Saturday, June 8, 2013

This JUNE i present to you my...JUNI!

This JUNE, i present to you my.....


Yes,this is my puppy girl 'JUNI'  <3 :) <3

The story in brief:

She was one of the litter of four which the street doggie whom i used to feed,delivered on the terrace of the old building infront of my home.

And NO,i did not take her in immedietly.It took me almost 4 months to take the decision.

Some one took two of them away and two of them remained.Some psychotic children from the neighbouring street tortured those two tiny babies in ways which i don't even want to talk about.Their mommy disappeared and i just couldn't let them stay out anymore.I sooooo badly wanted to make them mine but could not because of some personal reasons.I decided to foster them.They were around three months old by then.One day the girl puppy disappeared and i thought that some one stole her and she would never return.But one fine morning i found her sleeping at my door and happiness knew no bounds.This happened many times after that and i was clueless as to who was taking her away! Finally,one day i came to know that  it was none other than a kid from my neighbouring street.Thereafter,i  protected her like a treasure.After a month i came to know about "The Chennai Adoption Drive" which is an awesome non profit organisation for stray INdogs and is run by a network of friends.

Here's more info about them:
(Took from the 'about' section of their facebook page)

We're a family of passionate humans dedicated to increasing public awareness of Indian Strays we come across daily on the streets, being abused, hurt & tormented for the sole reason of being 'strays'. We aim to change peoples' perceptions of this misunderstood breed. Simply put, we love Indian Dogs & want what's best for them.Our Aim To reduce the stray dog population through getting homes for our Indian puppies, educate the public about ABC(Animal Birth Control ) and open people's minds to the happy & peaceful co-existence between us humans & these beautiful but misunderstood group of dogs.

  I registered both of them for the drive which was going to happen in april.Took both of them there.Within an hour,the male puppy got adopted by a wonderful family.After a few hours,the team member along with an old man (who wanted a puppy for his family) approached juni and he decided to take her home.But before that,he went home to bring along the children from his family to take her.We waited till evening but he never came back.

Now,with a huge question mark in both our brains,we returned home.I was crying for two whole days after the drive because i was so attached to the male puppy which got adopted.The whole house seemed so empty without him because he was the naughtiest one.After those two days i returned to my senses and started thinking about her.

And after a week,my heart won over my brain.I decided that i will adopt her myself and no matter what,will never let HER face the world alone.

And now,SHE is the one who isn't letting ME face the world alone. <3 :* <3

For the first time when i just wanted one pup from the litter of 4 to play for a while,She was the one whom i got hold of.And later when she disappeared suddenly i thought that she was gone for good but she escaped from that kid and returned to me every single time.And finally,she was the one who remained after the male pup got adopted.And now,without even a tiny doubt i can say that SHE WAS MEANT TO BE MINE!

Happy ending :)

Here are some pics of them both.:

The first time i held her from the litter and bought her in to my home (for an hour,to play).

 This the male puppy i was talking about.I used to call him monkey because he was sooooo naughty and playful.And he had his own style or should i say 'sleep' statement. :D

Time for some sibling love <3

<3 This is how my juni girl looks now.<3

Siri and Juni.


  1. ohh such a heart touching story and what a cute little puppy JUNI :)
    ur really a pet lover, like me ;p

    1. And this is just a brief story.The full story is soooo long and even more heart touching.And ya..i am an ardent animal lover <3 :))

  2. OMG...she is such a cutie!!!! Congrats on becoming Juni-momma :D

  3. Sirii you are so cute! And Juni might just be a little cuter! :D
    Love, LOVE the pictures and the story. She was meant to me yours!
    Loads of love to you both! Mwaah

  4. Beautiful, Juni surely knew who her real momma was and ensure she stayed with her for ever :) Congratulations to you both.... its pure love that calls for such stories to have a happy beginning :)