Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Seer secrets Raw Mango, Paprika and Mint Lip Plumper Review. One Hot Lippy Deal!

A Lip Plumper with Raw Mango, Paprika and Mint! Doesn't that Sound like a traditional Indian Achar/Pickle Recipe with a Minty Twist to it!? :P Let us see how us Indians who are expert "Achar/Chilli devour"ers can handle this Hot Lippy Deal. ;D


Gives a faint Rosy-brown tint when applied.

Seer secrets Raw Mango, Paprika and Mint Lip Plumper Review:
When i first saw that this product has Raw Mango, Paprika and Mint as it's Ingredients, i was intrigued because, that resembled a pickle recipe. Being an Andhrite, i have devoured my fair share of spiciest pickles all my life and not to forget the humongous amounts of chillies. But, after Multiple sclerosis, my tounge's ability to handle chillies did not waver a bit but, my skin's ability to handle some products did waver to a large extent.

So, when i first applied this Natural Seer Secrets Lip plumper, my sensitive lips couldn't handle the Burning sensation even for a few seconds. It felt like a pinch of chilli powder has been applied to my lips. But, i did not want to give up. So, one day i thought why not apply a thin layer of normal lip balm and then apply this on top. I did it and it solved my woes of burning sensation up to 90%. I wanted to see if other people felt the same too and gave it to my friends and family. None of them felt the burning to the extent that i did. They only felt a mildest burn that they could not even feel until i asked them. So, only people with sensitive skin need to be a little careful.

And as for the plumping part, Yes, it Works. Now don't Imagine Kim Kardashian or our own Anushka Sharma's Injected 'Pillow'y/'Plastic'y Lips. Regular use does mildly plump up your lips and it smoothens out lip lines naturally. It gives a faint Rosy-brown tint to the lips which isn't really noticeable.

Use it along with the Seer Secrets Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice Lip Scrub for best results.

Do i Recommend?
Yes, if you are looking for some natural product that can naturally enhance the look of your lips.

Rating: 4.5/5


Have you used any natural lip plumpers that really worked for you? Share with us in the comments section below. :)
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