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Jiva Vrksa Natural Personal care products Review Part-1.

Review of the Jiva Vrksa Personal care products.

Recently, '
Jiva vrksa' which is a Natural/Organic Personal care brand sent me 4 of their products for review. I used them in many different ways and am now ready to give my opinion on them.

About 'Jiva Vrksa' Brand:

JivaVrksa, is an health initiative of vrksa (Vri-K-sha : Tree - A symbol of life and endurance) lifespace pvt ltd; Chennai with a vision to spread awareness on healthy and sustainable living through natural and organic personal and home care products.

Vrksa has always been mindful on the products we have used that are categorized Organic or Natural. 

The products we have always in one way or the other promote sustainable living either by taking us a step closer to nature or by supporting the people creating these natural products.

We at Jivavrksa will do what it takes to help with all of your questions on anything thats related to the products or any general questions that you might have on how to lead a healthy natural life.

Their Values: Being natural is at the core to continue being who we are! (I really Loved this one!)

All in all, i loved their Views, Values and Motto. Let's see if the performance of the products matched up.

I was sent 75 gram pouches of these four products:

*Hair wash.
 *Body wash.
*Face wash.
*Face pack.

A Thank you Note and a pair of ear rings made out of Coconut shell from 'Manya vrksa'. :) Too bad i can not wear them because, My ears have strangely developed an allergy for all the metals including Gold which is supposed to be neutral and non-allergic.  :-/

I am breaking down the Review in to Two parts. So, here i am reviewing 1 product i.e., the Face wash. Rest 3 will be in the second part.

Jiva Vrksa Face wash Review:

Quantity: 75 gms.

Price: Rs.100.00 INR

The Face wash powder was packed in a Paper packaging.


The Face wash powder: (Model: Hubby ;))

First of all, let me tell you my skin type: Super sensitive.(because of my Health condition)

After using 'Forest essentials Narangi nagkesar' ubtan for a long time, i was excited to try something new in the form of Jiva Vrksa Facewash. After i finished 3 tubs of that ubtan, i switched to regular cleansing options for a while. After suffering that bad decision, i just grabbed this face wash powder to use because my natural liquid face wash and the natural soap were both drying up my skin like monsters!

I took 1/2 a spoon worth of this face wash powder, mixed it with a little water to make a paste and rubbed it gently in circular motions allover my face. Did this for half a minute and then washed it off with cold water. Then i went to my work place as usual. I was driving my scooter and started feeling weird on my face. And then after i reached and was shooting an important event, suddenly my face started to itch horribly! It was unbearable! I had to abruptly stop the shoot and run in to the kitchen for a glass of cold milk and immediately wash my face with it. I felt relieved after that.

I did not dare touch it for the next one week. :-I And then one day, i decided to give it a second chance. This time i mixed it with Milk and a little Milk cream. This time, it itched a little less but not completely absent.

So, the Conclusion is that, it does not suit Sensitive skin types for sure. However, it has Amazing Organic ingredients that do not usually fall in the 'irritating' category and hence might work well on normal/non-sensitive skin types.

My Rating A/c to my Super sensitive skin type: 0/5

Do i Recommed: It is very cost effective for a 75 gram natural face wash. So, you can give it a try if your skin doesn't fall in the 'Sensitive' category.


Click on the Image Below to Buy a Pack of 3 for Rs.300/- from the Jiva Vrksa Store on

I will Review the remaining 3 products tomorrow.
Have you used this Jiva Vrksa Face wash? Did your facial skin suffer the itching too? Or did it work fine? Let me know your experience in the comments section below. :)


  1. My skin too is super-duper sensitive
    Must admit though the quantity is good for the price
    Loved your photos <3
    Have you tried the Vedantika Ubtan ? I found it to be give it a shot
    I have also bought a Kama Mridul face cleanser but yet to start using it - have you used it ?

  2. Thank you Jiva Vrksa for not using plastic in your wrapping <3
    Will try this

  3. My skin is super sensitive. I think I will skip this. Nice and honest review...

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  4. These are excellent organic products. I've tested some of them for SameDayPapers reviews. The quality is so high, that I was completely satisfied.

  5. I was looking for something like that for some time already. Your review is the best so far so I think this cosmetics are the best so far as well and I am going to try it asap. Thank you for sharing!