Monday, May 1, 2017

My Day 2 at the Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair, Bengaluru.

Hello guys...:)

I am really sorry for this late post of day 2. After all the roaming around in the huge palace grounds, i was so exhausted that my Health(MS) went for a toss and tossed me on to the bed! :(

After getting a little better, i finished my 3rd day's coverage at the venue and here i am typing up this post finally. :) 

Here's the Pic Collection of Day 2. Couldn't click many because of my Health condition(MS). 

They are all collages.

Exotic products from 'Phalada Pure & Sure'. I bought the Jack fruit curry and Coconut sugar. I so wanted to buy the Matcha Green tea too but i was low on cash so didn't. 

'Power puffs' Multi-grain puffed guilt-free snacks. Bought 2 packs of the Masala flavour and oh my goodness!, They are super duper tasty! No sugary taste like the kurkure ones.

'Pristine Organics' products, 'Pro-nature' Sesame-Flax seed bars, 'Beginnings' breakfast flakes.

Recyclable packaging pouches from the 'Swiss pac' Counter. They make it in bulk for any company that orders them. 

Pure Desi cow ghee sweets, Red and Black Quinoa, Jack fruit products.

You can go through the Event coverage from the Beginning by clicking these respective Links:  Day 1 - part 1Day 1 - Part 2
I am One of the Official Bloggers Covering The 'Organics and Millets 2017 National Trade Fair', A Government Initiative held by the Department of Agriculture, Bengaluru. (No matter what, it will be my own Honest views. I Promise!)

Will get back to you Tomorrow with Day 3 i.e., the Final day's Picture Tour. :)



  1. I should have been there !
    How amazing is this !
    Jackfruit dishes - wow <3
    Power puffs - can't wait to taste it - hope they launch it in all India

    1. Exactly. You should have been! Power puffs are going to launch in to the market this month! Yayyy...

  2. by the way- reading your post first thing in hte morning - what a beautiful start to my day !

  3. how are feeling now ?
    was concerned after reading that you left early

    1. After 2 days complete rest, i am feeling a bit better now sweetheart. :) <3

  4. pure ghee sweets <3 <3 <3 reminds me of Pu.La.Reddy Hyderabad

    1. Pulla reddy sweets are legendary! Love loove looove them!