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Compost Pots -One of the Most Simple and Sensible Solutions for a Healthy World.

                       Ratna Latha - Green Face, Vizag, explaining the terracotta home composting. Read her article on The Hindu. Find the Link at the end where it says - Image source: 1

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Author: PraGun.
Q: Do you love your family?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Do you care for them?
Ans: Yes I ensure their safety, security and other responsibilities for it.

Q: Do you love your house?
Ans: Yes, and I ensure it has all basic amenities, it has the comfort and coziness and it has all elements to stay in connect with each other.

Q: So, do you love your planet?
Ans: Yes of course.

Question: And what are you doing for that???

Well, if this question makes you think, then it’s high time we do our bit.

Enough gyan isn’t it, well no more gyan... Instead, i will just help you contribute that bit with a product which is easy to use and easily available.

I recently visited Indore and saw a unique pot over pot structure. That aroused my curiosity and when I enquired from my aunt and other neighbors I got to know a very unique, eco-friendly, and environment friendly thing.
It’s called compost pots (also called compost khamba). Yes these are a set of three cans which anyone can use, irrespective of space.
The compost posts gives you freedom and ease to make your own compost right in your backyard or terrace which your plants will happily consume.

What are they made of?
They are available in wooden as well as terracotta.

How to place them?
Well, we just need to provide our new friend, I mean the compost pots a right place to settle and be placed.

What is needed for placement?
Ideally we need a flat surface be it on terrace, or balcony, or garden. Just keep it out of reach from small kids.

Steps involved in composting:
3Add waste
4Maintain and repeat
5Check compost

Where to find these pots?
One can create it on their own or even buy it from a local shop and it’s even available online on and other sites.

From: :
(Click on the above link to go to the product page. And no, this is not an affiliate link.)

Do check all the terracotta products available form Daily dump on It’s an environment friendly series of smart compost bins.
Image -

My compost pots journey:

Recently after knowing a lot about it, I started my own organic compost for my small vegetable garden.  I reduced my garbage throwing and instead collected it to create my own compost which is a treat for my soil in vegetable garden and environment too.

How much compost does it make?

If we see in a family of 4 persons we create almost a 1 kg of garbage daily, and so it’s the best solution to create compost easily. Vegetable peels (this forms the major filler for compost), fruits peels, seeds etc, some old leftovers, etc. you won’t believe we can easily convert Kitchen & Organic Waste to compost in just a time of 4-6 Weeks.

Added advantage:

These Terracotta Composters are handmade by our own Indian Potters, when I came to know of this it added to my happiness as I respect the local handicraft and artisans a lot. It contains No Plastic or any Toxic Elements. For a person like me who is always looking for environment friendly options, sustainable development, and saving nature this is a boon.

Composting has three main ingredients:

1.       Browns as in dead dry leaves, branches, twigs etc.
 2.       Greens as in vegetable or fruit scrapings, vegetable waste, and leafy clippings etc.
3.       Water I even use the vegetable washed water in it.

This simple technique will also give you immense pleasure and you can love your planet and help it grow in its natural way.

Why Compost pot?

For our healthy breathable atmosphere and living conditions it’s high time we switch to such practices.
For future generations we must use natural products which are safe from dangerous chemicals.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink along with Refuse is the new generation mantra. I religiously follow the 5 R’s and promote them as much as I can.

By composting, we also helps the soil to stay enriched, as we are producing beneficial bacteria and excellent fertilizer in our own mini pot. This has given me satisfaction of moving towards greener, healthier and environmental friendly future for our coming generations.
Editor's Word: As PraGun said, Compost Pots are one of the most simple  and Sensible Solutions for a Healthy World. It just takes a minute or two at most to do this simple daily task. So, ready to take this up to leave behind a better world for our Future Generations? Would love to hear Your Thoughts and Ideas in the 'comments' section below. :)
Infinite Love,
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