Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee Review.

These days, Like i said in the previous post, i am rolling in Hazelnut Heaven! I am Craving for it like nothing else matters in this whole wide world! Yes. Seriously. I have become a Crazy Hazelnut Addict!!! So Crazy that i even wanted to put it in a Pulao that i was cooking one day!!!!!! (Someday i might and i will definitely share the recipe with you all when i do. If i succeed that is! ;D) Let's move on to the Review.

For us Indians, especially South Indians, Coffee always meant 'Filter coffee'. 'Filter Kaapi' to be precise ;) which contains a small percentage of chicory root. We brew the decoction overnight in a steel coffee filter and in the morning prepare a fresh tumbler of it and savour every sip....err...wait wait...that doesn't happen! Just chug the kaapi(coffee) within seconds, fuel our engines and proceed with daily chores like almost a superhuman! :P :D

Then, the millenial rush shot the Instant coffee to fame. But, be it Nescafe or Bru, the taste did not go down that well with people who were used to filter coffee. With time, many of our tongues adapted and moved on with the instant brews.

And then, the Human's never ending desire to always go beyond regular, made him Add a Dash of New Ingredient to his Boring regular cuppa so that he can take it's Flavour to a new level. That was the Birth of Flavoured Coffee. Once people tasted this new brew which took them on a flavour spin, the whole idea is taking over the entire world. 

So, the coffee companies started adding artificial flavourings to their coffees. But, Artificial is Artificial right? it can never give you the Real Flavour. It just hangs you in the false Illusion of Flavour. Now, this is where 'The Wandering Bean' adds value to the whole Flavoured Coffee Revolution. Let's see how... :)

The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee Review:

Tell me who's a Fan of Heaven-nut? sorry... Hazelnut? ;) You are? Must've had it with chocolate right? But have you ever craved it in coffee? If yes, you must've tried it wherever you encountered it... Like say, Starbucks, Nescafe, Krispy Kreme and so on and so on. And every single time you may have tasted Nothing close to Hazelnut but, plain Sugar Syrup. I myself had that experience! Read where and all i had it in THIS POST. (click on this link to read)

Today, i present to you, The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee which takes you straight to Hazelnut Heaven!

Because, They Infuse their coffee with the Real Hazelnuts! And, there is No Chicory in it. Just Pure Coffee Sourced from Organic Coffee Plantations in Chikmagalur and Hazelnuts. Sounds like Bliss? I Say That's What It Is!

And oh my oh my...i feel like having a cuppa every other minute. Whenever my bottle is about to finish and i forget to order it beforehand, i feel like i am going to leave my body real soon. :P Sorry. But, THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!

I Savour every Sip while sitting in My Backyard Jungle. <3
And that Cup up there is from "Zista Black Pottery Range" available on . It adds such a Nostalgic Earthy Flavour to my Nutty Cuppa of Hazelnut coffee. Just Love how they both blend together to give a heavenly experience! <3

So, i Urge you All...Yes, i Urge you All Hazelnut Lovers out there to Hop on to Their Amazon Page and Order it Right Away! NO, NOBODY PAID ME TO TELL THIS. AND, I'M NOT LYING EITHER! I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN JHOOT BOLEY KAUVA KAATEY. ;P :D

Rating: Infinity/Infinity. <3 Because, anything less than that would be an Insult to this wonderful product.

Availability: or you can DM them on their Instagram @beanwander

See you soon with the Review of Other Flavours of coffee from The Wandering Bean.

Have you tried this or any Hazelnut coffee that stole your heart? I would love to hear your experience! Share with me in the Comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

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