Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion-Indian Rose and Marigold.

Here is the first post under "The Monsoon 'Rose'mance" series :)
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Price: 1,750 INR

Packaging: Housed in a similar looking Cardboard case is a Very elegant looking hard plastic case with Red Roses on a Royal Blue label. That Golden cap amps up the charm. Comes with a high quality pump dispenser.

Eco-Friendly? On all levels! Right from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing factory, they are eco-friendly. 
Read THIS page on their website to know more.

Bioaccumulation/eco-toxicity: No. They claim to be constantly looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and focus on using renewable plant sources in their products.

Ingredients: Only 'key ingredients' mentioned. They claim that they are not like other GREENWASHING companies. But then, why aren't they transparent with their ingredient list? why?

Organic ingredients: None in this product. But, they do use a few certified organic ingredients in their other products.

Ingredient safety: Mentioned ingredients are obviously natural & safe. Don't know about the unmentioned ones.

My Experience: First of all, I am a Huge Fan of anything that smells like Real Roses. So, whenever i went to their store to stock up my regular fare(Will review them all soon), this product, which sits so elegantly on their beautiful shelf, used to intrigue me every single time. But, i was too afraid to try it because there was this strong prejudice in my mind which used to make a statement that "It hails from a natural cosmetic brand and no matter how light they claim it to be, it is going to be super heavy and duper oily!". And the source of this prejudice is my experience with such products from other brands.

One day, my sister's friend wanted my opinion about the other variant i.e, the 'Lavender & Neroli' one and i had to go to the store and test it out. I loved how light it felt on the skin and that is when i finally decided to try this variant. 
Guess what! It was love at first swipe! the texture...the fragrance...mmmm... <3 

Finally, one fine day, i bought myself a bottle of this beautiful concotion.

The pump dispenser is wonderful.You can dispense as much as you please..i.e., a tiniest amount to a full pump.

It's looks like a thick lotion but has a super light weight texture for something that contains so many oils! It gets absorbed instantly in to the skin and moisturizes oily/normal skin perfectly. In dry weather, you may need a full pump. And if you live in humid conditions, half a pump or less will be perfect.
1) Freshly applied. 2) After a minute. See, how satiny matte it looks after absorption.

My skin misbehaves in both Summers and Monsoons. This is the only natural moisturizer other than aloevera gel, that i can apply without any worry of clogging up my pores which leads to break outs. It NEVER EVER Broke out/Irritated my Acne prone/Sensitive skin!

It Smells of Real Roses and totally relaxes my mind. During Monsoons, i super love it because it feels even more enchanting with all the romantic vibe going on. Unlike other brands who sell 'Rose' products with 'Palmarosa oil' in it, this brand uses 'Pure Rosa Damascena oil' <3

The quantity of product you get for this price seems too less when you see the number, but trust me, it lasts at least 2-3 months when you use it once a day.

All i can say is, this 'Light Day Lotion-Indian Rose and Marigold' from Forest Essentials did a perfect job at Moisturizing and Nourishing my skin. I am on my second bottle and i can tell that this regular usage made my skin more healthy given my lifeless skin due to inability of maintainance after being diagnosed with MS.


  • Light weight texture.
  • Gets absorbed super quick.
  • Suitable for Oily/Normal skin. Moisturizes these skintypes perfectly.
  • Has SPF25. It doesn't leave any whitish cast like some natural products with SPF do.
  • Doesn't Breakout/Irritate Acne prone/Sensitive skin.
  • Gives a semi matte finish.
  • Smells of fresh rose flowers.
  • Awesome key ingredients. Now, where can you find so many super nourishing real ingredients in any Natural brand in India other than Forest essentials.
  • Price. But, it's worth it.
  • Full ingredient list not mentioned. As they are calling themselves an Environmentally friendly company unlike other greenwashing brands, they should've been transparent.

My Rating: 4.99/5 ya.. weird i know.. -0.1 for the Non-transparency regarding the ingredient list.

Do i Recommend? Yes, Absolutely! Go grab this ASAP if you have Oily/Normal skin.Because...
Monsoon ho ya Summer...this is never gonna be a Bummer! ;D

 "The Monsoon 'Rose'mance" Series.