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Top 10 Benefits of Aloevera gel for skin and hair.


Top 10 Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel: For Skin and Hair

One of the most popular herbal remedies available is aloe vera, the plant that is widely used for treating skin and hair problems. The plant's gel-like ingredients have been shown to treat a variety of minor skin conditions. As a result of its vitamin A, C, E, and B12 content, aloe vera repairs damaged and acne-prone skin while promoting healthy hair growth as well. In order to have shiny, bouncy hair, you should include aloe vera gel in your daily skincare and haircare routine.

Benefits of Pure Aloe Vera Gel

The majority of aloe vera is water, but it is also rich in minerals, active compounds, and vitamins, making its skin glow and glow naturally. As a result, aloe vera gel is heavily promoted these days and is also used in many skincare and hair care products, including lotions, creams, shampoos, serums, toners, sunscreens, etc. 

    1. Helps to Reduce Dark Spots

Pigmentation on the skin can be caused by a number of factors. Dark spots, whether caused by the sun, acne, or natural aging processes, all have one thing in common: they tend to persist. The chemical aloin in the aloe vera plant can help lighten the area in some cases.

    2. Helps to Fade Stretch Marks

The topical application of organic aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil has been shown to reduce the appearance and prevent the spread of stretch marks.

   3. Deals with Skin Aging

Moreover, it is effective at eradicating blemishes and reducing age lines, thanks to vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and antimicrobial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it increases collagen production and skin elasticity in the body.

   4.  Defends Against Dandruff

Aloe vera can be used as a natural hair cleaner to get rid of dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, and product buildup from your scalp and hair. Besides combating dandruff, aloe vera also has proteolytic enzymes that relieve itchy scalps and is anti-pruritic.

    5. Helps to Promote Hair Growth

A healthy scalp and hair are attributed to blood flow to hair follicles. When applied to the scalp, aloe vera helps your hair follicles receive vitamins, minerals, and oxygen needed for hair to grow healthy.

   6.  Deep Nourishes Skin

Sleep with aloe vera working its magic. Just before going to bed, use aloe vera gel to massage your hands, neck, and face. Aloe vera is soft, non-oily, and penetrates the skin layers to deeply hydrate the skin. Awaken to skin that is silky-smooth.

  7. Hair Moisturiser

Aloe vera has the ability to moisturise both the skin and the hair. It is easy to wash off and gentle on hair. Aloe vera might help if your hair feels rough and dry. It contains proteolytic enzymes that help to rebuild the scalp's dead skin. Grab some aloe vera, and generously wrap the hair strands with it. After 30 minutes, wash it off to reveal silky hair.

  8. Reduce Hair Fall

Organic aloe vera gel for hair  is well known for strengthening roots and reducing hair breakage. It also has a reputation for being an excellent conditioner for the scalp and leaving hair soft and moisturised. When aloe vera is applied to the scalp, it becomes hydrated from within. Roots that are properly hydrated become more supple, reducing breaking.


9. Lightens Blemishes

Your self-esteem may be badly impacted by dark patches and acne scars. We advise trying this simple DIY solution first before investing in pricey therapies. Aloe vera possesses astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Due to these characteristics and the high moisture content, it is excellent in lessening the visibility of scars and blemishes.

  10. Makeup Remover

This versatile gel doubles as a makeup remover. It's gentle, natural, and can be used on sensitive skin. Use it to remove eye makeup without hesitation! 

How to get 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel?

There have been many positive reviews for this product from users. Indus Valley Bio-Organic Aloe Vera Gel has been shown to help with many skin and hair issues. If you want to invest in a product, always make sure it is organic and natural. Many people have rated this product as a genuine product, based on their reviews. As well as offering herbal ingredients rich in health benefits, this product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Why Indus Valley Bio-Organic Aloe Vera Gel?

  • 100% organic and pure aloe vera gel
  • Has no negative effects, is chemical-free, and is non-toxic.
  • Numerous benefits without a greasy aftertaste
  • Suitable for skin types that are oily, dry, combination, and normal.
  • Both vegan and animal-free

How to use Bio-Organic Aloe Vera Gel?

 DIY mask for glowing skin

  • Fill a clean basin with 1 tablespoon of rice flour.
  • Pour some pure aloe vera gel in.
  • Add a few drops of rose water, then combine.
  • For 12 minutes, apply this paste to your face.
  • Utilize a wet cotton towel to remove.

DIY hair mask for shiny hair

  • In a clean basin, place 3 teaspoons of the aloe vera gel.
  • Mix with some raw milk to create a thin paste.
  • Apply the entire mixture to your hair, then give it 20 minutes to dry.
  • Apply lukewarm water to rinse.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Start a Garden in your Balcony. A Guide.

Author: Eric.

A garden is an excellent addition to any home. Unfortunately, living in a small space such as an apartment in most cities, it remains a dream. But don't lose hope! If you have a balcony, you can set up a great garden in no time. We will give you some great ideas on how to create and sustain a garden on your balcony.

1. Things to grow in your balcony garden

You can nurture any plant that works with your climate on a balcony garden. You may choose which plants to nurture depending on your interests.
Herb gardens are fun. They bring different fragrances to your balcony, and you can pick fresh herbs for your meals.
You can also have a vegetable garden. Some vegetables to plant that are tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and beets.
Imagine the joy of picking your own veggies to make a salad or put in a soup? So rewarding!
You can also grow fruit such as strawberries, lemons, and blueberries on your balcony garden.
Flowers are great as well. Planting flowers and fruits is a great way to create a pretty and uplifting ecosystem that nurtures your soul and other life such as butterflies, beneficial insects, and birds.

2. How will the weather affect your garden plants?
In India, we get different weather every three or four months. You can rotate plants on your balcony according to the seasons.
In the summer, it's a great time to plant things like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, beets, and lettuce.
Herbs like basil, oregano, sage, and thyme will also thrive. Flowers like Marigold, sunflowers, hibiscus, daffodils, zinnias, and bougainvillea do great in summer.
During monsoon season, you can plant veggies that prefer cooler weather and soil such as beans, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, kale, and lettuce. Flowers such as gul mohur, lotus, monsoon cassia, and indigo flowers are great for monsoon season.
In winter you can still grow some veggies. Try carrots, capsicum, and cauliflowers.
For herbs try chives, thyme, and basil. You can also grow some flowers indoors such as petunias and paper daisies.

3. How to design and organize your balcony garden

There are different ways to organize your balcony garden.
You need to use the one that will help you maximize space or create a great ambiance.
You can create a vertical garden which you do by hanging lots of planters or pots from a trellis.
A great thing with vertical gardens is you can set up a drip irrigation system and cut down on having to water your plants manually.
Make sure you put your vertical garden where it gets enough sunlight because plants need it.
Great plants to grow on vertical gardens are herbs and leafy green veggies. For plants such as tomatoes, and cucumbers, you can place a large pot on the ground and use the trellis as the support they climb up on as they grow.
You can also hang your plants in small pots around your balcony border. Other planters can be hooked on to the balcony railing.
The other option is to have plants in different pots all over the balcony where they can get some light. It does not allow you
to grow a lot of plants but will allow you to nurture a few favorites.

4. Essentials for a balcony garden to thrive

- Sun
Although you can grow anything you like, some other factors will determine what grows in your balcony garden.
Start with sun exposure. How much sunlight does your balcony garden get?
Some plants do not need much sunlight, while others like most herbs require between 4 -6 hours of sunlight each day to thrive.
Pick the plants that will get enough sunlight on your balcony for a prosperous garden.
The location of your balcony will also matter. Balconies on higher levels receive more sunlight than those on the ground level.
If your terrace is mostly shady, it's a great place to plant ferns, begonias, English ivy, and peace lilies.
For a balcony that receives a lot of sun, strawberries, basil, lettuce, and tomatoes are great.
You can also companion plant, which means planting flowers that help each other to thrive. For example, leafy plants can be used to shade plants that do not require lots of sunlight.

- Soil
Soil is another balcony garden essential. It's easy to get good quality soil that can drain well from a gardening supply store or a garden in nearby farms. You can put gardening soil in pots of any size depending on the plant size and growth potential.
You will find help with soil from the people you buy flowers or seeds from for your balcony garden. They can also tell you the best pot size and how much sun each plant needs so you can plant them strategically for great results.

- Gardening equipment
You don't need a lot of tools to grow a garden on your balcony. Get a small trowel to dig through the small pots or planters and a watering can to make it easy for you to water your plants.

You may also get a spray bottle for spraying organic pesticide solution whenever nasty pests like aphids try to attack your veggies or flowers. If you like working in soil with your bare hands, that's fine; but if not, a great pair of gardening gloves are inexpensive and will protect your hands as you work .

- Water and fertilizer
Of course, you will need to water the plants. It's also a good idea to buy some organic fertilizer or compost tea because all plants need some nutritious food to grow properly.

Fertilizer comes in liquid form that you can mix in water, or grainy stuff you can mix in the soil. If you go to a gardening supply place or a plant selling center they will give you ideas on what to use for fertilizer and where to buy it.

5. Starting a balcony garden
To start a garden, you can start with seeds. You will find them in garden supply stores, and they always have instructions on
the back on how to grow them.

Another option is to visit a nursery and buy already germinated seedlings. Nurseries always grow out seeds and sell the seedlings to garden enthusiasts. Buying seedlings from nurseries will save you time and energy so you can just start planting the herbs or veggies in a pot when you get home as opposed to making your own mini-nursery.

As for flowers, you will find them from flower sellers in many roadside flower businesses. Any time you buy a plant or seedling from someone, always ask how to care for it. You can always go back to the same place in case your plant has problems, and they will give you advice on how to tackle them.

6. Tips to help you care for your balcony garden

Plants on your balcony will thrive based on how you care for them. Ideally, to grow a great garden on your balcony, you only need lots of interest and commitment.
If you have a hard time with a plant, you can research online about it or visit your garden supply place for advice.
You will find answers that will help you change any of your negative gardening habits, and your plants will thrive.
Once in a while, you will find pests such as aphids and white flies in your garden. 
You can check out garden pest experts for pest solutions.
Another great idea is to use organic pest solutions for your balcony plants. Research on them and try each one until you find one that works.
The most crucial step to having a balcony garden is to start it.
 Once you do; take care of the plants by ensuring they get enough sun, water, and fertilizer.
Give the plants a lot of attention and do not be afraid to ask for advice from other gardening enthusiasts, pest control experts and organic farmers. After some trial and error, you will have the garden of your dreams and be an expert gardener yourself. Go for it!

Editor's Word: That was such an immensely useful guide from Eric!
Eric owns a pest control company:
Their pest control products are safe for the environment. Go check their services out.
Infinite Love,

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The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee Review.

These days, Like i said in the previous post, i am rolling in Hazelnut Heaven! I am Craving for it like nothing else matters in this whole wide world! Yes. Seriously. I have become a Crazy Hazelnut Addict!!! So Crazy that i even wanted to put it in a Pulao that i was cooking one day!!!!!! (Someday i might and i will definitely share the recipe with you all when i do. If i succeed that is! ;D) Let's move on to the Review.

For us Indians, especially South Indians, Coffee always meant 'Filter coffee'. 'Filter Kaapi' to be precise ;) which contains a small percentage of chicory root. We brew the decoction overnight in a steel coffee filter and in the morning prepare a fresh tumbler of it and savour every sip....err...wait wait...that doesn't happen! Just chug the kaapi(coffee) within seconds, fuel our engines and proceed with daily chores like almost a superhuman! :P :D

Then, the millenial rush shot the Instant coffee to fame. But, be it Nescafe or Bru, the taste did not go down that well with people who were used to filter coffee. With time, many of our tongues adapted and moved on with the instant brews.

And then, the Human's never ending desire to always go beyond regular, made him Add a Dash of New Ingredient to his Boring regular cuppa so that he can take it's Flavour to a new level. That was the Birth of Flavoured Coffee. Once people tasted this new brew which took them on a flavour spin, the whole idea is taking over the entire world. 

So, the coffee companies started adding artificial flavourings to their coffees. But, Artificial is Artificial right? it can never give you the Real Flavour. It just hangs you in the false Illusion of Flavour. Now, this is where 'The Wandering Bean' adds value to the whole Flavoured Coffee Revolution. Let's see how... :)

The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee Review:

Tell me who's a Fan of Heaven-nut? sorry... Hazelnut? ;) You are? Must've had it with chocolate right? But have you ever craved it in coffee? If yes, you must've tried it wherever you encountered it... Like say, Starbucks, Nescafe, Krispy Kreme and so on and so on. And every single time you may have tasted Nothing close to Hazelnut but, plain Sugar Syrup. I myself had that experience! Read where and all i had it in THIS POST. (click on this link to read)

Today, i present to you, The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee which takes you straight to Hazelnut Heaven!

Because, They Infuse their coffee with the Real Hazelnuts! And, there is No Chicory in it. Just Pure Coffee Sourced from Organic Coffee Plantations in Chikmagalur and Hazelnuts. Sounds like Bliss? I Say That's What It Is!

And oh my oh my...i feel like having a cuppa every other minute. Whenever my bottle is about to finish and i forget to order it beforehand, i feel like i am going to leave my body real soon. :P Sorry. But, THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!

I Savour every Sip while sitting in My Backyard Jungle. <3
And that Cup up there is from "Zista Black Pottery Range" available on . It adds such a Nostalgic Earthy Flavour to my Nutty Cuppa of Hazelnut coffee. Just Love how they both blend together to give a heavenly experience! <3

So, i Urge you All...Yes, i Urge you All Hazelnut Lovers out there to Hop on to Their Amazon Page and Order it Right Away! NO, NOBODY PAID ME TO TELL THIS. AND, I'M NOT LYING EITHER! I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN JHOOT BOLEY KAUVA KAATEY. ;P :D

Rating: Infinity/Infinity. <3 Because, anything less than that would be an Insult to this wonderful product.

Availability: or you can DM them on their Instagram @beanwander

See you soon with the Review of Other Flavours of coffee from The Wandering Bean.

Have you tried this or any Hazelnut coffee that stole your heart? I would love to hear your experience! Share with me in the Comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

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Compost Pots -One of the Most Simple and Sensible Solutions for a Healthy World.

                       Ratna Latha - Green Face, Vizag, explaining the terracotta home composting. Read her article on The Hindu. Find the Link at the end where it says - Image source: 1

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Author: PraGun.
Q: Do you love your family?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Do you care for them?
Ans: Yes I ensure their safety, security and other responsibilities for it.

Q: Do you love your house?
Ans: Yes, and I ensure it has all basic amenities, it has the comfort and coziness and it has all elements to stay in connect with each other.

Q: So, do you love your planet?
Ans: Yes of course.

Question: And what are you doing for that???

Well, if this question makes you think, then it’s high time we do our bit.

Enough gyan isn’t it, well no more gyan... Instead, i will just help you contribute that bit with a product which is easy to use and easily available.

I recently visited Indore and saw a unique pot over pot structure. That aroused my curiosity and when I enquired from my aunt and other neighbors I got to know a very unique, eco-friendly, and environment friendly thing.
It’s called compost pots (also called compost khamba). Yes these are a set of three cans which anyone can use, irrespective of space.
The compost posts gives you freedom and ease to make your own compost right in your backyard or terrace which your plants will happily consume.

What are they made of?
They are available in wooden as well as terracotta.

How to place them?
Well, we just need to provide our new friend, I mean the compost pots a right place to settle and be placed.

What is needed for placement?
Ideally we need a flat surface be it on terrace, or balcony, or garden. Just keep it out of reach from small kids.

Steps involved in composting:
3Add waste
4Maintain and repeat
5Check compost

Where to find these pots?
One can create it on their own or even buy it from a local shop and it’s even available online on and other sites.

From: :
(Click on the above link to go to the product page. And no, this is not an affiliate link.)

Do check all the terracotta products available form Daily dump on It’s an environment friendly series of smart compost bins.
Image -

My compost pots journey:

Recently after knowing a lot about it, I started my own organic compost for my small vegetable garden.  I reduced my garbage throwing and instead collected it to create my own compost which is a treat for my soil in vegetable garden and environment too.

How much compost does it make?

If we see in a family of 4 persons we create almost a 1 kg of garbage daily, and so it’s the best solution to create compost easily. Vegetable peels (this forms the major filler for compost), fruits peels, seeds etc, some old leftovers, etc. you won’t believe we can easily convert Kitchen & Organic Waste to compost in just a time of 4-6 Weeks.

Added advantage:

These Terracotta Composters are handmade by our own Indian Potters, when I came to know of this it added to my happiness as I respect the local handicraft and artisans a lot. It contains No Plastic or any Toxic Elements. For a person like me who is always looking for environment friendly options, sustainable development, and saving nature this is a boon.

Composting has three main ingredients:

1.       Browns as in dead dry leaves, branches, twigs etc.
 2.       Greens as in vegetable or fruit scrapings, vegetable waste, and leafy clippings etc.
3.       Water I even use the vegetable washed water in it.

This simple technique will also give you immense pleasure and you can love your planet and help it grow in its natural way.

Why Compost pot?

For our healthy breathable atmosphere and living conditions it’s high time we switch to such practices.
For future generations we must use natural products which are safe from dangerous chemicals.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink along with Refuse is the new generation mantra. I religiously follow the 5 R’s and promote them as much as I can.

By composting, we also helps the soil to stay enriched, as we are producing beneficial bacteria and excellent fertilizer in our own mini pot. This has given me satisfaction of moving towards greener, healthier and environmental friendly future for our coming generations.
Editor's Word: As PraGun said, Compost Pots are one of the most simple  and Sensible Solutions for a Healthy World. It just takes a minute or two at most to do this simple daily task. So, ready to take this up to leave behind a better world for our Future Generations? Would love to hear Your Thoughts and Ideas in the 'comments' section below. :)
Infinite Love,
Image source: 1

Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Tried Five Hazelnut Coffees in India and I Have a Clear Winner!

Heavennut...sorry sorry...Hazelnut. But then, who can not call it that when it tastes like that. Especially with chocolate. Mmmmm....And, It's humanly impossible to count the number of Nutella freaks in this www...i mean...whole wide world ;P right?

But these days, Hazelnut is making it's way in to many kinds of food and beverage products. Like Granola, Granola bars, Muesli, Ice cream, Gelato, Milkshake, Biscuit, Toast, Rusk, etc., etc., But, i myself never imagined that it would go in to coffee. So, here's how my journey with Hazelnut Coffee began...

First trial:

Amidst my Hazelnut chaos, i encountered a Hazelnut latte in Starbucks and i jumped and ordered it immediately. But, that was a nightmare! Because, it tasted nothing like Hazelnut but a pure sugar syrup!! :(

This is when i was ordering my regular groceries from

I chanced up on Nescafe Hazelnut coffee and ordered one. Tried it excitedly but, ended up being utterly disappointed. I found No trace of Hazelnut. :(


This time it was Little's Rich Hazelnut Flavour Infused Instant Coffee which i again found on when i was sulking in disappointment with all the hazelnut coffees that i had tried till now. After reading all the positive reviews, my expectations were kinda high. After receiving the product, i very excitedly unscrewed the cap and shove my nose in it only to gag to my death!


I was in Krispy kreme ordering my Donut. I felt like i need some coffee to charge me up so, i was scanning the menu and i found Hazelnut latte. Ordered it. Disappointed again! :(

Fifth and Final:
(Not Sponsored. I Swe*r! Jhoot boley kavva kaatey! ;P)
I saw an ad on instagram by "beanwander" which was about flavoured coffees. At first, i was like...chalo yaar...phir se nahi! (Oh No! Not again!!!) I've seen many people promote this on instagram. And, you know how instagrammers are these days...they promote anything because they call themselves an influencer. (Yes, i'm on instagram too but, i'm definitely not an Influencer!) But then, being a caramel fan, i was intrigued by their Creamy caramel flavour. So, i ordered it anyways and received a sample of Mint and Hazelnut variants with it. I tried the hazelnut with zero expectations but guess what! one sip and i was floating in Hazelnut heaven!!! So, this is the WINNER! A CLEAR WINNER!!! From that day, i have become a "Winner Winner Coffee Sinner"! (No, i don't play PUBG! I just keep hearing 'winner winner chicken dinner' from the people who play it).

Full Review of The Wandering Bean Nutty Hazelnut Coffee and three other variants shall be up soon. :) Until then, i am gonna Sin away with my Hazelnut cuppa and You, keep drooling! ;D or,  you can Order your bottle from (You can click on this link to land on the product page directly. And No, This is not a Sponsored link. I don't earn a Rupee if you buy through this link.)

Have you tried any Heavennut...oops... Hazelnut coffee? :D Got any favorites? Share away in the comments section below. Let's spread some Heavennut-Hazelnut Love across the country. :)

Infinite Love,