Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bonkers in Bangalore!

Hello fellas.. :)

As some of you may know, i have moved to Bangalore recently.

My health (MS) has been great in this garden city. Less fatigue and more energy.

And my skin started clearing up right after 2 washes with the cauvery water! Wooohooooo!! #BBloggerspeaking :P

#BedheadsintheBackyard. Me and sis. #NoPhotoshop #NoFilter

Found a nice home amidst lot of greenery in the heart of the city!! Aaaaaand we have a back yard!! Double woooooohoooooooooo!!!
I feel super duper lucky!!!!
That's our street.

We get regular visitors in the backyard like this little guy. Don't miss the end where he just gets too tired gorging on that li'l piece of raspberry. :D

And i have me and my kids's favourite Appu's farm here!!! Triple wooohooooo!!!!! Already visited once.
My kiddos having fun at Appu's farm.
Peak summer and an Afternoon nap under the mango tree = Pure joy <3 #Appu's farm

Saw a cat, chased it, crawled under a van and Boom......missed the cat but kissed the grease! :D My girl Juni <3 Are we all collectively going bonkers or what!? ;D

And here are more places i had fun at...

At Dunkin Donuts.
Oh yeah i am.. *heeehaaaw*

I wish they didn't discontinue my fav 'crunchy joe burger'.*waaaaaaa* :,(

1.Auto ride to cubbon park. 2,3.At Doggy section in the Cubbon park.

At Orion shopping mall with hub, bro, sis and her friends..

At Sankey tank.

I had tons more fun but no pics..So, that it for now...and yeah i'm going bonkers big time in bangalore!!!

This song 'Nam ooru Bengaluru' from the Malayalam movie 'Bangalore days' is just spot on.

See ya'll with reviews and much more real soon :)