Tuesday, May 8, 2018

BON Organics Jasmine Water Review. Much more than just plain ol' Jasmine and water!

After Rose Gulkand, Here is another GEM from BON Organics: Jasmine Water.

Just Imagine the amalgamation of Fresh Jasmine Flowers and Water with a hint of warm Vanilla infusion. Wouldn't you want to float in that Nectar taking in whiffs of that Intoxicating 'Jasminilla' Scent?

Err...Fantasy much!? :P

So, Here's a Really Real deal: BON Organics Jasmine Water.

First spray and it was a "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" Moment for me. Because, i was instantly transported to Heaven! I usually can't stand synthetic Jasmine sprays but this Natural Jasmine water from BON smells totally Legit! And, I would call it a tiny Bottle of Pure Jasminilla Nectar. <3

The fragrance embeds in to your skin and lasts really long. You can spray it not just on face but on curtains, sheets and pillows too for a calming-Mood lifting ambiance. And don't forget hair! Let me warn you: People will gather like a Swarm of Bees around you. ;D

The BON Jasmine water beats 'Kama Ayurveda Pure Mogra water' with it's Ingredients. It contains not just plain ol' Jasmine oil/extract but also - Sweet almond oil, Pure Aloevera gel, Vitamin E and vanilla essential oil along with it. All of these make it a proper toner that moisturizes and nourishes. Suitable for All Skin types.

No more Talks. Just Run and Grab this bottle of Pure nectar called BON Organics Jasmine Water from Bonorganics.com :)

Price: Rs.136.00 INR

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Have you used the BON Organics Jasmine Water? How was your experience? And, Have you encountered any other product which is as intoxicating? Share with us in the comments section below. :)

Infinite Love,

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