Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: Nyassa Almond Body Butter.Yum!

All my 'almond scent' lovers...This little tubby here is a true olfactory treat.... <3
Read on to know if it is a treat for your skin too.


Filled up to the brim!

Price: Rs.600.

Packaging: Sturdy metal tin. But, may not be safe in summers(if, for any reason, you decide to use it in that season).

Fragrance: Yum..intoxicating almond scent. *slurp*

Consistency: Thick and heavy but not really that greasy (think of original nivea creme that comes in blue tin).

Ingredient safety: Relatively Safe. Except, it is not mentioned clearly if the 'fragrance' is of chemical origin or a natural one.

Certification: No certification.Could be because, it contains methylisothiazolinone (even if it is on the bottom which means minimal amount used) which scores a 7 on a hazard scale of 10 on EWG.

Bioaccumulation/eco-toxicity: No.

Availability: Easily available in many online stores like,, and many others.

My experience: I love loove looove it! It moisturises my skin (mine skin is normal in chennai winters.) really well and for almost all day long.(but if your skin/weather is extremely dry you may have to re apply it). Due to it's thick and heavy consistency i will have to warm it up by rubbing in between my palms and it gets absorbed easily. Since it contains real almond butter, honey extract, almond oil and glycerin, it truly nourishes the skin from deep within. Another thing i absolutely love about this product is it's intoxicating almond scent! i feel like eating the whole tub full of butter up!!! it's that yummy!

psst.. watch out for a future post with the most yummiest body scrub recipe around! using this almond body butter! It's almost a dessert for your body ;) and it works like a charm on dry skin.

Let's talk about the label now... 'Cleanses' and 'Exfoliates'!? I don't understand how a body butter could do that!! or.. could it do that? i don't know..

  • It does exactly what a good body butter is supposed to do.
  • Yum yum yum almond scent.
  • Availability.
  • A little pricey. 
  • You may crave for desserts. or may end up eating straight out of the tub itself ;D
My Rating: 5/5.

My conclusion: Buy it right now! but, don't even bother if you find almond scented stuff disgusting.(who does!?)