Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Launch/Review: Soulfull Millet Muesli Review.

There are two kinds of Mornings: The Good ones and the Bad Ones. But Soulfull seems to have discovered a 'Third Kind': The Awesome ones! :)

Awesome because they've churned out a Muesli made out of Millets! Millets, as we all know, are the most Sustainable food on the planet. And it's been the Natural Ancient Super food of our Ancestors in India. So, let's see if  Soulfull succeeded in providing us with an interesting/tasty way of including Millets in our diet.

To be honest, i was never really a fan of any Muesli that we find usually in the Indian market. Read on to know if these stole my Taste buds.

*Note: These products were sent to me by Soulfull for Review/Promotion. As Always, I shall be my Honest Best. :)

The Three variants of Soulfull Millet Muesli are:

1. Soulfull Fruity Millet Muesli.
2. Soulfull Crunchy Millet Muesli.
3. Soulfull Diet Millet Muesli.

Price: 245/- INR.

First up is the Soulfull Fruity Millet Muesli Review:
Rolled Oats (44%), Whole wheat flakes (Wheat, Sugar, Iodised salt, Malt extract and Antioxidants - INS 322 & INS 306), Mixed Fruit Crushes (Sugar, Strawberry & Pine Apple, Water, Thickener (INS 440), Acidity regulator (INS 330 & INS 331), Preservatives - INS 224 & INS 211), Honey, Ragi Flakes (Ragi, Edible Palm Oil, Stabilizer - INS 170, Iodised salt, Antioxidant - INS 322), Apple Juice concentrate, Invert syrup, Almond, Wheat Bran, Oats Bran, Antioxidant (INS 306).

This is my Most Favorite variant out of all the three. Soulfull Fruity Millet Muesli with Almonds is flavored with Natural Real Strawberry and Pineapple Fruit Crush! I guess that is why It tastes so delightfully yummy. When you have it with milk, it tastes like fruity milkshake with a crunch! :D It contains a reasonable amount of Ragi flakes to call it a millet muesli. I am so addicted to it that i have it not just for breakfast but at any given time of the day when my hunger pangs decide to strike.

It contains wheat bran and oats bran too. That adds a chock full of fiber i say.

I love it with Cow milk and a little Brown sugar or Coconut sugar. But, out of curiosity, i decided to experiment a little and had it with Almond milk and Raw Sesame seeds. Guess what! It turned out kinda fab! The nutty flavor of Sesame seeds and Almond milk perfectly married the Fruity flavor of the Soulfull Fruity Millet Muesli. <3

Click the Image below to Buy it on :

Next up is the Soulfull Crunchy Millet Muesli Review:

Rolled Oats (43%), Whole wheat flakes (28%) (Wheat, sugar, iodised salt, Malt extract and Antioxidants - INS 322 & INS 306), Ragi Flakes (4%) (Ragi, Edible palm oil, Stabilizer - INS 170, Iodised salt, Antioxidant - INS 322)

As the name suggests, this Soulfull Crunchy Millet Muesli with Almonds and Raisins is definitely 'Crunchy' at it's best. And it does not taste sickly sweet like the usual supermarket shelf variants(which am really not a fan of). It contains a decent amount of Almonds and Raisins. The only drawback of this variant is that it contains far too less Ragi flakes to call it a Millet muesli. :/ But anyways, it tastes really yum and that's what matters i say. Right? ;D
*Note: That Yellow spoon up there in the bowl is a Re-cycled one from my 'Fresh menu' food order. Trust me. I did not buy that. And i am going to used it until it's worst break. He he he...

To preserve the crunch while eating, i decided to try it with Greek Yogurt which is thick and won't dampen the muesli and make it soggy. I used the Epigamia Greek Yogurt in Vanilla. It is flavored with real vanilla beans and hence tastes like heaven. I must say that the combo worked well. Mid way, i thought, why not add a few Bangalore Blue Grapes for that tang along with a little milk. Now that added a much needed kick to my bowl. <3

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Will try and review the 'Diet' variant on my Instagram.

Fruity: 5/5
Crunchy: 4.5/5

Do i Recommend? 
Definitely. Especially the 'Fruity' variant with Natural/Real Strawberry and Pineapple Fruit Crush. But, i wish they add more Ragi flakes to their range of Millet Muesli. Since this 'Fruity' variant contains Real Fruit Crush, preservatives have been used. So, Choose at your own Discretion. The 'Crunchy' variant does not contain any preservatives.

I am an ardent fan of the Soulfull Banana Ragi flakes. This  Soulfull 'Fruity' Millet Muesli is my New Favorite and is going to stay so for a looooooong time! :)

Click the Link below to buy my favorite Soulfull Banana Ragi flakes from
Soulfull Banana flavored Ragi flakes

Did you try these yummy Soulfull Millet Muesli? How did you like it? Do you also think that Soulfull should add more Ragi flakes to their Millet Muesli?



  1. Muesli is my favorite breakfast item. I have tried Kellogs and Bagrys, but not this one. Would love to try the fruity variant. I would like to ask you about almond milk. Where do you get it and how does it taste? I have had soy milk before and hated it. Does almond milk taste similar or more like cow milk?

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    1. Please do Archugs. You will definitely like the Fruity variant :) Almond milk doesn't taste as bad as soy milk. It is mildly sweet and if you are a fan of soaked almonds, this tastes similar to that. But it definitely doesn't taste like cow milk. If you have Godrej Nature's Basket store around you, you can find the almond milk there or try ordering it from here: