Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Seer Secrets Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice Lip Scrub Review. A Gourmet Lip Treat!

A Natural Lip scrub with Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice! How Deliciously Gourmet does that sound? Let's see if it is indeed.


8 Grams. Tightly Packed up to the Brim!

As it moves down, you can see how fine the sugar granules are.


I was never a Lip scrub person. I avoided them like plague. Especially the Sugar based ones. I thought why should i waste 300/- or 400/- INR on them when i can just use the sugar at my home. 

But but but, this little tubby of Seer Secrets Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice Lip Scrub just blew my mind out of proportions! My lips are the colour of Dead Grey-Mauve. I almost look like a corpse if don't put at least a tinted lip balm on. But, as i used this product, they started getting Rosier by the day! My 13 year old bestie asked me with a startle: "Siri! Why are your lips looking so Pink!" Credit goes to the potent Licorice and Raw cane sugar i guess.

The sugar granules in this lip scrub resemble the tiny super fine 'Caster sugar' granules. Hence don't hurt while scrubbing. You need a very small amount each time so, 8 grams is going to last you pretty long. And you don't have to run for a lip balm after scrubbing because, it leaves the lips super hydrated and satin smooth.

And last but not least, The Taste! It is super duper tasty! It tastes like Fruity sweet Rambutan and Tangy-zingy liquorice with a hint of warm dates. Hence, I never wash it off. I just Lick it off. Gourmet at it's best. Yummmm!

Do i Recommend?
Yes Yes and Yes! At 261/- INR, this Gourmet Natural Rambutan, Dates and Liquorice Lip Scrub from Seer Secrets is an incredibly reliable Lip care investment.

Rating: It is beyond any Rating. I don't want to insult it with a rating. ;P :D <3

Buy it on: Amazon.in

Infinite Love,


  1. Just googled Rambutan
    Nice ingredients

  2. This sounds so tempting. Dates and rambutan in a lip scrub! What could be better than that! Thanks for sharing this. Will give it a try...

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