Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: BON Organics Aloevera-Chammomile and Tea tree-Rosemary Soaps Review.

Review of the BON Organics 'Aloevera-Chammomile' soap and 'Teatree-Rosemary' Soap.

BON Organics Aloevera-Chammomile soap Review:
Quantity: 100 gms.

Price: 152/- INR

That colourful cotton packaging made from recycled cloth! I love them to the core! But, now it's been changed to another natural packaging material.


This is how the soap looked when i bought it long ago. I was confused when i read 'amalam' on it. I guess they used to source the soaps from that brand and re-market it or may be because of some other reason...idk. Anyways, it does not look like this anymore. It looks like all other BON soaps which are plain.

A basic soap from BON. That is all i can say about this variant. I was actually Escited after seeing 'Chammomile' which is usually recommended to soothe sensitive skin but, sadly did not feel it's presence in any way. Like all other soaps from BON, this 'Aloevera-Chammomile' variant foams really good with just a small swipe and doesn't dry out the skin. As for fragrance, it should've been smelling like any of the 4 essential oils that have been added for fragrance(see the final 4 in the 'ingredients' pic above). But, mine smelt weird! It smelt bitter and soapy. yuck.  I had to finish this soap bar somehow so, i just made it smell good by doing THIS! ;) That Vanilla Goodness....yummm!

Rating: 3.5/5 (-1.5 for all the extra effort i had to put to make it smell good.)

Disappointed? Then read the Below Review.

BON Organics Tea tree-Rosemary Soap Review:

Quantity: 100 gms.

Price: 186 /- INR

Description and Ingredients:

What strikes when you hear Tea tree? 'Acne' Right? That is the exact purpose i bought this soap for. Back then when i was living in Chennai, i had Severe Acne both on my Face and Body. I used to feel Horrible with all the Itching and Irritation i had to suffer every single day and all of this along with Humidity and Heat! Just Imagine. :-I

I started using this soap and i immediately felt relieved! phew. As rightly said by BON: 'mmm...smells, got to be good'(It does smell of medicinal tea tree), The BON Teatree-Rosemary Soap definitely reduced the irritation and helped me in healing the Backne i.e., Back Acne slowly. But, i have to say that this soap itself did not heal the Acne completely. I used other Homemade remedies along with this to treat them completely. This soap definitely helped in the process of healing. But it wasn't really useful on my face. I needed much more effective essential oils and Tincture to help them heal. I will reveal what those Essential oils and Tincture are in another post. ;)

Availability: They provide Free shipping within India on Any Order Amount!

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Conclusion: These Skin friendly and Eco-friendly Natural Soaps from BON are Totally worth investing in rather than the skin harming regular Toxin filled Soaps that you usually find on the Super market shelves.

This Review is a part of the Soapathon Series.



  1. Nice and honest review. I haven't tried anything from Bon Organics yet except their body wash. Been thinking of doing a haul from them. I like the packaging of these soaps...

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  2. wonderful & so honest post !
    you know even I have acne - big, deep pimples - over my face and I"m looking fwd to your tincture+oils post