Saturday, January 9, 2016

D.I.Y: Moisturizing Vanilla Whipped Mousse Body wash

Are you hating a natural cold process soap that you bought with so much hope but isn't living up to your expectations? 
or.. Do you love one thing about it but hate another? (like me)
or.. Is it just plain boring? 
Are you feeling bad that your rupees went down the naalee(drain)? 
Are you thinking of giving it away to someone else who you think may use it? 
or worse...Are you on the verge of discarding it!? 

Then STOP! 

This D.I.Y is going to save you, your dear rupees and your fateful soap. Let's Upcycle it! Let's turn it in to something fruitful (or should i say.. foamful :D).

Ingredients and Equipment:
  • The fateful/boring soap. I used half a bar of the fateful Soulflower Milk Cocobar Soap.You can use an unscented soap to customise in whatever exact flavour you want.
  • Grater.
  • 4-6 drops of Essential oil. Your choice. I used vanilla, peppermint(used mint to freshen up the dull and dense milky odour of the soap i used) and a drop of patchouli too to spice it up a little(not pictured).
  • 1 tablespoon of any Carrier oil/Butters like cocoa, shea, kokum etc.,(if available). Whichever suits you. Since the soap was moisturizing enough for the chennai weather, i used 1 teaspoon of the light weight jojoba oil. You can use almond oil to 'yummy'fy it even more.
  • A bowl. Any metal bowl that can be used on fire will do. Microwave safe bowl if using it in one.
  • Water. Filtered or bottled.1 cup for 1 cup of flakes.
  • Fire/microwave.
  • Blender jar or hand blender.
Step by step instruction with pics:

 1) Grab all the necessary equipment and ingredients.:P :D

 2) Grate the soap to get flakes like these. Don't use a grater with tiny holes because the soap's going to get pasty and will clog the tiny holes. Use the medium or big holes of the grater.

This is the answer for "Guess The Post! A Tub Full of Curls.." Yes..those were the grated soap flakes which i used to make this bodywash :)

3) Measure them with a bowl to get an idea on how much water to use in the next step. I got 3 small cups worth and so i used same amount of water measured with that very same cup. If you want a heavy and dense consistency of the finished product then just reduce the amount of water used to 3/4th or half.

4) Bring the water to a boil.

5) Turn off the stove/microwave and put soap flakes in the boiled water. Let it sit for a few minutes and keep stirring every now and then. If there are any unmelted flakes then you can heat the mixture in low flame/microwave it for another minute or two and stir again.

Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, use high flame to boil the mixture. Because, it will foam up and overflow. And also, it will damage the texture of any butters present in the soap(just like in chocolate).

After the soap flakes have melted completely.

After letting it sit for half an hour. You can notice that the mixture has thickened as it cooled down.

See the egg yolk kind of consistency? That is what we need to achieve.

6) Put the mixture in a blender along with whatever additional essential oils and carrier oils or butters you've decided to use. Whip it for 30 seconds or more until you achieve the whipped thick milkshake consistency or a dense 'mousse'ey consistency if less water is used.

Note: If you're using butters, melt them properly before use.

It looks a little thin at this stage but is going to set after a day.

After a day, it sets to a light airy mousse. See the pic below. I made the mistake of pouring it in a tall tupperware container which made it super difficult to get the set body wash out. I had to start a violent shaking spree everytime i needed to use it. So, it's best if you store this in a jar as it will make it easier to scoop out however much you need.

As i went on violently shaking spree everyday, it affected the 'set mousse' consistency and thinned it out. See it in the below pic.

That's it! Fateful to Fruitful/Foamful! Now grab the loofah or just use the good ol' hands and foam away to glory :)

You can even make an antibacterial liquid hand soap using this recipe.Just add an essential oil which has antibacterial properties like Tea tree, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Lavender and many more.

You can also try this D.I.Y recipe with the leftover soap bits.Since you can't grate them,just cut them up to small bits and follow the same procedure.

Try this recipe in whatever combo you fancy. The possibilities are endless. Experiment. Have fun. This is going to be a super fun project to do in holidays/weekends with your friends/family.

Happy Upcycling :)

If you make your own version of this body wash, please share your experience with me. :)


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  1. OMG ! this is such a nice DIY recipe
    I WILL try this at home
    And you also used up that unwanted soap - win-win