Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Top 4 Unique Picks at Mysore-In-A-Market, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Mysore for a short trip, during which I visited this crazy flea, Mysore-in-a-Market. Bangalore is so overdone with fleas that sometimes all of them look and feel the same and almost all brands that we come across are similar. Therefore, this market was something fresh and in the short while I went around, below are some of my favourite picks:

Pickle Shikkle

Most people I know either live away from their parents or don't have the time to make some delicious mouth watering pickles at home. It's sort of a lost art in a way! 

But like all Punjabis around the world, you can keep a Punjabi away from home but you cannot keep the Punjab in them away. These crazy Punjabi pickles were to die for! Each and everyone of the flavours, was just like how my mother makes it at home. Completely natural and without any chemicals, making it something you have to try out today! 

URU India

Aren't we always trying to make our home decor look classic and find decor which not only suits our taste but is also a conversation starter. Uru India, actually a Bangalore based company, brings out the best of the Indian subcontinent in the most artistic, creative and tasteful way. And that is possible because they try to preserve the Indian Traditional Crafts by working directly with artisans across the country to give each of us the true essence of the rich history of India. 


Embar: Soaps and Salves

We talk about skincare all the time and instead of finding home remedies we go to and buy brands which may or may not be natural and in the long run harm your skin more than repair it. But this brilliant all natural brand works with farmers and uses natural and organic ingredients to make some delightful skin pampering products. I sampled the facial hydrating mousse, and my burning skin felt immediate relief and it stayed that way all day, leaving my skin feeling fresh despite the killer Mysore heat. 



Now, I have not tried this yet but the entire concept of natural healthy food ready-to-eat just entices me. I am generally running around trying not to eat unhealthy meals or snacks, because we conveniently fall short of time when it comes to food in our day to day lives. So what excited me most about this brand was the ready-to-make Divinity Hot Chocolate in different flavours and to top that, the ready-to-eat SuperFood Smoothieee mixes!!!! Who knew! Love the concept can't wait to try it out. You should try it too!


Come back later for some other interesting stories from my trip to Mysore.

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