Thursday, April 27, 2017

Interesting Home and Food Finds at The Green path's 10 year Anniversary Celebration Event.

NoteIf you are coming to the Organics and Millets National Trade Fair 201728th April - 30th April, Bengaluru, You might Bump in to ME! Identification clues: Short & Thin girl with Shabby overgrown pixie hair, a Canon camera hanging in the neck, Tortoise acetate glasses and a Wide Grin with 'Rabbit'ish Teeth. :D

Perks of work!

The Green path(where i work), Bengaluru, Celebrated their 10 year Anniversary on April 22nd and 23rd. As a part of it, there were many stalls set up by many organic/natural brands. And as i was the official photographer, i got to explore all these Interesting stalls. At each stall, for a few moments, i transformed in to a blogger and snapped a few pics for you all. :) #Lifeofablogger. Multiple personality! What say? :P :D


Copper water bottles! New Addition to the ever famous Copper utensil family! Now you can carry and gulp the healthy water Anytime. Anywhere. (If you don't mind the metallic taste that is. :P)
The elder lady who's the stall was, was also selling Fresh home made Raw Tamarind thokku,A south Indian(esp.,Karnataka and Andhra) speciality. I bought it and oh was super duper tasty and threw me back to my school days when this was a luch box staple of one of my friends and i used to snatch it without fail. :D

They home deliver the Tamarind thokku and all the herbal products anywhere in Bengaluru. Contact: 8453236664, 8951701942

Then came this Interesting Duo whose stall i couldn't step away from! 'Zishta' brand stall. They were selling all kinds of 'Almost Extinct' Utensils! Made out of Rock, Tin, Brass, Cast iron and Clay.

Those Rock vessels(1st pic) and the Tin vessels(bottom left) reminded me of my granny who used to own these. I sooo... wanted to buy them right away but didn't carry cash the first day and on the second day, unfortunately, they did not set up a stall. :( But they are available on! yayyy! So...*happydance*

For any queries, you can mail them at

Here comes Another stall that stole my heart! I hauled my heart out at this stall. <3 I am not gonna tell you what these are. ;) This deserves a seperate post. Can anyone guess what these are?

Marrie's malt - stall. Ms.Gomathy makes this malt out of 25 truly Organic ingredients which includes millets and un-skinned grains/dals/pulses etc., She was kind enough to offer me a sachet. <3 Will review this someday soon. 

P.S: She is going to set up a stall at the Organics and Millets National Trade Fair 2017 which starts from 28th April and ends on 30th April.

'Pinata' Multigrain Snack stall. They had interesting flavour combinations. They also had a Berry bar and Nutty bar. All of them were really tasty but my most favourite one was...(next pic) 

The Apple-Cinnamon one! <3 I emptied half of their sample plate! :P Available on .

Just placed an order of 3 packets. :D

Yoga bar. I am sure you are already familiar with this brand. In case you are not, they make healthy snack bars out of seeds, nuts, grains, raw chocolate and many more 'good-for-you' ingredients.

My personal fav is: Nuts & Seeds crunch.

Pssst..Did you guess what the 4th pic's about? Yes? Then Let me know in the Comments section below. :)

Are you going to the National Trade fair? If yes, then remember that you might bump in to me! :D (Read the beginning of the post for some identification clues :P)

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