Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review: Auroshikha Hand Made Soap Aloevera-Keora(Kewda)

This is the answer for "Guess the post". Read on to know what those beautiful dewy droplets were.

First of all...a Confession: I never ever smelled Keora/kewra/Kewda in any form,not even once in my life.It's an alien fragrance to me.

This soap made me fall head over heels in love with Keora/kewra/Kewda. I even bought a tiny bottle of attar made out of these flowers.In fact, i'm smelling it off my wrist as i am writing this. <3

Let us move on to the review of this awesome soap which is wonderful not only in terms of fragrance but also in it's effectiveness on skin.

Auroshikha is a part of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram situated in Pondicherry,India. And a cool fact about this brand is that they offer 100% of their profits to Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

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They make Incense,Candles,Essential oils,Perfume oils etc., They make Soaps too but they haven't listed them or provided any info on their website or anywhere else! The soaps are not available on any indian website while their other products are. Why Auroshikha? Why!?

Ingredients in brief. Full list is not mentioned anywhere.It is safe though, because the base is made with vegetable oils and probably-usually-surely 'lye'(the alternate name for sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) which is the one that turns oils in to soap.

 One night when i woke up to go pee pee i saw that something awesome had happened with the soap. There were like hundreds of sparkly dewy drops on it. It was so pretty that i had to grab hubby's mobile and click click.And then next morning the first thing i did was grab the camera and start a snap fest.
That midnight mobile pic.

I touched that dewy surface and it felt like diluted watery glycerin. And that's right! This was a phenomenon caused by glycerine in the soap and is called "Glycerin dew" and seems that it happens quite commonly with glycerin containing cold processed soaps. Glycerin is a 'Humectant'(hygroscopic) which means that it draws/attracts water from the surrounding environment. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the saponification process and most handmade soap makers leave it in the soap itself unlike commercial soap makers who seperate it and use it to supplement other products like body lotions,moisturisers and a plethora of other things. Some soap brands add a tiny amount of zapped glycerin to the soap from which it had been zapped and call it a glycerin soap! Like..seriously! Wow! Hats off...and on to their faces. :()  
But this soap is a 'True proof' of a pure high glycerin content soap
which benefits the skin for real.

Pic used in 'Guess the post'

Sun made it look even more mesmerising <3

Made the blog initials before the dew bid adieu :)

My experience :

                          I found this soap in an organic store in chennai while randomly browsing the shelves. It was love at first sniff and off it went to the billing counter. Everytime i bathe with this soap,it lifts my mood,makes me happy and leaves my skin smooth and supple. It has added shea butter,olive oil and extra glycerin and is perfect for winters(pics above are the proof).It's lather is airy light and cleans well. If you have oily skin and live in a place where winters are not that harsh(like Chennai) then with this soap you can totally skip the body lotion. If you have naturally dry skin then some lotion is must. I've been using this soap from the past 6 months and so far have no complaints except that it dissolves super quick,like,within 2 weeks if the water is hard. Otherwise it lasts moderately for like a month and i'm happy with it.

  • Moisturising.
  • Has high glycerin content.
  • Added shea butter and olive oil.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Budget friendly.
  • 100% of Auroshikha's profits go to Sri Aurobindo Ashram,Pondicherry.
  • Dissolves super quick if you have hard water.
  • Availability.Not at all easy to find either offline or online.
Rating: 4.5/5

Final thoughts: I've used glycerin soaps from other natural brands but they were never as good as this one. So,definitely check it out if you can find it.

PS: These soaps are available in many other flavours at Annai organics,Chennai. You may also find it easily in pondicherry.