1. Lusting after sooooooo many things...........the bird's eye chilli , pickles , Naturobell Cosmetics <3

  2. I should be there !!! With an unlimited budget of course ;P
    seems like you had a wonderful time
    loved so many things in your posts.... the pics <3

    1. Thank you so much Aishwarya :) Ha ha..yes of course. :P :D I definitely did but couldn't stay longer because of my health condition :/