Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Soultree Hibiscus and Henna Hair Conditioner Review.

Review of the Soultree Hibiscus and Henna Hair Conditioner.

If you have no resources or time to make THIS fresh  D.I.Y Ancient Indian Hibiscus mask recipe that i posted a few days ago, then i think you should definitely read this review. :)

Price: 295/- INR for 100 gms.

About the Brand: Soultree is a BDIH certified natural cosmetic brand. They started this brand as a result of the journey that began in 2002. A journey deep into the Himalayas where they discovered communities still living in communion with nature using its goodness and giving back to it in equal measure. This harmonious give and take had an honesty they never quite found in the cities. So, they decided to create truly natural products that resonated responsibility and values.

*All products as certified Natural

*Botanicals ethically collected & organic

*Ayurvedic extracts made fresh and in-house

*No harmful chemicals

*GMP certified manufacturing

*Against cruelty & for recycling

Super! <3

Read in detail on their Website.


Eco-friendly/Biodegradable? Yes.

Certified? Yes. By the super trustworthy BDIH.

Crelty free? Yes.
Fragrance: Has a pleasant Hibiscus and Henna scent.

Comes with a plastic spill control cap.

Consistency: Thick but light creamy consistency.

My Experience:
2 years ago, i first got to try a sample size of this product which was free with my purchase on a then popular natural cosmetic selling website.
However, I did not use it right away! But, one day after getting my pixie hair cut, my hair decided to go haywire and i was in desperate need of something that can tame it and found this in a corner of my stash and without second thoughts, i scooped some cream out and applied it as a leave in. And Voila! It held my hair in place beautifully. <3

So, from then i started using it more as a soft hold setting cream. It sets my hair neatly without fly-aways and frizz. This way, it not only shields my hair from hair from harsh environmental factors like sun and pollution but also nourishes it at the same time. 
Double Bonus! :P :D

One day, my sister who has super dry curly hair tried it as post-wash conditioner just out of curiosity and right after the first use she was hooked! Because she loved how it made her hair Hydrated, Smooth, Tangle free and super Manageable. But, obviously it didn't make her hair dazzling or bouncy...because of the absence of Silicones. Anyway, She is using it regularly from past one+ year and never complained. :)

  • Genuinely natural formulation.
  • Light creamy consistency that spreads easily.
  • Replenishes moisture levels in dry/brittle curly or straight hair.
  • Makes tough curly hair Hydrated, Soft and Manageable.
  • Also acts as a wonderful soft hold setting cream.
  • Certified by BDIH.
  • Free from Silicone, Mineral oil, Paraben and Artificial fragrance.

  • Weighs down fine thin hair types.
Rating: 3.75/5 as a wash-off conditioner. 4.5/5 as a setting cream.

Do i recommend? Yes. Definitely. Especially, to curly hair people. But, if you have fine thin hair, then you better avoid it.



  1. I am having this on my wishlist for a long time. Thanks for sharing this review. Going to purchase it soon... :)

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