Monday, December 24, 2018

Raisin Cheese with Honey-Sesame Vermicelli Recipe. A Warm and Sweet Edible Christmas Wreath.

Ho Ho Ho! Jingle Bells! Christmas is here and so is 'This' Santa with the "Raisin cheese" and Honey-Sesame Vermicelli to bless you with Health. No no...not the Dish but, the Recipe. :D

A Warm and Sweet Edible Christmas Wreath. :)

Did you ever eat Raisin Cheese? No...not the Raisin Cheesecake. I am talking about the Raisin Flavoured Cheese! Did you? Did i? Yes, And, that too by Accident! ;P Read on to know how. ;)

My Original Idea was to make a "Raisin Rabdi". But, after making the plain Milk Rabdi, i mixed in the Raisin puree and cooked it more to thicken it. That's when some compound in the Raisin decided to act on the milk and turn it in to Cottage Cheese consistency. And, that's how i tasted Raisin Cheese! ;P tasted good with the "Honey-Sesame Vermicelli" so, i decided to share the recipe with you all. :) I will give another try with the Raisin Rabdi and if i succeed, will definitely share the recipe with you. :)

Enough of this Long and Boring(was it?) chat. Let's just jump to the recipe of this Healthy and Super Tasty Sweet Treat. :)

Note: I am not writing it in a regular step wise fashion. I am quite new to this food blogging thing and i get confused with writing steps and listing out ingredients. No no...Don't blame my MS because, i have been bad with numbers and orderly things right from my childhood.  So, let me just write everything down in a 'casual chat' fashion. :)

1.Raisin Cheese with Honey-Sesame Vermicelli: First, dry roast the Vermicelli until it gives off a toasted flavour. And then, keep it aside to cool off. Click HERE for the Review of Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli.

Put the black sesame seeds in a large sieve and sieve off the stones. In India, Black sesame seeds are notorious for it's stone content so, if you are not comfortable with this tedious job then substitute it with white sesame seeds. The Flavour will be compromised a little though!

In a hot wok, put 2-3 tbspns of Ghee/Clarified butter and when it completely melts, put a small glass of water(100-150 ml) and bring it to a boil. Now add the toasted vermicelli Turn off the stove and keep it aside. When you are ready to serve then, heat it up, turn off the stove, Pour the Honey and Fold it carefully in to the cooked vermicelli. Sprinkle rest of the Toasted Sesame seeds and you're Done! :)

2.Raisin Cheese:
Take 1 litre of Full-Fat Cow Milk in a thick bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. Now, keep it on a low flame and reduce it while stirring every few minutes. When it reduces to a thick cream like consistency, add the Raisin puree(Boil a fistful of raisins and puree them without water) and cook it further to a granular cottage cheese consistency. Do not make it too dry. And the Raisin Cheese is ready!

While serving, assemble both Honey-Sesame vermicelli and Raisin Cheese while making sure not to mix them up.. Tastes Best when served warm. Serve a Sweet Christmas Wreath like i did:

Wish you all a Merry Christmas. :)
Here's my Forever favorite Christmas Song 'Jingle bell rock' by Bobby helms. Yes, that popular song that they dance to in the 'Mean Girls' movie.
Infinite Merries, Infinite Love.

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