Friday, March 8, 2019

Mysuru Brew Kombucha by Depth 'n Green | Good to Know Facts

As you all know I was in Mysore about two weeks ago and while I roamed around exploring the city, in the hot summer heat, I landed up in this small joint Depth 'n' Green, in one of the most sort after areas of Mysore, Gokulam. 

I like a place for its character, a place where the owners love what they do and that's when I met Pushpir, a trained chef from America roaming around like a busy bee talking on the phone, but what caught my attention the most was the genuine smile on his face. 

Pushpir: Owner - Depth 'n' Green

This small eatery had so much life around it and the ambience so positive that you would like to sit down and get lost in your thoughts surrounded by smiling faces and some delicious vegetarian food.

I started talking to  Pushpir, also excited as we share our mother tongue, and he reminded me of all the good folks back home (Punjab) and how seriously we Punjabis take our food. The next thing I know, we had been chatting for about 30 minutes and it was time for me to leave. 

But in between conversations and learning about his eventful past, I had a chance to get myself a Kombucha, this fermented tea, pungent smelling when you take that first sip, but it had something about it that I had to share it with all of you. 

Before I tell you more about the Kombucha, I highly recommend Depth 'n' Green, if you are from Mysore or visiting. I can't wait to visit again and try out the oh so appetising food. 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented black or green tea which is naturally effervescent and a tad bit alcoholic due to the bacteria and yeast used in the preparation to make this funny smelling, yet a must have drink!

What are the ingredients of Kombucha?

Main ingredients used to make Kombucha are: Green or Black Tea, Sugar, Bacteria and Yeast. 

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha?

  • This drink is high in Probiotics (good bacteria) and thus great for a healthy gut. 
  • Kombucha is a good source of Vitamin B which further helps with metabolism and increased energy levels
  • The drink is definitely hydrating and makes for a great natural drink for summer.
  • When made with green tea it is also a source of anti oxidants.
  • It relieves inflammation and helps reduce hypertension and stress. 
  • To top it all, Mysuru Brew Kombucha is also Vegan.

So yes, it is an acquired taste as I mentioned to Pushpir, but it sure is something you should try. The lingering taste kinda of gets you hooked and so do the immediate after effects. For me it was the best thing I had all day in the soaring Mysore heat. 

Author: Dilpreet Kaur Sandhu

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